“What an out-sell”: Students protest after Oxford Union hosts a debate with Gemma Collins, reality TV star…but it quickly turns into an advert for Sainsbury’s

  • Oxford University hosted a debate about Christmas food, with a’secret celebrity’ guest 
  • Gemma Collins was a TV Star shocked the students In their union chamber
  • However the debate turned out to be part of a Sainsbury’s advertising campaign
  • Now, the Union is being accused of “selling out” and “hitting an embarrassing low”.

The Oxford Union is the most highly regarded debating society in the world, and has been hosting giants of literature, science, politics, and other fields for nearly 200 years.

The university was abuzz when it promoted a debate about Christmas food featuring a “secret celebrity guest”.

However, the Union has been accused of selling out and hitting an embarrassing low by students after they discovered Monday’s debate had actually been part of an Sainsbury’s commercial campaign with Gemma Collins, a reality TV star.

Participants attended a meeting to discuss whether Christmas food should be limited to traditional flavours and dishes. Instead, they were greeted by Miss Collins with cameras and recording of the event.

Oxford students have accused the Union of 'selling out' after discovering that Monday's debate was in fact part of a Sainsbury's advertising campaign with reality TV star Gemma Collins

Students at Oxford have accused the Union’s’selling-out’ of Monday’s debate, after learning that it was actually part of a Sainsbury’s campaign with Reality TV Star Gemma Collins.

During the ‘fake’ debate the ex-star of The Only Way Is Essex, also known as ‘The GC’ made a speech in opposition, referencing’research at Sainsbury’s’. Before attendees were instructed to vote for her, she is believed to have repeatedly referenced’research at Sainsbury’s’. Samuel Scheuer was the quarter-finalist of European Debate Championship.

When Miss Collins addressed her opponent, she said that “You have the best points.” I can’t say I completely agree… but you was fabulous, honey.’

Sainsbury’s and the Union collaborated to promote their unusual festive foods, including pigs in blankets sushi, sage and onions stuffing mayonnaise, and pigs wrapped in foil.

One student, however, said that many had been shocked at being ‘unwitting additionals’ during a PR campaign for a supermarket.

Attendees turned up for a discussion on whether 'Christmas food should only feature traditional dishes and flavours'. But instead they found Miss Collins and cameras recording the proceedings

The discussion was about whether traditional Christmas dishes should not be used. Instead, they were greeted by Miss Collins with cameras and recording of the proceedings

The Oxford Union was founded in 1823 and previous speakers include Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon and Professor Stephen Hawking

Established in 1823 by Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Stephen Hawking as the Oxford Union, it was first established in 2008.

Unnamed, the attendee said, “What does that say about today’s state of the Union?” High quality debates are what we expect.

Advertisement: ‘We didn’t pay for membership to become extras. Fake debates are being held by the Union for Sainsbury’s ads.

On the Union’s Facebook Page, the event was called a “debate hosted by Sainsbury’s”, and the members were assured that filming would occur. According to reports, those who attended via word of mouth were unaware.

It was described by the Oxford Union as an “lively, light-hearted event prior to Christmas”.

Sainsbury’s also stated: “In partnership with Oxford Union, all participants were clearly informed prior to the event and standard protocol was observed.”

Established in 1823 by Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, and Professor Stephen Hawking as the Oxford Union, it was first established.