According to reports, horse riding will be replaced with cycling in modern pentathlon to preserve the sport’s Olympic status.

After a Japanese coach caught on video punching an animal in Tokyo, the discipline was made the headlines.

According to, showjumping will be replaced by cycling. The Guardian.

According to the report, the sport’s governing body, Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne, has taken the decision following the shocking incident of earlier this year.

It is hoped that the event’s current lineup of fencing, freestyle swimming and showjumping will be changed to include pistol shooting and cross-country running. Paris 2024 is on the horizon.

A UIPM statement read: ‘As part of UIPM’s commitment to maintaining a strong, dynamic profile for modern pentathlon, a series of strategic meetings are being held. 

German modern pentathlon coach Kim Raisner was disqualified for punching her athlete's horse in Tokyo last summer and now horse riding may be removed from the event

Kim Raisner, a German modern pentathlon coach, was disqualified last summer for punching her horse in Tokyo. Now horse riding may be banned from the event

Germany’s Annika Schleu failed to control her horse Saint Boy in the showjumping round

Raisner (right) was then seen punching the back of Saint Boy as Schleu was struggling

As Schleu struggled, Raisner (right), was seen hitting Saint Boy’s back. 

“These meetings will include an upcoming conference call with national federations late this week. A press release will detail the outcome of these meetings and will be published on November 4. 

German coach Kim Raisner was thrown out of the Olympics for her actions in Japan in August.

Raisner was trying help Annika Schleu, a German athlete, as she fought to control Saint Boy before she competed in the women’s showjumping event.

The athletes have only 20 minutes to get to know their horse before they go. Schleu, the field leader, was in tears as she entered the ring.

Saint Boy, who was already a tricky rider for his first athlete, refused to trot along the course. There were many social media users raising concerns about how Schleu, Raisner treated the horse.

Saint Boy did not go around the course and Raisner was seen punching the horse with her fist

Saint Boy did not make it around the course. Raisner was seen punching the horse in the face with her fist.

Schleu, who was leading the field, was in tears after going around the course with Saint Boy

After going around the course with Saint Boy, Schleu, who was leading, was in tears.

These concerns were acknowledged by the UIPM before the men’s event, and then a statement was issued revealing Raisner’s punishment.

The statement read: ‘The UIPM Executive Board has given a Black Card to the Germany team coach Kim Raisner. This disqualifies her for the remainder of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

‘The EB reviewed video footage which showed Ms Raisner striking Saint Boy’s horse, ridden by Annika Schleu, during the riding discipline of women’s modern pentathlon competition.

‘Her actions were deemed in violation of the UIPM Competition Rules, which are applicable to all recognized modern pentathlon contests, including the Olympic Games.

‘The EB decision has been made today at Tokyo Stadium before the resumption the men’s modern Pentathlon competition.

Despite holding a 24-second lead, Schleu fell out of medal contention after the equestrian leg

Schleu was unable to hold a 24-second lead after the equestrian leg.

Raisner was a former modern pentathlete and competed in the 2004 Olympics at Athens.

Schelu’s horse looked scared before and after entering the arena. He wandered aimlessly through the challenging course, refusing to do many jumps and was confused. 

Reportage showed a 31-year-old Schleu in tears before even starting her performance. She was attempting to get the Saint Boy to cooperate with her whip while on top of her mount. 

Schleu was determined to save her hopes of a podium finish after they made their way into the arena. Despite clearing four sets hurdles, the horse collided with the fifth.

She was quickly overtaken by Saint Boy, who then gave up, despite Schleu’s efforts to help him navigate the course. She finished the race with zero points, which was a huge loss for her. 

Schleu, who had finished fourth in Rio 2016, narrowly missed out a medal. As Saint Boy, who was still in shock and unfit to compete, cried, it was broadcast for all to see.