Video footage shows a dramatic arrest made outside Bloomingdales headquarters by a New York driver who was accused of carrying a firearm and trying to flee police officers. 

He was captured successfully escaping from NYPD officers on Wednesday’s Upper East Side arrest, and was quickly apprehended shortly thereafter. 

The man was arrested along with another man in the rear seat of the Toyota Corolla.

None of the passengers refused to be arrested, and they have not been identified or shared any further information by police.  

The officers were heard shouting at the suspects “show your hands”, as they opened the driver’s side door. They also told the driver wearing a white T-shirt and jeans to “c’mon, get off the car.” 

After the driver had been walked back to his car, an officer tried to hold him down before he was freed. Before he took off, he appears to punch the officer in the shoulder and throw a punch towards him. 

The driver of a red Toyota (pictured) was seen being handcuffed at the rear of the car while officers pulled two others from the passenger's side on E 59th Street and Park and Lexington Avenues

A red Toyota driver was handcuffed in the back of the car (pictured), while two officers pulled the other passengers from E 59th Street. Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

The driver, wearing white, managed to get away and threw a punch toward an officer, taking off down E 59th Street

In white clothing, the driver managed to escape and he threw a punch at an officer before taking off down E 59th Street

He was later apprehended outside of Bloomingdales' flagship store on 59th and Third Avenue

He was eventually captured at Bloomingdales on 59th Avenue and Third Avenue.

Officers reportedly spotted a gun in the car and approached the vehicle with their service weapons drawn

Reports say officers saw a gun inside the vehicle and approached it with their service guns drawn.

One young man in all black was pulled to the front while a second woman dressed in striped crop tops and black leggings was taken from the back. As an officer pulled the young man to the curb, he appeared confused as well as scared as the woman was handcuffed. 

Later, the driver was arrested outside Bloomingdales flagship store at East 59th Street & Third Avenue. 

The unidentified man could be seen in handcuffs lying down before being lifted up by officers and placed him against the building. He was then believed to have been talking with police. Five officers escorted the unidentified male down the street to a nearby police car. 

The officers checked their pockets and then placed him into the back of the car. They were also seen escorting the two other officers to their police cars. 

Although it is unclear if he was in possession of a gun or if the gun was legally registered, New York ‘generally prohibits the possession of a handgun, short-barreled rifle or shotgun, or assault weapon outside one’s home or place of business,’ according to the NYC government. New York City has other gun laws that do not honor state gun licenses. 

Each gun that is carried within New York City must be approved and registered by the NYC government. 

A felon can also be in possession a firearm. However, it is not clear if there have been any convictions.  

New York has been experiencing an increase in crime with the arrests coming at a time when overall crime is up by 42%. Ghost guns and other weapons are becoming a problem in the Big Apple, where shootings have increased by 8.4%. Both robbery and assault are up by 46 percent and 21 percent respectively. 

The number of transit crime cases is also on the rise at more than 60 per cent. Eric Adams, Mayor, has asked for locals to send photos and report back on officers who are using their cellphones on subway platforms, while on duty, by calling him. 

Adams called for a media conference on Tuesday to address the journalist who asked Adams about recent reports that several uniformed officers had been spotted looking at their smartphones while they were guarding the city’s crime-ridden transport system.

Former NYPD Captain warned that police would take more aggressive measures to ensure they are on the streets and not checking their phones.

Overall crime is up 42 percent in the city as criminals run rampant through the Big Apple

The city’s overall crime rate is at 42 percent. Criminals are rampant throughout the Big Apple. 

Send me photos if you find it. That’s what I’ll do.

“Send me your shot. New Yorkers: Send me a photograph and I’ll be there. Adams spokesman told anyone with photos to send them to his press office, whose email address is

Adams stated that New Yorkers could look forward to seeing a visible difference in police work in the coming weeks.