Although purple may have not been seen in our homes as often since the 1970s psychedelic era, all seems to be changing this year.

This is, at most, if you follow Pantone’s recommendations. According to some, Pantone has selected Very Peri (a colour inspired by the deep violet color of the Periwinkle flowers) as the colour for 2022.

This may sound odd considering we still love muted colors and minimalist interiors. 

Pantone’s colour selections for the year are a huge influence on fabric and paint producers as well as interior designers who want to create new looks.

Love it or loathe it: Pantone’s colour of the year Very Peri is inspired by the deep violet blue of the periwinkle flower

Pantone’s Colour of the Year Very Peri was inspired by the violet-blue periwinkle flowers.

Pantone describes Very Peri as a ‘carefree confidence with a daring curiosity. These assertions may be another reason interior designers won’t recommend Very Peri. 

One client commented: “None would want purple inside their homes, particularly in the corner they’ve made for their desk.”

Other people are positive and praise its efficiency in all areas.

Andrew Dunning, of London Contemporary, says that it represents a further move away from the Elephant’s Breath, the mid-grey Farrow & Ball paint that held sway in interiors in the early years of this century.

Dunning, a proponent of the clever use of patterns and brighter colours in wallpapers, considers Very Peri warmer than chilly. This is especially true if furnishing fabric firms produce velvety shades.

He says that although people are afraid of color, Very Peri would be able to work in an accent chair upholstered in the shade. It’s possible to use it in a small space in your home, such as a cloakroom. This is a place where you are more daring.

Beth Travers of Bobo1325 in Manchester, an interior design company, says that purple should be less appealing. 

Because of its historical links to royalty, the colour is infused with luxury, power and nobility. Travers considers Very Peri a blue-toned purple and believes that it can be relaxing and soothing.

Paula Taylor, of Graham & Brown, the paint company whose range includes the purple-blue Tanzanite, also thinks going bold could bring decor dividends.

Sitting pretty: Tresor Stool in Very Peri, to order at

Sitting nicely: Tresor stool, Very Peri. To order

The Tanzanite in the hallway will give visitors a sense of security and joy. For a timeless look, you can use it in your living room with one of our soft-whites such as Baked cheesecake.

The warm reception to Very Peri — in some quarters at least — could indicate that the shade will become an important part of the rise of blues and greens, a movement that began this year.

Simone Suss of Studio Suss in London says that this has to do with the desire to incorporate nature into our lives.

There is a growing need to incorporate more natural elements into the interior. This year, more housebuilders are going to be focusing on ‘biophilic” elements within their homes.

Suss says, “I’m always inspired by nature.” Suss believes biophilic design is key to 2022. 

Dulux’s Bright Skies shade, which is a light and optimistic blue, will also be in the mix. Dulux offers several options for Bright Skies palettes like Greenhouse.

These blues and greens include Fresh Foliage as well as Calming Meadow.

Breakfast Room Green, a cheery tone ideal for kitchens, and Stone Blue, a light indigo, are among the five shades that Farrow & Ball is tipping as the colours of 2022. 

Along with Incarnadine (a striking crimson) and Babouche (a bright yellow), the company supports School House White.

F&B senses people are ready to step outside their comfort zone which could augur well for Very Peri. 

But, in the short term, this shade seems less likely to suddenly explode than to be seen in small touches, such as Dark Flowers, a £23.95 poster print featuring sultry purple blooms from Desenio and purple cushions, such as the £25 cotton velvet cushion from Cotswold Company.

Loaf’s Joelle £2,345 19th-century style bed is available with a purple headboard for those who aspire to a more formal, almost regal setting after the pared-down aesthetic of the past two decades. The experimentation with Very Peri is not a departure from the norm.

You can pair it with almost any color of grey or beige. It takes confidence to choose purple. Very Peri will have a lot to look forward to over the next twelve months.

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William Morris print excluders from Lancashire company ReddandGoud come in different sizes

William Morris Print Excluders by ReddandGoud Lancashire Company come in different sizes

You can keep warm inside by using a draught excluder. This is a short, sausage-shaped, and low-tech solution.

The utilitarian object seems to encourage creativity in designers, so you can also have warmth as well as aesthetic appeal. 

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William Morris Print Excluders by ReddandGoud, a Lancashire-based company, come in various sizes. The widest (99cm) is £40.80, from £48.

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