Harlem man puts on his blue latex gloves and drags woman (43) between two cars, trying to rape her

  • On Friday, a Harlem man attempted to rape a 43-year old woman on West 123rd Street.
  • NYPD claims that the suspect put on latex gloves in blue and punched the victim. Then, the suspect took off her clothes and dragged the victim between two cars. 
  • After repeatedly kicking the woman and at one stage curb-stomping her before attempting to have a rape on her, he tried again.
  • According to police, the suspect fled from the crime scene after completing the rape. However, the victim sustained many injuries, including head trauma. 
  • The attack is being investigated by authorities as an attempt murder 

The chilling moment that a NYC rapist tried to steal a woman’s head while trying to rape her on Harlem Street is this.   

According to NYPD reports, the suspect approached 43-year old woman from behind on West 123rd Street in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood at around 11.30pm. He knocked her down to the ground.

Surveillance footage of him snapping on blue disposable gloves was so shocking that it made his blood boil. He likely did this to try and avoid fingerprint evidence.  

After apprehending the victim, the creep repeatedly kicked her. At one point, he even curb stomped on her. Then he undressed and attempted to rape the woman. 

According to police, the victim fled the area before the perpetrator completed the rape. The horrific attack caused severe injuries to the victim, including head trauma. The victim was taken to a local hospital by paramedics. She remains critical.  

Horrifying surveillance video shows the moment a New York City man accused of attacking a woman pulled on blue latex gloves before punching the victim in her head, dragging her between two parked cars and attempting to rape her

A horrifying video surveillance shows that a New York City attacker attacked a woman wearing blue gloves. He then punched her in the head and pulled her between two cars before trying to rape her.

The suspect approached the 43-year-old woman from behind around 11.30pm Friday on West 123rd Street in Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood and knocked her to the ground

At 11.30pm, Friday in Manhattan’s Harlem neighbourhood, the suspect approached 43-year old woman from behind and knocked him to the ground.

NYPD reports that the suspect remains unidentified. He is approximately 5’8″, tall, and of stocky build.

The last time he saw him, he was wearing dark green baseball caps, a black black face mask, and a white sweatshirt with bright designs and red letters on the front. As he followed his victim, he also wore black pants and shoes.  

According to a New York Post source, he was seen walking behind her as he put on the gloves in the video. “He attacked her immediately after that.” 

The attack is being investigated by authorities as attempted murder.

Anybody with information regarding the incident or suspect is requested to contact the NYPD Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577 TIPS (8477).

He repeatedly kicked the woman, at one point curb stomping her, before undressing and attempting to rape her

Police said the man fled the scene before completing the rape, however, he left the victim with with numerous injuries including severe head trauma. He remains at large

After repeatedly kicking the woman and at one stage curb-stomping them, he then undressed her before attempting to sexually assault her. Although police stated that the suspect fled from the crime scene, the victim was left with severe injuries and head trauma. He is still at large

This shocking attack is coming as the crime rate in Big Apple has increased dramatically in 2022, after increasing in 2021. 

In February, there were 32 murders – three more than in the same month last. 

Many other categories experienced shocking increases, such as car theft which rose by almost 105 percent, grand larceny which increased nearly 80 percent over last year, robberies which surged 56 per cent, and an increase of burglaries which saw a 44% jump, as well as an assault spike that was 22 percent. 

The shocking 35 percent increase in rapes was also seen in February.  

The horrifying attack comes as crime in the Big Apple has skyrocketed in 2022 after having increased in 2021

After increasing in 2021, crime has risen in Big Apple in alarming numbers in 2022.

This crime wave occurred during Eric Adams’ first months as Mayor. Ex-NYPD police officer has promised to take action against the rising number of crimes on New York’s streets, subways and other public areas. Recent weeks have seen an increase in violent incidents. Experts say that the crime wave is a result of policies implemented by former Mayor Bill De Blasio. 

After an alarming 73.3 per cent increase in underground crimes – 182 of them in February alone – the New York subway was ground zero for latent crime.

Hate crimes have also doubled since last year — with anti-Asian attacks more than tripling and anti-Jewish complaints up by a whopping 54 percent over the same time last year, from 134 to 207 incidents.

According to a recent survey, nearly 75% of New York City’s residents think crime is a serious problem.