The 53-year-old nurse, who had lost one of her legs as a result of a severe cough, was found dead by her husband.

  • Jayne Carpenter (53), was left without a limb after she contracted sepsis. 
  • Her fundraising began to fund pioneering limb surgeries that were not yet available through the NHS.
  • Her husband Rob Carpenter arrived at their house and found her hanged

An inquest revealed that a brave nurse lost her arms and legs after suffering from sepsis. Her husband found her hanged.

Jayne Carpenter, 53 years old, lost one of her limbs after an unrelated cough, in 2016, turned into sepsis, a potentially fatal reaction to infection. This happens when the immune system is overreacts to the situation and causes tissue damage. 

The hospital nurse, who lost her left arm below the elbow, both legs and four fingers of her right hand, soon began campaigning to highlight the dangers of sepsis. 

She also vowed to battle on by fundraising to get pioneering limb surgery not available on the NHS and raised more than £20,000 of her £265,000 target.

Today’s inquest was held on Jayne’s December 7th, 2019. Robert, her husband for 22 years, received a call asking him to take their dog. 

He found his wife hanged at her home in Merthyr Tydfil (South Wales) when he reached their property. 

Jayne Carpenter (pictured), 53, lost both her legs and an arm after a cough turned to sepsis was found hanged by her husband

Jayne Carpenter, 53 (pictured), lost her arms and legs after her cough became sepsis. Her husband found her hanged.

Robert, in a poignant tribute to his wife said the hospital nurse was an ‘amazing person’.  

Also, he said that she was “happy, bubbly, and social” who loved to travel when they met. 

The nurse In 2016, I was diagnosed with sepsis after a doctor prescribed me a prescription for a chronic cough. 

Soon, she was admitted to the hospital. He was hospitalized for pneumonia and sepsis, and he spent two months in a coma. 

Robert stated that his wife, after her leg amputations Robert was proud of her efforts and that she ‘amazed us all as a family’. 

He stated that her experience as a Sepsis Awareness Advocate was used to “assist in the education of medical students”. 

However, he started drinking more alcohol in November 2019 after experiencing a “sudden drop” in the mental health of his wife.

Inquest revealed that she had taken overdoses twice and was unable to enjoy the important things in her life due to the coronavirus epidemic.

She died December 19, 2019, after having consumed ‘a lot of alcohol’, but tests did not reveal that she intended to end her life. 

Robert, Jayne’s husband, posted a Facebook message saying that Jayne was suffering constant pain and she knew it would not get any better.

“Covid was her tipping point. She was extremely down as she couldn’t socialize or dance, and that was what kept her going.

A horse drawn carriage pictured arriving at St Tydfil's Old Parish Church. People lined the streets to say farewell to the hospital nurse ahead of her funeral

Picture of a horse-drawn carriage arriving at St Tydfil’s Church Old Parish Church Before the funeral, people lined streets to bid farewell the nurse in the hospital. 

Dr Sarah-Jane Richards is the South Wales Central Assistant Coroner. 

She said that she died in the wake of “traumatic and life-changing” events which had impacted her ability to live. 

The Merthyr coroner concluded that Ms Carpenter had ‘died from self ligature in circumstances when her intentions could not been discerned’.

Last year people lined the streets to say farewell to Jayne ahead of her funeral at St Tydfil’s Old Parish Church in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.