Smashing pumpkins Amazing moment when a 1,200lb pumpkin is dropped 100ft into the pool during a stunt at the harvest festival

  • Footage from the Bauman Harvest Festival, Gervais, is of the annual Giant Pumpkin Drop 
  • It can reach over 100 feet with a pulley system, before being dropped into a pool.
  • The inflatable pool bounces on the gourd and pours water on to the ground 

You’ve probably wondered what it would look if a giant pumpkin were dropped 100 feet into the pool.

Footage from the annual Bauman Harvest Festival in Gervais, Oregon, shows a 1,200lb pumpkin smashing into huge chunks as it hits the water after being winched up in the air on a crane. 

The Giant Pumpkin Drop is one of the many pumpkin-themed activities at the festival, which takes place every year from the end September to the end October.

The pulley, at the Bauman Harvest Festival in Gervais, which has a flag on the top, continues to be lifted off the ground until it reaches 100ft

The pulley at the Bauman Harvest Festival is Gervais has a flag on its top and continues to be lifted from the ground until it attains 100ft

The stunt’s footage shows hundreds of colorful balls floating on a wave water as the giant gourd splashes below.

The Oregon harvest festival is a huge success. Large crowds cheer and shout ‘higher!’ when the pumpkin is lifted in the air. 

The flag-topped pulley is lifted from the ground until it reaches 100 feet. 

Then the guests count down from 10 while they wait for the pumpkin to be dropped

Guests will then begin to count down from 10, while they wait for their pumpkins to be dropped.

The audience then counts down from 10 while waiting for the pumpkin drop.

As the rope is released the gourd bounces off a swimming pool, soaking the ground in water and ball pool balls.

Oregon harvest festival takes place every year. It features pumpkins in all sizes and shapes. 

The festival organizers used the 1,200lb gourd this year because it had developed an opening while it was growing and had begun to rot. This ruled it out of the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

Instead, it made a spectacular and messy exit.

As the rope is released, the gourd bounces off the swimming pool, showering the ground with water and ball pool balls

The gourd bounces off of the swimming pool as the rope is released. This showers the ground with water, and ball pool balls.

After the Pumpkin Drop, the giant pumpkins weighing over 1,000lbs will be displayed at the festival. 

The biggest squash was 2,030lb. The largest field pumpkin was 151.5lb.