A consumer group warns of a ‘rip-off’ in travel insurance for the over-70s. Older people are priced out of foreign trips due to high premiums.

  • Which? Which?
  • Those with unpredictable health conditions can be quoted more than £3,000
  •  75-year-olds  had to fork out £74, while the cheapest quote at 80 averaged £305

Due to high insurance charges and refusals from some firms to provide coverage, older people are priced out of foreign holiday opportunities. 

According to Which? research, the cost of a policy to protect against illness can increase by up to two-thirds when someone turns 70. 

Those with potentially serious or unpredictable health conditions can be quoted more than £3,000 by insurers. 

Travellers over 70 are facing sharp rises when it comes to insurance, according to Which?

Which? reports that insurance costs are rising for travellers over 70.

The consumer group surveyed 63 members who had problems purchasing insurance in the last two years. Nearly half of respondents cited price as the most common problem. 

One in five people said that there were few or no insurance companies that offered coverage. Research from mystery shopping revealed that policy costs rose sharply after customers turn 70. 

The five cheapest quotes for someone aged 65 averaged £29, rising to £57 at 70. 

Those aged 75 had to fork out £74, while at 80 the cheapest quotes averaged £305, rising to £327 at 85. 

55-year-olds would have 76 quotes to choose, whereas 80-year-olds would only have seven. 

Insurers could also be forced to run if there are severe or unpredicted conditions, such heart disease, bipolar disorder, and illnesses still being diagnosed. 

One member claimed that insurers didn’t want his custom after he stated that his wife had an irregular heartbeat. 

Firms often refused to offer an annual worldwide travel cover policy, while one quoted an astronomical £3,200. 

Firms often offer better deals to experienced drivers when it comes to motor insurance. 

Which? According to Which?, premiums tend increase once drivers reach their late 70s. 

One 78-year-old was surprised at being offered quotes ranging from £450 to an eye-watering £2,134. 

Which?: ‘I still run, jump in rivers and chase salmon, and run stables and horses. It’s annoying to discover that at this age you’re deemed incapable of even driving.’ 

Which? editor Jenny Ross stated that: Money, Jenny Ross, said: ‘If you struggle to get insurance because of medical conditions or your age, there are some resources that can help you locate specialist insurers that lie off the beaten track of comparison websites. 

‘If there is relevant context to your circumstances that you can’t communicate on an online form – or you are unsure how to accurately fill one out – contact the insurer directly by phone or email to speak with a human being.