Star Hobson’s family has blasted the’staggeringly weak sentences’ of her murderers and asked for Britain’s top legal advisor to reconsider their sentence.

Savannah Brockhill (28 years old) was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison after she received her consent. For murdering Star Hobson, 16 months old, in an act of temper, a mandatory sentence to life.

The defenceless toddler bled to death after being kicked or punched by Brockhill with ‘massive’ force at home in Keighley, West Yorkshire, in September last year.  

Frankie Smith (Star’s 20-year-old mother) was sentenced to four years. This is in order to reduce her ‘burden’ because it was known that she played an important role in Star’s tragic death. 

Star’s family condemned the two lenient sentences that were handed to them last night and called for an Attorney General review of the case.

Speaking to the Sun, Frank Smith, 68, Star’s great-grandfather, said he hoped her killers would ‘rot in jail’ and asked: ‘Is that all Star’s life is worth? Frankie should be released in just four years. How is that justice? 

Brockhill received his harshest judgment yet, as he said to reporters that Brockhill had ultimately earned the death penalty. 

Savannah Brockhill

Frankie Smith

Star Hobson’s parents have condemned Savannah Brockhill (left), Frankie Smith’s “staggeringly mild sentences” and demanded that Britain’s top legal advisor review their sentence 

Brockhill (right), a self-proclaimed 'psycho', regularly beat Smith and - when she continued to attract male attention - threatened to 'kneecap' anyone who 'even looked at her'

Brockhill (right), who is a self-professed ‘psycho, beat Smith repeatedly and threatened to kneecap’ anyone who “even glanced at her” 

Brockhill was a self-described ‘psycho’ and beat Smith regularly. She threatened to kneecap anyone who “even glanced at her” when she kept attracting male attention.

Star was also physically abused by the amateur boxer, who went on to kill Star in one last act of brutal violence. 

Outside Bradford Crown Court Hollie Jones, 18, who babysat for Star and made the first of five referrals to social services, said Smith’s sentence was ‘a joke’. 

Frank (68) was among five close relatives and friends that whistleblowers and raised concerns about Star’s treatment and the bruises she received. Star, 16 months old, had been treated for these injuries. 

Talking to the Sun, He said: “She [Frankie] watched her child die. In an attempt to hide her tracks from Brockhill, she repeatedly lied. 

They both should be imprisoned. It’s disgusting.’ 

Smith - who was interested in dating women but still maintained to be heterosexual - started going out with Brockhill (middle) soon after they first met in October 2019 and quickly fell under her spell

Smith, who had an interest in women dating but was still heterosexual, started to go out with Brockhill (middle), shortly after meeting for the first time in October 2019, and fell in love quickly.

Star’s greatgrandfather called Brockhill (28 years old) ‘pure evil” and “ascended from hell”. Smith (20 years of age), was seen tearfully as Smith was convicted at Bradford Crown Court of allowing or causing Star’s death on Tuesday. 

Smith wept uncontrollably when the verdicts were announced, but Brockhill waved at family members and gave kisses while the two stood together in the dock with a glass front.

Star, who lived in Wesley Place with Smith, was taken from her home to the hospital on September 22nd 2020. However, her injuries proved too severe and unsurvivable, according to prosecutors during the two-month trial. 

Frankie Smith, 20, did nothing to protect her own daughter Star from her girlfriend and on one occasion held her head underwater to stop her crying, the court heard

Frankie Smith (20) did not protect Star, her daughter, from her friend. She even held Star’s head under water to stop her screaming, according to the court.

Police released a harrowing picture of one of the bruises on Star's face that sparked calls to social services from family

Star was severely bruised by Star, and police released an awful photo of Star that attracted the attention of family members who called social services.


Star Hobson, just 16 months old at the time of her death in Keighley West Yorkshire was shot and killed. Below are some key moments in her short existence:


April 21Star Hobson was born

November – Savannah Brockhill, Frankie Smith and Frankie Smith enter into a romantic relationship.


January 23, 2009 – Holly Jones, Smith’s friend makes her first contact with the social services to raise concerns over domestic violence and time spent caring for Star. Star receives no attention from police or social workers.

Star moves to Baildon in Bradford with David Fawcett, her great-grandparents. Star has been told by Smith that she is splitting with Brockhill.

April 26, 2006 – Anita Smith takes Star from her house and she moves with Brockhill and Smith to Keighley.

May 4, Anita Smith calls social services to report Brockhill Star’slam-choking.’

June – David Fawcett posted a photo of Star with bruises and captioned it on Facebook with the caption “From this to that in five weeks,”

June 21st – Star’s father Jordan Hobson calls social services. Star is taken to the hospital by police. Smith claims that her daughter hit her face with a coffee table.

June 23, 2009 – A friend from the Smith family calls social services to voice concerns.

August 14, Anita Smith, David Fawcett, and Anita Smith will see Frankie (and Star) for the final time.

August 28, 2008 – David Fawcett receives a video from Star, who is bruised and faces Brockhill.

September 2, 2008 – Frank Smith (another Star’s greatgrandfather), contacts social services following seeing video footage of the bruises on Star’s youngster. Unannounced visits are made by social workers.

September 15th – The case is closed by social services after the conclusion of the malicious referral.

September 22nd – Star becomes seriously ill at Wesley Place, Keighley. He later succumbs to his injuries in the hospital.


December 14th – A trial at Bradford Crown Court has concluded. Brockhill is convicted in Star’s Murder, while Smith is convicted in Smith’s Involvement.

Star had been with the abusers five times, two of them by social workers, and once by police. 

After receiving numerous family referrals, Smith told social workers that Smith was motivated by prejudice. 

Robbie Moore of Ilkley Tory said Bradford Council leaders ought to ‘hang their heads and shame’, and that they should be resigned.

Star’s tragic death was described by the Department of Education as ‘deeply troubling’. The Department for Education stated that it will ‘not hesitate to’ remove Bradford Council’s control over children’s services.

Smith wept uncontrollably as Brockhill and she stood at the dock’s glass-fronted dock.

Star was transported to hospital by Smith from Wesley Place in Keighley on September 22, 2020. Prosecutors said that her injuries were “utterly catastrophic” and “unsurvivable”.

Jurors were told that Smith’s friends and family had grown increasingly concerned about the bruising she saw in her little girl over the course of the six months leading up to her death.

Brockhill and Smith were able to convince social workers in each instance that Star’s marks were either accidental or maliciously made by those who didn’t like the relationship.

Star was killed by injuries to her abdomen that were described as severe, forceful, punching, stamping and kicking.

Star was also alleged to have suffered other injuries, which means that Star has sustained ‘a lot of substantial injuries at different times in her short lifetime’.

A series of videos from a CCTV camera were shown to the jury. They showed Brockhill performing 21 strikes at Star over nearly three hours. Some of these clips were taken while Brockhill was still in his car seat.

This footage was taken from an old camera in Doncaster’s recycling facility, where Brockhill worked as security guard. It was shot eight days prior to Star’s passing.

Brockhill appeared to punch and then slap Star, according to the prosecution. At one point, Star fell from the car. Brockhill grabbed Star’s throat.

Another video was also shown to the jury, which Star fell off of a chair and hit the ground.

Alistair MacDonald, QC, the prosecution said that the youth was “clearly exhausted” but had been treated completely with no love.

According to him, the child suffered psychological and cruelty in addition to physical abuses in the months and weeks leading up her death.