A bizarre moment when a cackling woman starts into an obscene tirade during a parking row

  • Alicia Moon was observed in a Bampton car park, Oxfordshire, on December 7.
  • A woman in a Skoda made obscene comments to the 23-year-old  beautician
  • The female driver said: ‘I bet you are one of those that takes it up the a***’

One motorist was left stunned by a foul-mouthed driver’s outburst in a parking row.

The middle-aged driver yelled: ‘I bet you’re one of them that she takes it up the a**e for,’ when a man tried to intervene in the dispute with another woman.

After a heated argument over parking space, Alicia Moon took the video in a Bampton car park on December 7. 

A 23-year-old woman, Oxfordshire from Oxford, claimed that the woman didn’t like the fact she had briefly parked in a space with disabled spaces to go to the post office. 

This is the moment a foul-mouthed woman shouted at Alicia Moon in an Oxfordshire car park

This was the moment Alicia Moon, an Oxfordshire woman in a car park, was shouted at by a foul-mouthed lady

Footage after the disagreement shows the woman revving the engine on her black Skoda at a male stranger who has tried to intervene

After the dispute, footage shows the woman starting her engine in her Skoda black and glancing at the male stranger who tried to interfere

The man is forced to step back and asks Ms Moon: 'What is wrong with that woman?'

He is made to stand back, and Ms Moon asks him: “What’s wrong with this woman?”

After the dispute, footage shows the woman starting her Skoda black at the male stranger who tried to interfere. 

Before arguing with the man, the motorist can be seen edging her vehicle towards him. 

Then Ms Moon will be heard saying, “I can’t believe it!”. 

He is made to stand back, and Ms Moon asks him: “What’s wrong with this woman?” 

The woman then leans across her passenger seat to shout at the pair before pointing at the stranger and shouting: ‘I bet you’re one of them that she takes it up the a**e for.’ 

After letting out a giggle, the motorist drove off while the man angrily said: “That’s completely shocking.” 

At the end, Ms Moon (aesthetician) exclaims that it is disgusting. Alicia shared the clip to TikTok with no caption on Monday. 

Already, the clip has been viewed more than 2.5million times and shared over 160,000 times. 

More than 7,00 viewers left comments on this clip, many commenting on the motorist’s end-of-the-scene ‘cackle’ laugh. 

Someone said that the cackle was iconic. @shanishayy said: 

One said, “The cackle while she drove away.” She needs to play a baddie in a movie.

Alicia Moon, pictured, was insulted by a stranger while in an Oxfordshire car park last week

Alicia Moon was last week insulted in an Oxfordshire carpark by a stranger

Gemma Atkin said, “She drove off as Wario from Mario Kart and with that cackle.” 

The fourth individual said, “I’m sorry, but this is funny.” 

Ms Moon commented on the incident by saying: “The Bampton car parking lot is so small due to construction, that people park in handicapped spaces every day. 

If they are not there they will be parked along the path, at the bus stop and all other places. 

“I had just stopped by there to get the mail, but when I returned she was already parked along the pathway. 

“She asked me why I was parking there. I answered and thanked her, before I moved my car. 

She was aggressive and rude. I got in my vehicle and tried to reverse the space. But then, she reversed her car right in front of mine, blocking me. 

“She called me a tramp when she said that she couldn’t see in me what my boyfriend saw.” 

Ms Moon said that the gentleman told her he would stand before her car, so she wouldn’t be able to move. 

“That was when you witnessed what happened in the video – and that comment at its end. 

“At first, she made me angry, but after some time I watched it again and thought it was funny. 

I didn’t realize that it was so popular until now. 

“I was glad she found it so funny and that I could put a smile in people’s eyes.”