Michael Phelps is one of the best swimmers the world has ever seen.

After winning an unprecedented 28 Olympic gold medals and 23 silvers, he’s undoubtedly the greatest ever athlete.

Phelps achieved statistical dominance thanks to a unique combination of his physical prowess and extraordinary skill, as well as a steely work ethic that was determined to succeed.

Interview with him prior to the London Olympics 2012, I discovered that he has been training for 5 consecutive years and had never missed a training day.

He said that all of his competitors trained for at least six days each week. “So I did seven days per week and trained 52 days more than them.

It takes that to be the G.O.A.T. In the pool

He was competing against men who were also biologically male.

Think about what might have happened if Phelps were a female at the height of his power?

He, now she, wouldn’t have just dominated women’s swimming – he, now she, would have smashed all the women’s records by such vast margins that no woman born with a female biological body would have ever come close to beating any of them ever again.

Phelps’s actions would effectively have ended all women’s sports.

This extraordinary circumstance would likely have provoked an outrage due to the abominable injustice and inequality that it would clearly represent.

He could have done it if that was what he wanted, but there were no rules. Anyone who would challenge him or critique him would then be quickly labeled transphobic by those involved in trans activism and others who wish to virtue-signale their trans activism.

Phelps was able to stay in his gender line if you are a woman swimmer who is born with a male body.

This brings me to Lia Thomas.

Lia Thomas who is competing on the women's circuit after swimming as a man

Will Thomas before she transitioned to Lia

Lia Thomas (left) is a tall, powerful, muscular 22-year-old transgender woman swimmer who competed, as a man named Will (right), on the men’s competitive swimming circuit for three years before transitioning

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Ms Thomas.

You will, however, do it very quickly.

A tall, strong, and muscular transgender woman swimmer, she is 22 years old. She competed as Will for three years on the men’s competitive swimming circuit before she transitioned.

Thomas was a University of Pennsylvania senior who failed to compete as a male swimmer.

She is turning out Phelps-like performances as a woman swimmer.

Michael Phelps celebrating after his 7th Gold medal and 7th world record of the games in the 100m Butterfly at the Beijing Olympics in 2008

Michael Phelps celebrates his 7th Gold Medal and 7th World Record of the Games in the 100m Butterfly at Beijing Olympics 2008. 

She won by 38 seconds over Anna Sofia Kalandaze, her closest rival in the freestyle 1,650 yard event at the Zippy International Events in Akron. This was an all-time pool, meet, and program record.

Thomas also broke many records this weekend.

Friday saw her win the 500-yard freestyle in 14 seconds. She ran 4:34.06, which was a massive 14 second faster than Kalandaze’s time and an Ivy League record.

She won the 200-yard freestyle the next day in 1:41.93, seven seconds faster than her closest rival and the fastest in the United States.

Thomas spoke out in an interview with Penn Today, a student newspaper. He said that the process of being openly transgender and swimming was difficult. This is an area where most people are very solid. This was what made me question my trans identity. What if I wanted to continue swimming? How did it look?

We now see how shockingly unfair that is.

Thomas stated, “Being trans does not affect my ability and I am able continue to enjoy this sport.”

And indeed, it is, but only for her – not for the women born to female biological bodies now trailing distantly in her water wake whose ability to do their sport to the same competitive level they were doing it before she came along has now been wiped out.

To be eligible for the women’s competition, Thomas needed to undergo one year of testosterone suppression.

This does not diminish the male’s naturally superior body mass or physical strength, which has been scientifically supported beyond all doubt.

Transgender athletes are becoming a major political issue. But I know it’s going completely bonkers when Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB-25 last October that prohibits students from participating in sports with the gender they identify. It also mandates that athletes must be the same sex as their birth certificates.

The tall athlete towers over her teammate Hannah Liu (left) as the pair pose together

Hannah Liu, left, the taller athlete is seen towering over Hannah Liu as they pose together 

Texas was the sixth state that enacted such restrictions, signing the bill October 25. Proponents claimed the bill would ‘protect girls.

Some critics call HB-25 a cruel’ and ‘discriminatory’ law that further stigmatizes trans athletes.

I disagree.

It is cruel and discriminatory to allow transgender females born with male bodies to be able to compete with those born to female bodies.

This is happening in many sports, including weight lifting, sprinting and cycling.

You don’t have to believe me, ask someone with personal experience.

Caitlin Jenner won gold at the Montreal Olympics 1976 decathlon as Bruce Jenner. She was the US’s most accomplished ever athlete.

She then declared she was a transwoman in 2015.

Her opinion on transgender women participating in women’s sports was not shared. This is why I don’t support biological boys competing in girls’ sport in schools. This is unfair. We must protect the sports of girls in schools.

It is hard to believe that anyone can disagree with this opinion with half of a brain.

This is an absurd state of affairs that the vast majority of people intuitively understand.

Transphobia is not something we all believe, trans activists insist in a shameless attempt to suppress any discussion. But it’s creating an unfairness and inequality that trans folks have suffered for years.

This weekend, Lia Thomas won three events and set three new school records including two new Ivy League records. She is pictured setting the record at the 500 yard freestyle on December 3

Lia Thomas set new school records this weekend. She won three events, and also established two Ivy League records. On December 3, she set the 500-yard freestyle record.

Will Thomas pictured swimming on the UPenn 2018-19 men's team

Will Thomas pictured as a swimmer on the UPenn Men’s 2018-19 Swimming Team

As I believe transgender people should be treated equally and fairly, I also want trans athletes to have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports, but not in such a manner that would be so harmful to women’s rights.

Lia Thomas is on her path to irrevocably breaking down women’s swimming records.

She is not a naturally gifted swimmer; she did not compete as a male competitor.

She will not, because her physique is superior to that of female competitors.

Is there anything you can do to end this transgender-sporting madness?

Floyd Mayweather has to be identified as a woman in order to enter the ring with a female boxer.

Oder Usain Bolt, who is retiring to take part in the women’s springing circuit.

Perhaps Michael Phelps should really transition to jump in the pool with women twice his size and half his speed.

If you believe that something like this won’t happen, you are living in cloud cuckool land.

Lance Armstrong’s cycling win proved that cheating is possible, and even great athletes can do it for money and success.

My best wishes for Lia Thomas’ swimming career. But I have no qualms with women who are born with male bodies.

Get rid of this madness now.