The best views of Manhattan are now accompanied by a warning. 

After it was discovered that the reflective mirror floors at 1,200 feet above the ground show everything underneath a woman’s skirt, the Summit sky-high observation deck has asked visitors to wear pants.

Thursday’s opening ceremony featured a dress code that visitors should follow to avoid having their undergarments visible to others. 

Summit’s website advised guests to dress in a way that prevents such exposure.

It stated that guests who are concerned about unwelcome exposure due to the mirrored ceilings and floors should dress appropriately. 

Peers who were able to see the attraction before it opened became aware of its flaws. 

Some Summit visitors – located at the top of the 1,400-foot One Vanderbilt skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan – did not adhere to the dress code and took better pictures.

The exhilarating new attraction the Summit in Manhattan's Midtown offers the best views of New York City, but guests risk exposing themselves on the mirrored floors

The Summit in Manhattan’s Midtown offers breathtaking views of New York City. But guests may be exposed on the mirrored floors. 

The attraction is now warning guests to wear pants or shorts when visiting the attraction to avoid 'unwanted exposure.' Although merely a recommendation, the flawed design was pointed out by peer groups who attended the exhibition before its opening day on October 21

To avoid unwanted exposure, the attraction now advises guests to wear shorts or pants when visiting the attraction. Peer groups who attended the exhibition’s opening on October 21 pointed out the flaws in the design, even though it is merely a suggestion.

Daisy Esdrello, a Mexican tourist who visited New York City for her 32nd Birthday, said to the New York Post that she chose to ignore the dress code warning in order to get the perfect shot. 

According to her, a skirt looks better in photos than it does in person. 

Others still showed up in long flowing dresses that create a dreamy Instagram photo with Manhattan’s iconic skyline in background. However, some guests claimed they wore shorts underneath. 

Hailey, a Washington Heights native, stated that it was not worth the risk. 

If you didn’t get the memo, the attraction will give you a pair of black shorts at no cost if you ask. 

The Summit is located in Midtown on top of the 1,400-foot skyscraper One Vanderbilt. The attraction also requires guests to wear 'comfortable shoes' and will not permit stilettoes or steel-toed boots, as it can damage the floor

The Summit is located in Midtown at the top 1400-foot Skyscraper One Vanderbilt. The attraction also requires that guests wear comfortable shoes. It does not allow steel-toed or stilettoed footwear as this can cause damage to the floor. 

The Summit, which can be purchased for between $33 and $73, and more at sunset, has some additional rules regarding their dress code. They do not recommend shorts or pants. 

At the attraction, guests will need to wear comfortable shoes. 

Stilettos may look stunning with a flowing dress (with shorts underneath) as shown in photos, but it will not be allowed inside the exhibit. According to the website, neither steel-toed boots nor sports cleats will be allowed inside the exhibit. 

Although the exhibition’s promotional photos show women wearing heels, most will be required to wear a protective covering for their feet once inside. 

Tickets range anywhere between $33 and $73, and even more if guests want to attend at sunset

Tickets start at $33 and go up to $73, depending on whether guests choose to attend at sunset.

Guests have access to 'skyboxes' with transparent flooring that are more than 1,000 feet above Midtown. The attraction also offers different tiers of tickets, including one that allows guests to travel 1,200 feet up the side of the building in a glass elevator

Skyboxes have transparent flooring and guests can access them from more than 1,000ft above Midtown. You can also travel 1,200ft up the side of the building with a glass elevator. 

There are three levels of tickets that guests can purchase for the attraction: Ascent, Experience, and Ultimate. 

An Experience level ticket is a general admissions ticket that gives access to the Air – an interactive art experience designed by Kenzo Digital – and to Après, an exclusive food and cocktail concept by Danny Meyer; as well as to Levitation, transparent boxes more than 1,000 feet above Midtown.

A ticket at the Ascent level allows guests to ride a 1,200-foot glass elevator up to the ‘highest panoramic view point in Midtown’ 

The Ultimate ticket also gives guests access to Meyer’s signature cocktail, crafted by Union Square Events. 

New York City residents have the opportunity to receive discounted tickets at all levels.