One model who had spent over $50,000 on fake breasts claimed that the implanted breasts almost destroyed her life. She later developed rare illnesses due to the implants. 

Karmen Karma (aged 30), a Los Angeles resident, had breast enlargements in both 2014 and 2018. 

The first surgery went very well. However, OnlyFans’ star was extremely sick after the second.

Her sudden symptoms included chronic fatigue, headaches, brain fog and difficulty breathing. She also experienced weight gain.

Karmen stated that she had been so sick, she could not get up from her bed and take care of her two-year-old daughter. 

She had seen many doctors, and underwent many tests before she was finally diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness (BII).

A model who spent more than $50,000 on boob jobs said the fake breasts 'poisoned her body' and almost 'ruined her life' - after she developed a rare illness that was caused by the implants

One model who had spent over $50,000 on fake breasts claimed she was almost killed by her boob job. After developing a rare condition, the implant caused her to develop, the models said that her body became progressively poisoned.

Karmen Karma, 30, from Los Angeles, California, got two breast enlargements - one in 2014 and one in 2018. She is pictured before one of her surgeries

Although the first one went well, after the second surgery, the OnlyFans star became very sick. She is pictured before one of her surgeries

Karmen Karma (30 years old) from Los Angeles had two breast enlargements. One in 2014, one in 2018. Although the first was successful, her second procedure left her feeling sick.

Karmen said she suddenly developed chronic fatigue, migraines, brain fog, difficulty breathing, depression, and weight gain. She is pictured after one of her surgeries

Karmen stated that she developed severe fatigue and headaches. This is her after-surgery.

The OnlyFans star said she was so ill, most days she couldn't get out of bed or even take care of her then-two-year-old daughter. She is pictured with her husband and daughter

OnlyFans’ star stated that she became so sick, she could not get out of bed and was unable to care for her daughter of two years. Pictured with her husband, daughter

Breast Implant Illness (BII), what is it? 

  • Breast implant illness (BII), a term some doctors and women use to describe a range of symptoms after breast reconstructions or cosmetic augmentations with breast implants.
  • These symptoms include chronic pain in the joints and muscles, fatigue, memory problems and poor concentration, sleeping problems, insomnia, breathing difficulties, skin problems and rashes, anxiety, depression and headaches.
  • The signs and symptoms may appear anytime after an implant procedure. However, some patients experience symptoms right away while others develop them many years later.
  • Surgery to remove breast implants can improve or resolve BII symptoms in many cases.
  • Source: 

After struggling for a year, she finally decided to have her implants taken out. She felt much better immediately.

So she’s now sharing her story so other women can learn about it. 

This mom-of-two was 34B and 34F when she had her first breast enlargement in 2014.

Although she was initially satisfied, Karmen later admitted she felt pressured to look a certain way in her work. So, she upgraded the implant size from 300cc up to 800cc. This was not her first procedure. 

Jam Press spoke to Karmen who said that she was under a lot pressure while appearing in scenes for the adult industry.

“I was convinced that I needed bigger breasts if I wanted scenes booked and I could be successful.

“My initial breast implants, in 2014, were fine. They made me happy. But when I got a larger silicone implant, it was too much. Almost straight away I didn’t feel right.

“I suffered from migraines almost every day, and I was exhausted to the point that it made me unable to get up.

‘I would have to take at least three naps a day – I felt so ill I thought I was dying.’

Karmen, who was then two years old, lived in California at the time with her husband, and their daughter.

Looking for answers: Karmen said after the surgery, it felt like her body 'just couldn’t function' and she 'desperately wanted to figure out what was making her sick'

Looking for answers: Karmen said after the surgery, it felt like her body ‘just couldn’t function’ and she ‘desperately wanted to figure out what was making her sick’

She was eventually diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness (BII). She is pictured after she got the breast implants removed

After a year of struggling, she decided to get her implants removed - and right away she felt better. She is pictured after she got the breast implants removed

Finally, she was diagnosed with Breast Implant Insufficiency (BII). She felt much better after a year of struggle. Here she is after her breast implants were removed

Speaking out: Now, she is sharing her story with the world so she can warn other women about the condition

She is speaking out 

She stated, “It got so bad I couldn’t take care of my child because I was so tired.” 

‘I gained weight, I had trouble taking in large breaths of air and I basically couldn’t function as a normal human being.

«I originally had surgery to improve my porn success, but in the end I was able only to film two scenes over the course of a year.

“It was very frustrating and I couldn’t take care of my child.

‘My body just couldn’t function and I would cry all the time because I wanted to live a normal life again.

“I was desperate to know what was driving me insane.”

Karmen believed her breast implants may be to blame, however, she went to numerous specialists and saw multiple doctors. Her tests continued to ‘come back normal’.

After getting the breast implants removed, Karmen said she saw a change right away. Se explained: 'I could breathe easier, my migraines went away, and I no longer needed naps.'

Karmen, pictured following surgery, noticed a difference immediately. She said that she could breath easier and her migraines disappeared.

She said it was then that she realized how much the 'implants had poisoned her body'

She added: 'For the year after that operation, having fake breasts ruined my life'

She stated that it was only then she realized the extent of her body’s poisoning by the implants. The woman is pictured after she had her breast implants removed. She was pictured shortly after her breast implants were taken out.

Mom felt helpless and drained by the lack of information.

“It could have been something else than my implants making me sick,” she said. My test results came back all normal.

“I also had an overnight sleep study in the lab to check if something was wrong with me that might be causing all these symptoms.

‘When that came back fine too I decided to get off birth control to see if that was the culprit – but nothing helped.

“In the end, I believed that the implant was what was making me sick.”

Karmen decided to remove her implants in 2019 and felt a lot better.

Due to my large implants, I had to undergo full breast surgery and a breast lift immediately after. I felt instantly better after they had gone.

“I felt better, I could breathe easily and my migraines disappeared. I also stopped taking naps throughout the day. I felt healthier than I have in a very long time.

“I realized how my implants had poisoned my body only after that.

“Having fake breasts for a year, ruined my entire life”