A bullet injury that he sustained while protecting reporters from an armed robbery at the Bay Area crime scene left Oakland’s security guard dead. 

Kevin Nishita was a grandfather of 3 and father to 2 children. On Wednesday, Kevin was working as a guard for KRON4 while it reported on California’s smash-and-grab. 

Nishita is a retired police officer who confronted one 12 masked robbers in order to protect the journalists. He was shot in the lower abdomen by the thief. He She was brought to Highland Hospital, where she underwent surgery. But her death occurred on Saturday morning. 

KRON4, NexstarMedia Inc.’s parent company, Nishita’s employer Star Protection Agency and Oakland Police Department issued $32,500 rewards for information regarding the suspects. 

KRON4 Vice President Jim Rose released a statement saying that they were devastated by Kevin Nishita’s death. “This senseless death is caused by yet another criminal act in Bay Area.” 

Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and other areas across the nation continue to be victims of brazen flash mob robberies.  

Kevin Nishita, a former police officer, was guarding the KRON4 news team when an armed thieve tried to take their cameras. The robber shot Nishita in the lower abdomen, and the officer was rushed to the Highland Hospital where he died on Saturday

Kevin Nishita was a former officer in police and was protecting the KRON4 news crew from an armed thief who tried to steal their cameras. Nishita was shot in the abdomen by the robber. He died at Highland Hospital on Saturday.

Twelve masked robbers entered the Prime 356 store in Oakland on Wednesday and stripped its shelves of merchandise. KRON4's reporters were near the scene of the incident

Twelve unidentified robbers broke into Prime 356 in Oakland and stole merchandise from its shelves. KRON4 reporters were at the scene.

The news team from KRON4 had been reporting on Wednesday on a robbery which had involved 12 armed thugs wearing masks and hoods targeting a Prime 356 clothing store in Oakland. Pictured: Police are seen arriving at the scene following the incident

Pictured: Police are seen arriving at the scene following the incident

KRON4’s news crew had reported on Wednesday about a robbery in which 12 armed thugs wore masks and hoods, targeting an Oakland Prime 356 clothing shop. Pictured: After the incident, officers arrive at the scene.

KRON4’s news crew reported Wednesday night on an armed robbery that involved 12 men wearing masks and hoods who aimed to rob a Prime 356 store in Oakland.

Private security is often used by news organizations to protect their staff. 

A second victim was found by police, a Berkley resident who had been injured with shrapnel. This man was taken to the hospital. He is now in stable condition. 

Nishita’s former service was with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. His body was taken out of the hospital by full law enforcement officers. 

The office posted, “We mourn the death of retired police officer Kevin Nishita which honorably served the Bay Area Community,” He was guarding/protecting the local news team when he was murdered senselessly. 

Nishita worked also for the Hayward Police Departments in San Jose, Colma, and Colma, as well for the Oakland Housing Authority.  

KRON4’s anchor Will Tran said that the station was shocked to hear about Nishita’s passing. For many years, he had been working alongside journalists. 

“My heart is broken. I’m scared for me. I’m scared for my colleagues. Our support group is made up of friends from different stations. He was then overcome with grief. He was my friend. Tran said that he had been our friend, and is now gone.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office, where Kevin Nishita had previously served, escorted his body out of the hospital with full law enforcement honors.

Kevin Nishita’s body was taken out of Alameda County Sheriff’s Office by full law enforcement officers.

KRON4 News anchor Will Tran mourned Nishita's death as he was a friend of the station

KRON4 News’ anchor Will Tran was saddened by Nishita’s passing, as he was close to the station.

Nishita’s murder is just one of many recent crimes that have plagued the Golden State, despite the fact that California Governor. Gavin Newsom pledged to end the string of organised’smash and grabs,’ which are taking place across the state. 

Monday’s pledge by the governor to support cities in fighting retail theft was made to him. 

Newsom reported that Newsom’s office spoke with retail customers last week, asking for additional police patrols.

He said, “You’ll see more from today onwards in high-trafficked areas and as we approach the Black Friday holiday in malls,”

Yet despite the planning, roaming packs of thieves ransacked another luxury retailer in Los Angeles on Black Friday before descending on a Home Depot. 

