Scott Morrison makes a call to calm Omicron while he scrambles for an emergency cabinet meeting

  • Scott Morrison claims experts think Omicron variant could be even more severe 

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Canada has called for calm in the wake of Omicron’s new variant. He revealed that experts think it might be even less severe than Delta.

As he struggles to call in an emergency meeting of the national cabinet, Morrison called Jackie O’s and Kyle O’s radio shows on Monday to give an update to Australians about the Covid mutation. 

“There are no indications that it will have a more serious impact.” It is not clear that vaccines aren’t having an impact on the disease,’ he stated.

“The signs are it could even be milder.” 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for calm over the new Omicron variant as he reveals experts believe it may be 'even less severe' than Delta

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister, has called on calm to be maintained over Omicron. Experts believe that it could prove even more severe than Delta.

NSW Health confirmed on Sunday that two travellers who touched down in Sydney on Saturday night from South Africa were infected with the new strain and two more were being tested.

South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales tightened their borders as the other premier’s in Australia also consider stricter restrictions.

Researchers are racing against the clock to find answers to three crucial questions regarding the variant of the disease that Scott Morrison, Australia’s business leaders and others have referred to as ‘unusual symptoms’.

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, which gave the prime minister an emergency briefing on Sunday night, are scrambling to determine how transmissible Omicron is, whether it is more severe than other strains, and if it is vaccine resistant.

Australia has closed nine African nations’ borders after the strain appeared in their country earlier this month.