There is no pressure! Bizarre moment: A huge mob of kangaroos gathered up around a golfer on a fairway, and waited for her to tee off.

  • Wendy Powick, a stunned amateur golfer, posted a video on Monday 
  • She was about to put her tee on when a large contingent of roos attacked the fairway.
  • Ms. Powick was shocked and astonished at the course’s events. 
  • Later, the group of roos dispersed and followed each other to another location.

A large group of kangaroos stopped by a woman’s home and waited to see if she would tee off.

Wendy Powick, amateur golfer, posted a clip of the encounter Monday after she was stopped by the animals while playing at Arundel hills Country Country Club in Gold Coast, Queensland.

‘Never ever seen this happen before when a whole mob of kangaroos at Arundel Hills Country Club decided to charge up the fairway and stop right at the front of the Tee box to watch me… absolutely gold and only in Australia…,’ Ms Powick wrote.

The footage shows the golfer as he prepares to swing at a tee box. However, a large group of at most 15 kangaroos spotted him in the distance. They began to swarm the green, moving towards Ms Powick.

One man can be heard behind the camera saying, “How’s that for golf today?” They have all decided to settle in middle of the fairway.

Amateur golfer Wendy Powick (pictured) was stunned as a massive mob of kangaroos parked themselves on the fairway at Arundel Hills Country Country Club on the Gold Coast

Wendy Powick (pictured), amateur golfer, was stunned when a large mob of Kangaroos parked themselves along the fairway of Arundel Hills Country Club on Gold Coast.

Some of the roos continued their hop around the area while others stayed still and concentrated on the stunned golfer.

Ms. Powick looked confused at the camera and then laughed in shock at what was happening.

“They’ve come here to watch me tee-off,” the golfer joked.

A few kangaroos began to hop off, but others remained to observe the golfer’s skill.

Ms. Powick, still confused by the large number of animals she was facing, said: “What’s happening?”

Ms Powick turned to the camera with a confused look on her face and laughed in shock at what was occurring

Ms. Powick looked confused at the camera and laughed in shock at the events.

Ms. Powick looked around in awe as the group dispersed in a matter of seconds. They all followed each other to the next section of the course.

The golfer said goodbye to the kangaroos, and was ready to resume her game.

The unexpected encounter sparked an outpouring of comments from stunned viewers online.

One user wrote, “Amazing!” The roos on this golf course are amazing!

Ms Powick looked around in awe as suddenly the group of roos swiftly moved on twithin seconds as they all followed each other to another part of the course

Ms. Powick looked around in awe as the group vanished. They all followed each other to the next section of the course, and Ms. Powick watched in amazement.

“That’s an audience!” Another said.

Another said: “Please no jumping in gallery.”

Others acknowledged that it was difficult to deal with the pressure of watching kangaroos stare at them while they tee off.

One said, “No pressure to tee off now the crowd has rolled-in,”

Another wrote: “I don’t think I would trust my self to hit over them.”