A magpie is seen hanging upside down on a towel as his mate attempts to drag him down.

  • Amazing video of magpie hanging upside down on towel in back yard
  • A magpie was seen repeatedly pecking the bird in an attempt to bring it down.
  • Reddit users asked if the magpie believed it might have been a bat

The cheeky magpie and his friend were caught in the act of playing around in an Australian backyard.

This hilarious clip, which was shared by Reddit on Monday from 2016, shows the magpie taking some time to stop swooping down to hang upside-down off a towel. 

However, his curious mate decided that he would disrupt his peacefulness by entertainingly pecking at his chilled-out bird until it finally coaxes him down.  

Footage has resurfaced on Reddit on Monday of a magpie hanging upside down from a towel in an Australian backyard

Reddit has posted footage of an Australian magpie upside-down from a towel, Monday. 

They exchange glances for a moment before relaxing and parting.

This unique footage of Australia caught the eye of many social media users, who wondered if it was a bat. 

User wrote: “Forgot what kind of animal he was for awhile there,” 

The hilarious footage captured another magpie come along to cheekily disrupt the chilled-out bird's peace

Another magpie came along and cheekily disturbed the peaceful bird.

One joker said, “Just seen the latest Batman film.” 

‘More like “f*** off kevin, I’m being a bat”,’ added a third. 

This video shows the calmer side of this notoriously aggressive bird, which is well-known for vicious attacks against cyclists and runners. 

Last month, a man was hiking through Thornleigh Gully at Mount Annan in Sydney’s outer south west about when a magpie launched a series of aerial attacks. 

Brian said that he was walking quietly in middle of the morning along the same path he uses multiple times per day, when he noticed his partner.

“It was a fall to the floor, and I cut open my knee.”

Reddit users were amused by the uniquely Australian footage, questioning whether the magpie thought it may be a bat

Reddit users enjoyed the unusually Australian footage and asked whether it might be a bat. 

“After waiting for a while, I was able to get up to my feet and walk away when the magpie flew again. After a few more attacks, I was able to get a lift from my partner.

This suburb houses the Australian Botanic Garden with its many acres of parkslands. There have also been reports of magpies swooping in this area.

In 2021, there were more than 4500 reported magpie attacks in Australia.

From Spring through Summer, magpie swooping seasons are held with native Australian birds that protect their territory.