The Bottega Veneta store issued a statement saying it would limit the number of customers allowed inside its store

Bottega Veneta’s store released a statement declaring that they would restrict the number of customers who can enter its stores

At the Home Deport, in Lakewood, eight people made their way into the home improvement chain and stole sledgehammers, wrenches and hammers, threatened customers

In Lakewood, 8 people broke into the Home Deport and stole wrenches, hammers, and sledgehammers. They threatened customers

According to the LA Police Department, a group of people entered the Bottega Veneta shop in LA’s Beverly Grove shopping district at 5.21 pm and stole expensive merchandise. Then one person pepper-sprayed another in the face. 

Eight people broke into Lakewood’s Home Deport at 7:55 pm and took sledgehammers and wrenches, as well as threatening customers. They then ran off in 10 getaway vehicles. 

CBS News reported that Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department said the Home Deport robbery was alarming because of the possibility that tools could have been used to rob additional stores. 

The Sheriff’s Deputies stated that the Home Depot had an entire section of sledgehammers, similar to what gangs have used to break glass displays in order to steal jewelry and high-end items like iPhones.

The investigation into the bottega Veneta incident and Home Depot incidents is ongoing. 

The gang of eight robbers fled the scene in 10 getaway cars on Black Friday

A gang of eight robbers ran the scene in 10 escape cars on Black Friday

Police believe that the four men were between 14-18 years old. They entered a Santa Rosa Apple store and took $20,000 of merchandise. Then they fled in what police called a “brazen daytime theft” in broad daylight.   

A detective from the Santa Rosa Police Department said they weren’t notified about the theft until 10 minutes after it occurred due to an Apple in-house protocol. 

Over the course of the week thieves stole tens and thousands of dollars of luxury goods. This was despite the soft misdemeanor theft laws of the Democratic-run State. 

California’s Proposition 47: Lighter Sentences for Thefts

California’s voters approved Proposition 47 on November 5, 2014.

The government made misdemeanors of some property crimes (where the theft value is less than $950)

This also makes some “simple” drug possession offenses misdemeanors. Courts can reduce previous convictions to make them misdemeanors. 

California law provides that if two or more people conspire to cheat or defraud anyone or property by using any means which are criminal, they will not be allowed to serve more than one-year in jail. They can also face a $10,000 fine or combination thereof.

Proposition 47, a controversial state law bars the prosecution from charging shoplifters with felonies for stealing merchandise worth less than $950. 

Lynda BUEL, the president of SRMC in Ohio, said that many people are able to get away with committing these’smash and grab incidents’ without any consequences. It is easy and quick, with good payback. 

A police official has blamed the law in recent thefts. There were 20 robbers who broke into Nordstrom at The Grove in LA Monday night and took $5,000. Another CVS pharmacy was also taken by the thieves just one hour later. The CVS pharmacy had $8,000 stolen from a cash register.  

The robbery of Louis Vuitton and Burberry stores in downtown London and Union Square in New York City last week has resulted in nine arrests. Union Square is a popular tourist district that was bustling with holiday shoppers.  

Ben Dugan is the president of Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail. He said that he was not referring to someone who has a need for money or food. They are those who do it for high profits and the thrill.    

Apart from organized crime, this problem is also due to the apparent unwillingness of police officers to pursue retail criminals given the political climate. Prosecutors’ inability to prioritise theft and larceny, as well as the decriminalization in certain jurisdictions.

According to law enforcement, mercenary thieves have been recruited to steal expensive goods. They are sold online and then ship across states. Cops have a harder time tracking criminals because of this sophisticated technique. 

Corie Berry (CEO of Best Buy) stated that this week’s situation is so serious that her company will increase security measures for its customers and staff. 

Barry stated that this was a traumatizing experience for his associates, and it is not acceptable. He spoke on Tuesday’s call to analysts. “We do everything possible to make this happen.” [an] as safe as possible environment.’

Barry advised employees to quit their job rather than risk being terrorized by crowbar-wielding, hammer-wielding criminals.

