Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, is considering banning over-65s from cafes, restaurants and trains.

  • Sajid Javid stated that he wouldn’t rule out covid passes being enforced for those over 65
  • This could mean that Britons must be vaccinated in three doses before they can be considered ‘fully vaccinated.
  • France: France says over-65s require booster jabs to gain access to restaurants and trains 

The health secretary warned that people over 65 may be banned from long-distance and cafes if they don’t have proof of their booster jab. 

Sajid Javid indicated that he will not exclude following France’s health pass requirements for those over 65 and warned of vaccine immunity.

He added: ‘In due course we will have to look at what constitutes vaccination.’

This could lead to Britons being required to receive three doses of vaccine to be considered ‘fully vaccinated’. Those who received less will not be allowed to travel or denied access to places crowded with others.

France has announced that the over 65s in France will require a boost to be able to travel by train, plane and restaurant from mid-January.

Sky News asked Mr Javid if the UK would follow his lead. He replied: “We are not currently looking at it.” As you can see, we’re very focused on the booster programme.

Sajid Javid (pictured) said he would not rule out following France's regime of requiring health passes for the over-65s and warned vaccine immunity was warning

Sajid javid (pictured) stated that he will not exclude following France’s health pass requirements for those over 65 and warned of vaccine immunity

“Over 10.6 Million boosters in the UK, so far, I believe, an unprecedented number of bookings and many people coming forward.

“In due course we will need to consider what vaccination is.

“But at this moment, the most important is that any person who’s eligible get out there and obtain their booster.

When asked if this meant that the policy might be implemented in the future Mr Javid replied: “I cannot rule out that.” We know that vaccines are declining and that it’s important for people to get an up-to-date.

Everybody over 50, and all high-risk individuals are eligible for the booster vaccine in the UK after six months.

If you arrive in the UK without at least two doses, it is necessary to isolate yourself for 10 days. Some countries don’t allow those without full vaccinations to enter their country.

Boris Johnson previously stated that Covid vaccination passports may be necessary to gain entry into crowded areas this winter, if the virus becomes out of control.

Some people aren’t coming forward as fast for booster shots as they did with their first shot. Many have had difficulty booking a time or place that suits them.

Everyone over the age of 50 and high-risk groups are eligible for a booster vaccine in the UK six months after their second dose (file image)

Anyone over 50 years old and those at high risk are eligible to receive a booster vaccination in the UK within six months of their last dose. (file image).

The deputy chief of medical officers, Professor Jonathan van Tam stated, when the booster programme was launched in September that Covid certification was not being considered for the boosters.

He was asked whether he thought people were fully vaccinated, even though they hadn’t received the three shots. His answer? “I think they aren’t getting optimal protection, scientist.”

Ministers will need to determine in the near future whether there will be any ministerial decisions about Covid certification.

“But that’s still a way away because those types of rules can’t be put into place until everybody’s had an opportunity to have the vaccine offered and brought forward.  

This Government’s target to provide boosters to 32 million most vulnerable (including all those over 50) by Christmas Day is not being met.

Nearly ten million Britons at risk will remain unprotected during the holiday season, according to the current rates of approximately 300,000.000 doses daily.

Ministers must deliver at least 500,000 boosters per day in an effort to combat waning immunity, and to stop the rise of hospital admissions.