REVEALED – A quarter of the 72 English Football League footballers say that they won’t get vaccinated. Official figures showing how much jab hesitancy have finally been released

  • Clubs and EFL have been encouraging their players to get the Covid jab for months. 
  • Yet, the EFL still has 25% refusing to accept footballers despite all of their best efforts
  • Concern was expressed over the high level of infection in EFL clubs
  • Now, the league requires that clubs implement daily lateral flow test 

The Football League has 25% of its players without Covid-19 vaccination despite having been encouraged for several months by EFL clubs and the EFL to do so.

59% of the players received at least two vaccines. Another 16% had one and were ready to receive another.

The alarming statistics have not improved in the two-months since a significant push by EFL, clubs, and the deputy Chief Med Officer for England Professor Jonathan Van Tam.

QPR had to call off Monday's Championship clash with Sheffield United due to an outbreak

QPR’s Monday Championship game with Sheffield United was cancelled by the outbreak

Professor Jonathan Van Tam, a keen football fan, has encouraged players to have a jab

A passionate football fan, Professor Jonathan Van Tam has encouraged his players to play a bit.

They will also raise concerns regarding the spread of Covid-19 within Football League clubs with an escalating tide of infection fueled by Omicron variant.


The EFL rules state clubs will be expected to play where they have 14 players including a goalkeeper available from the Club’s registered squad list,

Eligible players are those under 21 who were not listed on the squad but have participated in one league match and any contract player that is not on their squad.

The EFL says the guidance has been designed to help clubs ensure the safety of players and staff, while ensuring that the fixture schedule can be maintained.

The EFL will review the situation and file a report if a club declares it is unable to fulfill a fixture.

The Premier League discovered 42 cases of Covid last week among its squads. It was currently testing players twice per week and staying at least once a week. The Premier League has now moved to daily testing, using lateral flow kit and two PCR test per week.

The EFL has not required testing, which raises questions about infection levels. However, clubs are free to conduct tests.

On Monday, QPR had to call off a Championship clash with Sheffield United due to an outbreak of Covid.

Subsequently, the Hoops visit to Swansea was also postponed and yesterday it was confirmed that Reading’s Sky Bet Championship match at home to Luton on Saturday has also fallen victim to a Covid-19 outbreak, along with Millwall’s game against Preston. 

Today, however, league chiefs announced their intention to switch over to red protocols and insist on daily testing.

The EFL stated in a statement that clubs would be required to carry out a daily screening program, provided there is availability in the supply chain of lateral flow testing.

“Anyone who has a positive test for symptoms should be able to do a PCR and then isolate according to Government guidelines.”

A social distance measure will also need to be taken outside of the physical session. This includes restrictions regarding indoor and therapy facilities as well as group travel. 

One quarter of footballers in the EFL say they currently do not intend to have a vaccination

According to the EFL, 25% of players do not plan on getting vaccinated.

The league will not release weekly updates on the positive results of staff and players, as it did last year.

The EFL’s Medical Advisor, Dr Richard Higgins said: ‘Further to enhanced medical guidance recently issued, in response to a growing number of COVID-19 cases and subsequent fixtures postponements in recent days, the EFL has opted to strengthen its protocols for all Clubs to help minimise the health risks to individuals while seeking to mitigate against the threat of further fixture postponements in the weeks ahead.

“In addition to enhanced protocols, which include mandatory testing prior to matchdays (the EFL), the EFL is encouraging Club staff and players to remain fully vaccinated.

“We believe that being double jabbed or boosted right now reduces the likelihood of you becoming severely ill, dying, or contracting COVID-19. This will help reduce the chances of your loved ones catching and spreading COVID-19. Also, it helps protect yourself against Omicron and other COVID-19 variants.