Police managed to track down one of the cars that fled on the 110 Freeway.

The robbery (not pictured) occurred at 7pm on the eve of Thanksgiving and left a security guard injured.

This robbery, not pictured, occurred around 7 p.m. on the day of Thanksgiving. It left one security guard with injuries. 

A string of brazen’smashand-grab’ robberies took place in San Francisco Bay Area last week. This included an attack by a group of bandits wielding hammers who stole jewelry, sunglasses, and clothes from the Southland Mall located in San Jose, Hayward.

On Monday, dramatic footage was released showing robbers smashing display cabinets at Sam’s Jewelers in the mall around 5:30 on Sunday. The heist is being witnessed by terrified staff members. 

Last Sunday night, thieves broke into a San Jose Lululemon and sunglasses shop, taking nearly $50,000 worth of merchandise. San Jose police Sergeant. Christian Camarillo said Monday.

Two women and two men were part of the group who attacked Lululemon’s store, he said. One had a visible gun on his waistband.

According to police, witnesses and police, 80 people were arrested last Saturday. Some of them were dressed in ski masks with crowbars.

Police called the incident a “clearly planned event” and said that two employees were attacked. One was also pepper sprayed. Walnut Creek police claimed they had arrested two people and found a firearm. 

One day earlier, several roving groups of thieves with hammers and clawbars struck a series of high-end retail outlets, including Louis Vuitton and Burberry. There was also a Walgreens pharmacy and several dispensaries in San Francisco. Union Square is a popular tourist spot that was overflowing with holiday shoppers.

A group of about 40 to 50 teenage shoplifters made off with an unknown amount of jewelry and other items in Hayward, California, on Sunday. Experts and officials say national crime networks are behind many of the 'smash-and-grab ' operations

On Sunday, a group of approximately 40-50 teenage shoplifters stole an undetermined amount of jewelry, and other goods in Hayward. Officials and experts believe that many of these’smash and grab’ operations are part of national criminal networks. 

Los Angeles police say at least 20 people used sledgehammers to break the glass at a Nordstrom on Monday night and ransack its shelves before fleein

Los Angeles Police say that at least twenty people broke the glass in Nordstrom’s store on Monday night with sledgehammers and then ransacked its shelves.

The chaotic scene was captured by witnesses on social media. One suspect was dragged from a waiting vehicle and others were seen running, lugging suitcases or carrying merchandise.

Dugan explained that the’smash and grab’ operation is usually run by locals who organize their teams to steal certain merchandise from criminal groups across the country.

“Crew bosses” organize them. Sometimes they will give them the crowbars. In some cases, they may even let them drive cars or offer escape routes. Dugan stated that although it looks chaotic, the organization is actually quite well-organized.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul said in September that large-scale store thefts orchestrated by organized crime rings are costing retailers across the US an estimated $45billion in annual losses. 

Raoul created the Organized Retail Crime Task Force, which is a mix of private and public entities. This task force will tackle this problem head-on. 

Raoul explained that sophisticated criminal groups involved in drug trafficking or human trafficking are responsible for these violent crimes. 

He said, “Even though we witnessed the looting last year, it was clear that certain of these crimes were not only opportunistic but planned in advance.”

“The Organized Retail Crime Task Force” will enable investigators and prosecutors from my office to better cooperate with law enforcement partners. It will also ensure that law enforcement and retailers work together to combat retail crime.

Black Friday terror shoppers flee for their lives after three men, one of them a 10-year old boy, are shot in North Carolina. Three more people are also hurt. 

Black Friday shoppers were seen running for cover after a suspected gunman terrorized people at a shopping mall in Durham, North Carolina, which was crowded with shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving. 

The incident occurred after an apparent brawl at Durham’s crowded shopping mall. Three people were injured and one was shot. It happened around 3:20 PM.

Authorities later said that shots were fired at the Tacoma Mall food court on Friday night.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Sergeant. Darren Moss said.

