After discovering that her pleather pants were ‘quacked’ while she walked, a mother laughed so hard that it made her scream with laughter.

Gwenna Laithland was 37 years old and was in fits of laughter when Jackson, her husband, filmed her in full swing showing off her leather pants. Jackson, 39, watched as she’squeaked’ and ‘feted at the same moment’ while the rest her family watched in amazement.

Hilarious footage shows the plus-size marketer, from Oklahoma City, doubled over and crying with laughter as she says it sounds like she has a ‘duck in her c****r’. 

The 30-second clip ends with the mother-of-3 declaring: “It’s hard for girls to find shiny pants that can light up their thighs. There’s a reason it is difficult to find shiny trousers.”

Gwenna Laithland, 37, from Oklahoma City, OK, was left in hysterics as her husband, Jackson, 39, filmed her showing off her new squeaky plastic leather pants

Gwenna Laithland was 37 years old and hails from Oklahoma City. Jackson, 39, recorded her showing off her new leather pants made of squeaky plastic.

Hilarious footage shows the plus-size marketer doubled over and crying, saying: 'I sound like I have a duck in my c****r'

Hilarious footage shows the plus-size marketer doubled over and crying, saying: ‘I sound like I have a duck in my c****r’

Gwenna shakes her legs side to side as she laughs at the fart-like sound that erupts between her thighs.  

Gwenna was disappointed to discover that the squeaking noise disappeared after she washed the pants. This was much to the dismay of her oldest daughter, who wanted to ‘experience it in person’.

Gwenna isn’t afraid of the strange sounds emanating from her undercarriage. She hasn’t sworn off shiny pants as she hopes to find other people with her ‘thunder legs’.

Gwenna’s fashion disaster video has been viewed more than 11,000,000 times on TikTok, and received thousands of comments from amused viewers.

Gwenna shared that they didn’t squeak after they arrived.

“I heard the first quack when I turned the corner and left my bedroom.

‘I called to my husband, Jackson! I’m quacking!”

Jackson had to wait ten minutes before he stopped laughing enough to film my laughter. I was just recovering when another quack popped up.

“The pants were both squeaking, and farting simultaneously. I could feel the air moving around my bum and hear the squeak. That’s what caused the quack sound.

“I wanted shiny pants, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I thought it was hilarious.

“Everybody was in fits and laughter. My three-year-old twins couldn’t stop laughing. Every time I took a step, there would be a quack. We probably laughed for 30 minutes.

“My 14 year old was at school at the moment and was mad that her pants did not quack when she got home. She wanted to hear the quack in person.

Despite the unusual noises emanating from her undercarriage, Gwenna has not sworn off shiny pants from her wardrobe as she hopes to find others so she can 'blind people' with her 'thunder thighs'

Although she has since silenced the squeak, Gwenna (above) remains on the hunt for more pleather pants in a bid to 'blind people with her thunder thighs'

Gwenna isn’t afraid of the strange sounds emanating from her undercarriage. She hasn’t sworn off shiny pants in her wardrobe because she wants to find others so that she can ‘blind people with her thunder thighs’

The video of Gwenna's fashion mishap has racked up more than 11 million views on TikTok and brought in thousands of comments from entertained viewers

Gwenna’s fashion mishap video has been viewed over 11 million times on TikTok. It also received thousands of comments and likes from viewers.

Gwenna was astonished to discover that she had purchased the’shiny pant’ for the first time. She won’t regret it.

Gwenna said that she’s always wanted shiny leather trousers. I’m a bit of an artist from time to time. I don’t actually play any music, but I like this look.

“These were my first pleather trousers. We wore leather pencil skirts in the 1990s and 2000s. But this was my first purchase of pants.

“I’ve been looking for leather pants, and I found a pair of them on Amazon. I was going commit, embrace body positivity, then buy them.

Gwenna stated that, despite the amusing result of her purchase, the fashion industry must do more for plus-size clients.

Gwenna stated that she believes there are many things to be done in the plus-size industry. Adding more fabric is not a solution.

People who are plus-sized can make shiny pants accessible by using this method.

“That was a joke I made in my video where I said that I could start a fire using my thighs.” Those pants gave me friction burns.

“There is a way to achieve the same aesthetics for different body types but it requires extra steps to make those pants.

‘It’s the same at the other end of the scale with very petite people, and the fashion industry seems to have an attitude of “we’re going to make one thing, and if it doesn’t work, then f*** off.”‘

Gwenna has been washing her pants in the washer since she gave them a try. The duck-like sound has disappeared much to the dismay of her children.

Gwenna has now silenced the squeak. However, she is on the lookout for pleather pants in an attempt to ‘blind people by her thunderthighs’.

Gwenna explained that she washed her pants and, for whatever reason the quack was gone. I can now wear shiny trousers.

“I will continue to make future purchases. I will now take the next step to search for what I call “ultra-shiny pants”.

“I don’t know if they’ll quack, however, I want to blind people with thunder thighs.