Young family fears they might have been spying on them in their home for several weeks. Their 15-month old son awoke in the middle of the night to hear a “deep male voice” and they suspect it was someone accessing their cot camera. 

Shannon Richardson of Banbury, Oxfordshire says that her son Freddie was inexplicably waking at night, around 2am, and refusing go back to bed. This left her and Jack Gray confused.

The couple was shocked to find the ‘explanation’. They heard a scream from Freddie’s father through their camera. It was so loud that they believed someone was inside the house.

Jack raced into the room of their son to remove the monitor from the wall where it was positioned for filming their child, before tossing it in a skip.

Shannon, 22 years old was so afraid that it might be a local man’ that she insists on staying at her mom’s house despite the fact that her mother had thrown it away. Once home, she had Freddie sleep in her bed.

Care assistant now fears the man may have watched their child for many weeks. He could even be seen trying to calm Jack.

Shannon Richardson, from Banbury, Oxfordshire, says her son Freddie had been inexplicably waking up every night around 2am and refusing to go back to sleep, leaving her and partner Jack Gray perplexed

Shannon Richardson from Banbury in Oxfordshire claims that her son Freddie kept waking up at 2am every night and refused to go to bed, making her and her partner Jack Gray puzzled.

However the couple were horrified to discover the 'explanation' - when they heard a 'deep male voice' talking to little Freddie through the camera, which was so clear they thought someone was in the house at first

The couple was shocked to find the ‘explanation. They heard a scream from Freddie’s father through their camera. It was clear enough to make them believe someone was there at the time.

Now the care assistant fears that the man could have been watching their son for weeks and even seeing the couple trying to calm him, with images on the monitor showing Jack climbing into the cot to try to sooth his son

The care assistant is concerned that Jack could have been watching his child for several weeks, and possibly even seeing him calm down. Images on the monitor show Jack getting into a cot in an attempt to soothe him.

Shannon stated that she felt terrible because of the sickness, anger and dismay. What time has this creep watched Freddie’s bedroom? After bath time, we change him and then put him in bed.

“We don’t know the time this was going on because he kept waking up every morning at approximately 2am. We couldn’t settle him.

Jack was trying to comfort Jack by getting into the cot. After trying everything to calm him, we believe someone is rousing him.

“But we’ve taken out the baby monitor and he’s not waking up at night.”

Photographs captured on monitor showed Jack, who is a flood and fire restoration worker, comforting his child in his cot at night during weeks leading up the October incident.

Shannon stated, “It was about 2.30am. Jack and I were watching television.

‘We turned on the camera, and there was rustling. We watched it for a moment thinking it was Freddie going around his cot.

“All of a sudden we heard this deep male voice. It was so loud, that we believed he was at the bedroom door.

“He said ‘baby” and ‘baba, as if he wanted to get Freddie awake. Jack ran upstairs to Freddie’s bedroom and barged in.

The monitor was moving towards Jack, although no one was present. It had heard the voice through the monitor. Jack took the monitor from the wall and grabbed Freddie.

“We just couldn’t figure out what to do. We went into our bedroom. It was a shock. It was overwhelming.

Shannon said that Shannon felt scared because she thought the man was inside her home.

Shannon explained that Jack had thrown the monitor in a skip. The monitor wasn’t there, so I went to my mom’s house instead.

“I was uncomfortable and on edge. Because we weren’t sure if it were a local, I was afraid.

“I was uncomfortable putting Freddie in bed alone so he slept in my bed. But, I eventually had to put him in his bed. This helped to keep him from getting too comfortable being in bed with me.

Shannon received the video baby monitor in a present while she was still pregnant. Since then, she has used it every day.

Shannon shared that she thought it was useful as it allowed her to see the man in bed.

“We have been using it ever since our son was born. Monitors for baby are meant to provide safety and help you monitor your child.

“You’d never imagine that anyone else could be there to see them.”