Three people were seriously injured in North Carolina during evacuation. One of them was a 10-year-old girl who sustained injuries from a shot ricocheting. A local hospital treated the child with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Shoppers at a North Carolina shopping mall were sent scrambling after gunfire broke out

North Carolina shoppers fled a shopping mall after gunfire broke out.

People are seen running from Southpoint mall after a shooting incident inside occurred on Friday afternoon

After a shooting at Southpoint Mall on Friday afternoon, people are seen running towards the mall.

Emergency vehicles congregate around the entrance to Belk at Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina after three people, including a 10-year-old, were wounded in an afternoon shooting on Black Friday

Three people were injured in an after-hours shooting at Belk Southpoint Mall, Durham, North Carolina.

Streets at Southpoint closes for the day after three people were shot and three others were hurt during an evacuation of the mall

The streets of Southpoint were evacuated after 3 people were killed and 3 more were injured during the evacuation.

The Durham Police Department issued a news release confirming there was a shooting that led to the mall being evacuated

Durham Police Department released a press release confirmating that there had been a shooting which led to the evacuation of the mall.

In the afternoon, authorities said that only one person had been detained. There was no threat to the public. Witnesses described “mass hysteria” on one of the busiest shopping day in the year, with shoppers running for their lives or hiding behind stores. 

Police in Durham, North Carolina tweeted that the DPD was investigating a shooting at The Streets at Southpoint. 

“The mall will be evacuated while DPD investigates. Avoid the vicinity for motorcyclists. It is not possible to pose any other threat in the area. 

‘The shootings in this city have got to stop,’ said Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews who revealed the shooting happened after an argument broke out between two groups who knew each other.

Another three were said to have been injured by shoppers who ran after the shooting.

Although she stated that the gunmen involved in the incident fled, she promised more arrests and said there wasn’t any threat to the public.

According to her, this isn’t an instance where someone entered the mall and began shooting randomly. 

Although the mall stated that they were closed for further notice on their website, it did not provide any details. 

An argument between two groups saw three people hurt including a 10-year-old his by a ricocheting bullet

A dispute between two groups resulted in three people being hurt, one of them a 10-year-old boy who was hit by a bullet.

Black Friday shoppers were seen running for cover after a suspected gunman terrorized people at a shopping mall in Durham, North Carolina which was crowded with shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving

Black Friday shoppers ran for cover as a suspect gunman attacked people in Durham, North Carolina. This mall is crowded on the following day of Thanksgiving.

Shoppers described a chaotic scene after the shots echoed through the mall, with some people taking cover in stores and others rushing for the exits

After the shots echoing through the mall, shoppers described chaotic scenes with people running for their lives and some taking cover inside stores.

People cold be seen running from Southpoint mall after shooting attack inside in this still frame obtained from social media

After an attack on the Southpoint Mall, people may be seen running to it in this still from social media. 

The mall was jammed with traffic. There were lines of cars trying exit the parking lot. Numerous police cars flashing their lights outside department stores. 

After the loud altercation, shoppers reported that large crowds fled the shopping center. It began with shouting and ended with what some described as gunshots.

After the sounds of the mall echoing, video captured chaotic scenes with people running for their lives and some taking cover inside stores.

Angela Lloyd went to Southpoint to shop for Christmas presents with relatives. The chaos began as she was leaving the store.

In a telephone interview, she stated that she just heard the shots fire and everyone ran and screamed as soon as it happened. “Some were running to the stores. Others were crawling in stores. It’s like mass panic.

After taking cover at a store, she was taken to safety and directed along with others to the rear dressing room. According to her, one customer kept everyone updated by playing a police scanner with his cell phone.

Craig Lloyd was about to leave the mall, and was headed home to Efland, which is approximately 20 miles from her husband. His wife, however, called Craig Lloyd from his dressing room.

She said, “There are gunshots.” They’ve got us locked in the store,´’ Craig Lloyd said in a phone interview. “I turned and went back to my mall.”

Craig Lloyd stated that he saw a chaos in the mall, with people leaving the store with their arms up and others trying to locate loved ones. The wife of Craig Lloyd was permitted to go out of the mall for more than an hours.

