USA Swimming: ‘The message for women is that you do not matter’. A USA Swimming official resigned over the allegations of Lia Thomas, trans swimmer. She claims she is destroying women’s swimming.

  • Cynthia Millen quit last week after transgender athletes participating in sport were identified. 
  • Thomas competed previously as a man and is now dominating the women’s pool. 
  • Millen stated last night that “little girls” would be “thrown under the bus.”
  • ‘Bodies compete against bodies. Identities do not compete against identities’

USA Swimming has fired Lia Thomas after she protested against the transgender athlete.

Cynthia Millen, who had been working as a presiding officer for over three decades, announced her resignation last week. She said she couldn’t participate in any sport that allowed biological men against women.

Thomas, 22-years old, competed for the University of Pennsylvania as a man for two complete seasons. He is dominating the women’s field now and breaking all records. She can compete because she uses testosterone suppressing drugs according to NCAA rules.

Millen said last night that he thought it was terrible. Millen said that women don’t matter and what they do doesn’t matter. This will mean little girls are going be under the bus. He’s going be ruining women’s swimming.

'It's horrible,' Millen told Fox News last night. 'The statement for women then is you do not matter, what you do is not important, and little girls are going to be thrown under the bus by all of this, he's going to be destroying women's swimming.'

Millen said last night that he thought it was terrible. Millen said that women don’t matter and what they do doesn’t matter. This will mean little girls will be ignored. He’s going after women’s swimming.

Thomas, 22, who previously competed as a man at the University of Pennsylvania for two full seasons, is now dominating the women's field and smashing records

Thomas (22 years old) competed at Penn for two seasons as a male competitor. He is dominating the field now and breaking records.

Her explanation was that girls and boys don’t compete from an early age because men have biological advantages, which only get accentuated by puberty.

“Swimming is a sport where bodies compete with bodies,” Millen stated. Identities do not compete against identities,’ Millen said. Millen stated that men are distinct from women and swimmers of male gender are also different. They will always be more efficient than women.

She said that boys will have a larger lung capacity and greater heart rate, greater circulation, more skeletons, and less fat. She said that girls go through puberty with a double whammy. Their breasts grow and their hips expand. Girls also experience periods.

Millen stated that no matter what testosterone suppression drugs Thomas takes, he will still be biologically male and possess this advantage.

Thomas recently broke two US records by sweeping the floor in the women’s pool event at Zippy Invitational, University of Akron.

Anna Sofia Kalandaze, her teammate, was 38 seconds behind in the 1,650 yard freestyle.

Thomas won the 500-yard freestyle with a time in 4:34.06 and finished 14 seconds faster than Kalandaze.

In the 200-yard Freestyle, she was seven seconds quicker than her closest competitor. It gave her the fastest US female time for the race.

Earlier this month, Lia Thomas won three events and set three new school records including two new Ivy League records. She is pictured setting the record at the 500 yard freestyle on December 3

Lia Thomas, who won three events earlier in the month and established three school records, two Ivy League and one other. On December 3, she set the freestyle record of 500 yards.

Thomas (pictured in 2016) was a star swimmer in high school

Thomas (pictured in 2017) was a star swimmer in high school

Thomas, pictured here in 2016 and 2017 respectively, was an outstanding swimmer at high school. 

Millen stated that it was a “travesty” to discard the talent, hard work and legacy of Olympic swimmers like Janet Evans or Jenny Thompson.

These are the stories of all these women who worked hard in Title IX before they had equal opportunities. It would be so shameful and such a tragedy to discard it now. Fox reported that this is exactly what would happen.

Title IX, a federal civil right law that was passed under the Education Amendments of 2002 is Title IX. This law prohibits discrimination based on sex in schools and other programs that receive funding from the federal governments.