The two Wisconsin Senators (one Republican and one Democrat) came together to make a rare bipartisan plea for outsiders to not politicize Waukesha’s Christmas Parade attack. 

Ron Johnson (R)and Tammy Baldwin (D), urged anyone who may attempt to exploit last Sunday’s tragedy in Waukesha for political ends to “cease and desist” during their Saturday statement.

 ‘[Local official’s] top priority is to begin the healing process within Waukesha by providing comfort and support to surviving family members of the deceased, and those injured both in body and spirit,’ they wrote. 

“They should also carry out a thorough investigation of the case and give due process to the accused.” These are not easy tasks. They can be even more challenging if they have to be done in an atmosphere that is politically charged.

It comes one week after Darrell Brooks (39) crashed his SUV into the parade’s holiday procession on November 21. Six people were killed and 60 others were injured. 

This statement didn’t call for any particular individuals or groups. 

Senator Ron Johnson (R)

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D)

Ron Johnson (R), and Tammy Baldwin(D) both called for those who “may try to exploit the tragedy last Sunday in Waukesha to their own political purposes to cease and desist in their Saturday statements

Pictured: Brooks in his red SUV as he plowed through the crowd at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21

Brooks was seen in his red SUV driving through Waukesha during a Christmas parade on November 21st

Darrell Brooks, pictured, appears in Waukesha County Court in Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 23

Darrell Brooks is pictured appearing in Waukesha Court, Waukesha (Wisconsin), November 23rd

 On Tuesday, Johnson blamed left-wing rhetoric and policies for the massacre. 

 ‘When you look the other way, when you almost encourage lawlessness — just like, let’s face it, you have political figures during the summer riots of 2020 encouraging people to donate to the bail fund so you can bail these people out,’ Johnson said on Fox & Friends.

‘When you encourage lawlessness, you’re going to get more of it.’

It becomes increasingly violent. The senator said that it spreads from the crime-ridden areas to the nearby areas. ‘I think that’s probably what we witnessed here in Waukesha.’

Johnson seemed to refer to “outside agitators” who traveled to other cities last summer to protest Black Lives Matter. This brought more chaos and disorder to the rallies spiraling out of control. 

The demonstrations were started by Derek Chauvin (an ex-Minneapolis Police Officer) who killed George Floyd while kneeling on Floyd’s neck during an arrest. Axios reports that the protests took place in 140 locations across the country and caused a total of $1-2billion in insurance claims.

People walk past a store that was looted during a riot following a rally expressing outrage over the death of George Floyd on May 30 in Seattle

A crowd walks past the store which was looted in a protest against George Floyd’s death on May 30, Seattle.

Rioters burn and loot an Office Depot on May 29 in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, May 29, 2012: Rioters set fire to and loot the Minneapolis Office Depot

 Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey claimed that protesters were ‘coming in largely from outside of the city, from outside of the region, to prey on everything we have built over the last several decades’ last summer, while Attorney General Bill Barr claimed that ‘groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.’

Eleven-year-old Jessalyn Torres, one of nine children injured in the massacre, remains on a ventilator nearly a week after Brooks blew past police barricades and hurtled through a group of spectators with his Ford Escape. 

 She suffered a broken pelvis and femur, a fractured skull, lacerations to her lungs, and lost a kidney after Darrell Brooks, 39, plowed through the Waukesha holiday parade.

Brooks was a career criminal who had been released after running his girlfriend with an SUV in November.  

He had previously called for violence against the white population, claimed Adolf Hitler’s genocide of Jews, and was sentenced to statutory rape for having sex in his 24th year with a girl aged 15 years.  

Torres’s mother, Amber Kohnke, told the New York Post that her daughter remains at the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital, where the anguished mom spent the Thanksgiving holiday beside her daughter in her hospital room. 

This should never happen to a mother. It is very traumatizing, said Kohnke, mother to four children. 

Jessalyn Torres, 11, pictured, one of nine kids injured in the November 21 crash, suffered a broken pelvis and femur, a fractured skull, lacerations to her lungs, and lost a kidney

Jessalyn Turres (11 years old), was one of the nine children who were injured in November’s crash. She suffered a fractured pelvis and vertebrae, as well as a cracked skull and lacerations to her lungs.

Pictured: Amber Kohnke, Torres' mom, said that her daughter is at the Children's Wisconsin Hospital, where she spent the Thanksgiving holiday bedside her daughter's hospital room

Pictured is Amber Kohnke who Torres’ mom said that Torres’ daughter is currently at Children’s Wisconsin Hospital. There, she spent the Thanksgiving holiday in bed with Torres’ daughter’s room.

She said that the hardest thing was not being with everybody and Jessalyn was unable to be with her family in this condition. 

Kohnke shared her experiences of witnessing her daughter struggling to breathe through a series Facebook posts. 

In one note she wrote, “I hate watching this happen to my daughter.” “Cry a little, let it out, then stay strong.”

‘Let me say this again… she is a fighter!’ Kohnke posted another comment.

“I just sat down and kissed her forehead, held her hand and just watched as she cried. I told her that it was a proud moment and that I loved her.

Jessalyn told heartbreakingly doctors that she would be ‘glued back together’ when being taken to hospital. She is one of four children left in severe condition. The other three are still fair.  

Torres was performing in the parade with the Waukesha Xtreme Dance group, pictured, on Sunday when an SUV struck her

Torres, pictured performing with Waukesha Xtreme Dance, was in the parade on Sunday, when she was hit by an SUV. 

'I hate watching my daughter go through this,' Kohnke said of her daughter. 'Cry a little tear, suck it up, and stay strong for her'

Kohnke stated that she hated watching her daughter experience this. Keep your eyes open, let out a tear or two, and keep fighting for her.

According to the hospital, both of their children are healthy. 

Kohnke stated that her daughter was participating in the parade along with Waukesha’s Xtreme Dancing group when Brooks crashed into the crowd, throwing Kohnke into the air.  

Kohnke has raised some $110,000 in an online fundraiser to help cover Jessalyn’s medical bills. 

On Tuesday, Mail Online reported that Darrell Brooks Jr is an amateur rapper whose lyrics include ‘f*** the pigs’ and ‘f*** Donald Trump.’

Brooks is also known as MathBoi Fly and is a former sex offenders. 

Brooks was freed from prison on November 19, after posting a $1,000 cash guarantee on the battery, disorderly behavior, bail jumping, resisting an officer, and battery charges.

Monday’s admission by the Milwaukee District attorney was that the bond amount was “inappropriately low.”

They are related to an incident in Milwaukee on November 2nd that involved the mother of one his children.

Brooks is reported to have followed her through a hotel, asking her to get out, then following him in his car on the streets, demanding she enter.

According to court records, he was arrested on November 5th and released on cash bail on November 11th. However, the records were not updated until the 19th.