Aury Moore and boyfriend Eddie Mendoza describe their frightening experience being inside the Tacoma Mall in Washington State while an active shooter fired outside, possibly killing one and injuring others on Friday night

Aury Moore, boyfriend Eddie Mendoza recount their terrifying experience at Tacoma Mall in Washington State. An active shooter opened fire outside. One person was possibly killed and several others were injured.

Police cars swarm the Tacoma Mall in Washington State after an active shooter fired outside

Washington State police vehicles converge on Tacoma Mall after an active shooter opened fire outside

A shooting near the food court Friday night left one person injured after being shot and locked down the Tacoma Mall

After being shot at the Tacoma Mall, one victim was hurt in an incident that took place near the Tacoma Mall food court.

Witnesses reported hearing 2 to 14 gunshots. At least one person has been confirmed shot and injured and was taken to an area hospital

Witnesses said they heard anywhere from 2-14 gunshots. One person was confirmed to have been shot and wounded and taken to an area hospital.

The shooting apparently began with a dispute between two groups of people, according to Tacoma police

According to Tacoma police, the shooting began as a result of a dispute among two groups.

More than 60 law enforcement officers from Tacoma, Pierce County, Lakewood, Puyallup and the Washington State Patrol converged on the scene

The scene was populated by more than 60 police officers from Tacoma Pierce County Lakewood Lakewood Puyallup, Washington State Patrol and Lakewood.

The scene was similar in Tacoma in Washington State. Hundreds of people hid in their stores or fled to safety after a shooting.

The scene was invaded by more than 60 police officers from Tacoma and Pierce County as well as Lakewood, Puyallup, Puyallup, Puyallup, and Washington State Patrol.

‘We’re sending people inside to do a coordinated search,’ Moss said.

Gary Wurges from Tacoma Police said that the shooting began in North Carolina with an argument between two groups.

Wurges stated that ‘We performed a secondary search in order to ensure we had gone through each store. “We wanted to ensure that everyone was safe. Everyone who was present had a reason. 

Fredrick Hoskins was in the mall shopping when he heard gunfire. Eyewitnesses report that at least one person was killed in the shooting incident. There were 14 shots fired.

“There was boom boom boom boom… boom boom boom boom. Hoskins said that there were six shots. “It was like a revolver. It was like one gun.  

Aury Moore posts, with boyfriend Eddie Mendoza, as the two are trapped inside Tacoma Mall in Washington State. The post reads: 'So Eddie and I are at Tacoma Mall and while in one store people started running into the store we r in. Apparently there is a shooting. Pray please that we all get out of here alive'

Aury Moore, along with her boyfriend Eddie Mendoza posts as the pair are locked inside Tacoma Mall. It reads, “So Eddie and me are at Tacoma Mall. While in one store people started to run into the store that we were in. Evidently there’s a shooting. We need to get everyone out of this place alive, please.

In Washington State, a loss prevention officer fired at an armed suspect who attempted to steal merchandise from a Kennewick Walmart in Washington State

Washington State’s loss prevention officer shot at an armed suspect trying to steal merchandise from the Kennewick Walmart.

A suspect was shot and their car was later towed as a result

One suspect was shot. Their car was later taken away. 

Also in Washington State, another shooting was committed outside a Walmart. 

At around 12:30 p.m. local time, several shots were fired from the Kennewick store in southeast Washington State.   

Although it is not clear if any were hurt, or how long they went on for, one eyewitness said that she heard six shots being fired. 

Police said that the suspect attempted to steal merchandise. However, he was confronted in the parking lot by a security officer who then pulled out a gun. 

A gun was also used by the loss prevention officer, who then fired on the suspect fleeing. 

It witnessed police officers from many agencies arrive on the scene, including KDP officers and Benton County Sheriff’s deputy deputies.

Kennewick Police Department confirmed later that the suspect was detained following a search of a nearby house. The scene was secured by blocking off large portions of the lot.  

The store employee fired at the suspect in the parking lot of the store in Kennewick, Washington

A store worker shot at the suspect from the parking lot in Kennewick Washington.

Away from This year’s Black Friday sales have kicked off with smaller lines and calmer crowds as