After youth group tweets supporting a sexual awareness week, parents accuse GirlGuiding.

  • Girlguiding, formerly Girl Guides, is under fire on social media
  • Group shared a post to help ‘raise awareness’ and understanding of asexuality online
  • Parents claimed that young children shouldn’t learn about asexuality from their parents.

After Girlguiding announced this week that it was raising awareness of the asexuality world, parents have accused Girlguiding.

The girls-only youth group has been under fire for being accused of pushing ‘woke’ ideology on children who should not be concerned about sexual desire yet.

The organisation tweeted: “This week is Ace Week – a time to increase awareness and understanding about the asexual community.

“So here’s an opportunity to thank all of our asexual members and volunteers – thank you for everything in Girlguiding.

Parents have accused Girlguiding of sexualising children after it announced it was raising awareness and understanding of the asexuality last week. Pictured: Girlguiding HQ in London

After Girlguiding declared it was increasing awareness and understanding about asexuality last Wednesday, parents have accused Girlguiding. Pictured: Girlguiding headquarters in London

Asexuality refers to the inability to feel sexual attraction towards others.

Girlguiding, also known as The Girl Guides in the past, teaches girls ages 5-14 life skills such as sewing, kayaking, and painting.

Parents were shocked to see the children-centric group promoting sexuality awareness, and highlighting adult themes to young women.

One responded, “What is the point?” Why are you sexualizing girls? Why is it that adults are talking to girls about sex?

Another woman stated that the ‘weird emphasis on sexuality was enough to make her two daughters leave the organization. 

Another wrote: “So glad my girls are older now.

What is asexuality exactly? 

Asexuality refers to people who feel little or no sexual attraction.

It can be used both as an identity and as a term for anyone who identifies on the asexual spectrum.

Because of the wide range of definitions of asexuality, there are many ways to define it.

According to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, an asexual is someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction.

It states that “another small minority” will consider themselves to be asexual for a short time while questioning and exploring their sexuality. There is no litmus test that can determine if someone’s asexual.

It adds: ‘Asexuality is like any other identity – at its core, it’s just a word that people use to help figure themselves out. We encourage people to use the term “asexual” to describe themselves if they find it useful.  

Asexuality is often shortened by the term “ace”, with asexual people calling themselves “aces”. 

“Never imagined that the Girlguiding would become a place for the sexualization of little girls. It is disgusting.

Kim Nicoll tweeted: “Are you kidding? The girl guides want to discuss all aspects of sexuality. What’s next? What next?

Girlguiding has three levels: Rainbows for girls aged 5 to 7, Brownies for 7-10, and Guides for 10-14. Through these levels, girls can earn badges to recognize their achievements and adventures such as swimming and camping.

Kat Howard stated that it is important to teach children about homosexuality, but in a more appropriate environment.

She tweeted: ‘I don’t disagree with teaching sexuality and healthy relationships. I just don’t believe it’s a space for Girl Guides in the same manner I wouldn’t expect rugby clubs to teach children.

“I think schools are the right place for this, where teachers can be trained.

After it was attacked by angry parents and ex members calling for a boycott, Girlguiding removed all responses to its tweets.

The organisation responded to the backlash by tweeting: “Girlguiding is proactive and celebrates the ever growing diversity of its members.

“All girls and young ladies have the right to be supported and acknowledged.”

“Marking awareness days is one method of doing this.”

The charity said that respect, kindness and tolerance are core values and invited anyone with constructive feedback or ideas to get in touch. 

Agnes Baden-Powell, a wing of Robert’s Scout Association, founded Girlguiding in 1910.

Asexuality awareness week took place last week and Girlguiding tweeted support on Friday

Last week, Asexuality Awareness Week was held. Girlguiding tweeted support Friday

The organization’s goal is to empower young girls with confidence, independence, and self-worth.

Angela Salt OBE, CEO of Girlguiding, said to MailOnline: “A year ago, we conducted a consultation among members asking how inclusive our organisation was.”

“Our membership, which includes young women, parents, carers and volunteers, told us that we are not doing it right and that we need to do more to be truly inclusive.

“In response, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. This plan will make Girlguiding a place where everyone feels welcome, like they belong, and is free to be who they are, wherever they are from.

“We represent almost 400,000 people in the UK, and it’s important that our voices reflect the diversity of voices within society.

“We welcome constructive criticism in order to shape our organization and ensure that we are able to support and welcome all young girls as we continue on our journey.”