The number of superyachts built has reached its highest point ever, as world’s richest people flaunt their post-pandemic wealth

  • This year, superyacht orders have reached a new record with over 1,200 boats ordered 
  • Boom in the sector was driven by orders for smaller boats (24m to 30m long)
  • Under construction are 27 superyachts with a length of over 100m. 

As the wealthiest people in the world flaunt post-pandemic riches, superyachts are now at their highest level ever.  

According to the Global Order Book, this year’s superyacht orders saw an increase of 25% with record-breaking 1,200 boats being commissioned. This surpasses the 2009 record of 1,008 orders.   

The surge was driven by orders of small boats, 24m-30m long. There were more than 400 commissions. This is a 30.5 percent increase year-on-year.

In addition, superyachts were up 28% in the 30-45m range and 10.55% for vessels over 100m.  

UK ranks fifth with 81 orders. Each order costs around 28.2million. Italy is number one with 523.  

The number of superyachts being built has hit its highest ever as the world's wealthiest flaunt their post-pandemic fortunes (Pictured, the Istros following its rebuild for which it won a Boat International Superyacht Award in 2021)

As the wealthiest people in the world show off their post-pandemic riches, superyachts are on the rise. (Pictured is the Istros after its reconstruction for which it was awarded a Boat International Superyacht Award 2021).

This year saw a 25 per cent increase in superyacht orders with a record 1,200 boats commissioned, smashing the previous record of 1,008 commissions in 2009 (pictured, the Blue II, the the 'standout winner' of the Displacement Motor Yachts 500GT to 999GT category at the Boat International Superyacht Awards 2021)

The number of superyachts ordered this year increased by 25%. A record 1,200 boats were commissioned in the current record setting 1,008 in 2009. (pictured: the Blue II is the “standout winner” of the Displacement motor yachts 500GT-999GT category of the Boat International Superyacht Awards 2020).

Stewart Campbell, Boat International Editor-in-Chief, said that: “Records are falling across the superyacht industries… The smaller superyacht sectors is on fire with many product lines being sold out over the next few years.

“But, there are also record numbers of superyachts in construction, and explorers. This shows that owners of superyachts today are becoming more adventurous.

27 superyachts with more than 100m length were among the commissions. One of the largest being the REV ocean, an 182.9 m-tall behemoth that will become the world’s most powerful when it is complete in 2024.   

The yacht includes a ‘moon pool’ which doubles as a hatch for a submarine and is being built by Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke for ocean research, The Times reported. 

Commissions of superyachts - defined as leisure boats with an 'overall length' of more than 24m - were also up by 28 per cent in the 30-45m category and 10.5 per cent for boats over 100m (pictured, the Alfa)

The commissions of superyachts, defined as recreational boats that are longer than 24m overall, were increased by 28% for the 30-45m and 10.5 percent respectively for boats greater 100m.

The UK comes in with the fifth most orders at 81, each costing around 28.2million, but Italy tops the table with 523 orders (pictured, a superyacht undergoing maintenance at the La Ciotat boatyard in France)

UK ranks fifth, receiving 81 orders. Each order costs around 28.2million. Italy is second with 523, and France comes in third with 523.

Superyachts secondhand are seeing record sales. 

Campbell commented, “It has been a record season for the secondhand marketplace, with more 600 superyachts selling by brokerage houses, in 2021. That’s a lot better than any previous record.” 

Sailing boat commissions have also surged in 2021 and among the commissions was an 127m yacht, named Project Y721, reported to have been ordered by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

Oceanco is building the yacht. It will soon be world’s biggest when it arrives next year.  

Orders of smaller boats - 24m to 30m in length - were driving the surge with more than 400 commissions, a rise of 30.5 per cent year on year (pictured, the Aurelia)

Smaller boats, measuring 24m to 30m, were the main drivers of the increase in orders. There have been more than 400 commissions. That’s a jump of 30.5 percent year over year. (pictured, Aurelia).