According to reports, Pamela Anderson has split with Dan Hayhurst after only 13 months.    

The former Baywatch actress, 54, filed for divorce in her native Canada where she had relocated with her new hubby last year, Rolling Stone reported Thursday citing a source close to the couple.

The couple’s split comes almost a year after exclusively revealed the two had tied the knot after falling in love during the early days of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

However, a close source to the couple stated that Pamela is as passionate about her love life as ever and that she was tired of the “pandemic whirlwind” romance.   

Pamela Anderson and husband Dan Hayhurst have called it quits after just 13 months of marriage

After just 13 months, Pamela Anderson has split with Dan Hayhurst.

Anderson was seen on a stroll around town with her assistant last week as she continues to spend some quality time away from her native Canada

Anderson, along with her assistant, was seen taking a walk around downtown last week. She continues to enjoy quality time in Canada.

The Baywatch actress, 54, went makeup free and showed off her natural beauty and let her wavy blonde locks loose

Baywatch’s actress for 54 was free from makeup and displayed her natural beauty, letting her blonde hair loose.

Anderson, a known animal lover and vegan, brought her adorable golden retriever along as they two stopped for coffee in Malibu

Pamela Anderson

Anderson is a well-known animal lover who was also a vegan. She brought along her cute golden retriever when she stopped in Malibu for coffee with her assistant. 

Anderson and Hayhurst exchanged vows. Hayhurst was Anderson’s bodyguard. an intimate ceremony on the grounds of her Canadian home on Vancouver Island on Christmas Eve 2020. 

Pamela Anderson and her whirlwind unions 

Tommy Lee (1995 – 1998) 

Kid Rock (2006 – 2007) 

Rick Solomon(2007-2008; cancelled) (2014-2015) 

Jon PetersJan 2020-January 2020, annulled 

Dan Hayhurst(12/24/2020 – Jan 2022).

‘I’m exactly where I need to be—in the arms of a man who truly loves me,’ she told DailyMailTV in an exclusive interview last January.   

Anderson has dual citizenship and had lived with Hayhurst in Vancouver Island for years after being stationed in Southern California. She was known as CJ Carter, a 90s action drama Baywatch.

However, sources informed the magazine that Anderson had moved out of their marital home. She is currently in Malibu and spending time with her children.  

Playboy’s cover girl was last seen without her wedding rings in the hometown she calls home several times over the past year.

Last Thursday, she was photographed walking around the city with her companion and adorable golden retriever. 

Anderson decided to ditch the make-up and show her natural beauty. She stepped out wearing a cream knit dress with flipflops, and her naturally blonde hair was exposed. 

With her assistant, she took turns walking the dog. At one point, she stopped at Blue Bottle Coffee to get some coffee. 

The iconic blonde bombshell had called Malibu home for over a decade but is now reported to be renting out her $7million property

Although the iconic blonde bombshell lived in Malibu for over 10 years, she is now renting her property worth $7million. 

The two friends looked relaxed as they took turns walking the dog around the neighborhood

As they took turns with the dog’s walking, the two best friends seemed relaxed

Anderson looked casual but elegant in a cream-colored knit dress, flip flops, and a slouchy tote

Anderson was casually elegant, wearing a cream knit dress and flip-flops with a white slouchy bag

According to reports, Anderson has moved out of the couple's marital home and is currently back in Malibu spending time with her two sons

Anderson is currently in Malibu with her children, and has apparently moved out of their marital home.

Anderson owned the beach property in this upscale community for seven years. However, he reportedly rents it out to tenants at $50,000 per month since 2008. 

The news comes ahead of the release of biographical drama series Pam & Tommy, based on Anderson's ill-fate marriage to rocker Tommy Lee

 The news comes ahead of the release of biographical drama series Pam & Tommy, based on Anderson’s ill-fate marriage to rocker Tommy Lee

This iconic blonde bombshell has been pictured previously in Malibu with her husband several times in November. 

She was supported by her eldest son Brandon Lee at that time, who launched his clothing line Swingers Club Capsule Collection. Her return to California is believed to have been due in part to this support. 

Anderson and Brandon were joined by Tommy Lee, Motley Crue’s drummer, at the Los Angeles event. 

Anderson and Lee, who infamously married in 1995 after only knowing each other four days, and all the drama that followed them in the proceeding years, are now set to be the subject of new biographical series Pam & Tommy, airing February 2. 

Uncanny: The new Disney+ series will star Lily James as Pamela, while Sebastian Stan will play Tommy (both pictured)

Sad: Pamela, 54, meanwhile, has said she will not be watching the series, and attributes the tape to the breakdown of their marriage (the couple pictured)

It’s uncanny: Sebastian Stan and Lily James will be the new Disney+ stars. Sebastian Stan is pictured (left), and Lily James (right) plays Pamela (pictured in 2005).

Pamela Anderson and ex-husband Tommy Lee in 1997

Pamela Anderson (ex-husband Tommy Lee) in 1997

The show’s upcoming episodes will feature Lily James, Sebastian Stan, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling and Seth Rogan as Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee and Nick Offerman. 

Before they split in 1998, the couple had another son, Dylan Jagger Lee. Anderson has been married 5 times to 4 different men. 

After marrying Kid Rock, she divorced him one year later. After that, she got married to Rick Solomon in 2007 and 2013. First, she was annulled.  

She was also reportedly married to Jon Peters, a Hollywood producer for twelve days in January 2020. However, it is not believed that this was an official wedding.   

After meeting in Canada at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, she had fallen for Dan Hayhurst again and was able to fall in love with him later on.