Kalvin Phillips, a footballer from England and Leeds was among the 70 people who were caught in Selfridges shopping without using face masks.

While shopping at the Oxford Street department shop, 26-year old was seen with his mask down under his chin.

The woman pictured alongside him is believed to be his girlfriend Ashleigh Behan, who is also not wearing a face mask.

In spite of signs at all entrances being posted, over 70 people were seen in the handbag designer section. They ignored the government’s requirement that they wear masks when inside the shops.

After the Omicron variation was announced, shops and public transport were allowed to reintroduce the rules.

Today’s Tory MPs said that the public wouldn’t follow guidelines following new allegations this week. These include claims Boris Johnson hosted a rule-breaking Lockdown Party in Downing Street last Dec., during which millions of Britons couldn’t visit their loved ones. 

Last Tuesday at 4:am, new restrictions made it mandatory for facemasks to be worn on public transport and in stores, such as banks, post offices, and hairdressers, England.

Those caught flouting the restrictions will be fined £200 for a first offence, which will double on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400. 

MailOnline reached out to Phillips in order for her comment. 

Kalvin Phillips pictured inside Selfridges, on Oxford Street, with his face mask underneath his chin despite government guidance requiring all shoppers to wear face coverings

Kalvin Phillips is pictured in Selfridges on Oxford Street with his mask under his chin. This was despite the fact that government guidelines require all customers to use face covers

In the space of 15 minutes, more than 70 shoppers in the designer handbag section of the store were seen ignoring the guidance

More than 70 people in the section for designer handbags were seen to ignore the direction within 15 minutes.

The face covering rules for those in shops and on public transport were introduced after the new Omicron variant was reported

Reports indicate that the Omicron variation has brought about new face protection rules in public transportation and shops.

Two shoppers pictured with face masks on but pulled down away from their mouths and noses and underneath their chins

Two customers were pictured wearing face masks that they pulled away from their noses, mouths, and under their chins.

Pictures taken Tuesday night show many selfish shoppers disregarding the rules. The rule was introduced because of fears of spreading the new variant. 

Phillips was one of those shoppers who was seen with face masks that were worn underneath the chin rather than above their nose and mouth.

Others, however, opted to not cover their faces at all. 

The pictures come after Tory MPs admitted an ‘indefensible’ and ‘catastrophic’ video of aides joking about their ‘illegal’ Christmas party could mean the public will resist or ignore more restrictions because of a lack of ‘moral authority’ in No 10.

The bombshell video, released yesterday, shows the PM’s former press secretary Allegra Stratton giggling about the lockdown-busting gathering.

It was filmed on December 22 last year – four days after the alleged ‘boozy’ party and when London was under strict Tier 3 coronavirus curbs.

After a week of denials by No. 10, the revelation was made after staff members allegedly exchanged Santa’s gifts, drank well past midnight and participated in party games.

To curb an increase in Omicron variants cases over the holiday period, new plans were drawn up for Britons for working from home and offices being closed.  

Two other customers spotted on an escalator inside the department store, flouting government guidance on face coverings

The department store had two other customers who were seen on the escalator, disregarding government guidelines on facial coverings.

Despite requests and signs on all entrances, more than 70 shoppers in the designer handbag section of the store were spotted, in the space of 15 minutes, ignoring government rules which require people to wear face coverings while inside shops

More than 70 customers in the Designer Handbag Section of the Store were found, within 15 minutes. This was despite signs warning them about the presence of these shoppers.

Dozens of customers chose to completely ignore the rules on face coverings while shopping at Selfridges this morning

Hundreds of Selfridges customers chose not to adhere to the face-covering rules while they shop at Selfridges today.

One customer is spotted wearing a mask, but not over his nose, while three other customers choose not to wear a face covering at all

Three customers opt not to use any face covers at all, and one customer was seen wearing a mask. 

Two maskless customers sit in the shoe section of Selfridges, on Oxford Street, ignoring the guidance on face coverings

Two unclothed customers, both wearing masks, sit in Selfridges on Oxford Street.

Another customer seen wearing a face covering, but choosing to wear it under her chin rather than over her nose and mouth

One customer was seen covering her face with a mask, but she chose to keep it underneath her chin and not over her nose or mouth. 

Two more customers seen walking through the department store without wearing face coverings, despite signs on all entrances asking them to do so

Another customer was seen walking by the department store sans wearing any face covers, in spite of signs asking them to.

Backbenchers suggested Boris Johnson might be forced to quit if he doesn’t ‘hold his hands up’ due to the video. This would put into doubt his claim that all rules were followed.

Johnson’s leadership was described as “tired of it.” He needs to go. Complete sweep. It’s unsustainable’. One other said, “It confirms the suspicion that those who orchestrated lockdown measures are arrogant and hypocritical.”

An ex-minister Tracey Crouch was MP for Chatham & Aylesford and demanded an apology.

‘I am fuming! Kent Online stated that my constituents had every right to be mad.

“Their lost loved ones’ memories are traumatized knowing they passed away alone. Many also spent the special day all by themselves.

“I’m not going to defend or justify a Downing Street party. All of us deserve an eloquent explanation, swiftly apologizing and a full apology.

Conservative Sir Roger Gale today said that the current situation bore “all of the hallmarks a another ‘Barnard Castle moment'” referring to last year’s Prime Minister’s former aide, who drove 260 mile under lockdown conditions.

“This sounds like The Thick Of It,” he said. It would be impossible for people to believe if you had written it. Boris Johnson is a man who has been himself and does his things his way. Boris Johnson needs to be explained. This isn’t something you can laugh about. PM should come to the dispatchbox and state that there were a party. Please give me an explanation before lunchtime.

Even Ant and Dec got in on the act last night, mocking Boris Johnson over the Downing Street Christmas party on I’m a Celebrity 2021 and saying: ‘Evening Prime Minister… for now.’

The police have yet to initiate a criminal investigation, but they will examine the footage prior to making a decision. In the next few days, it is expected that the content of the video will be reviewed by a senior officer who is investigating the case.

A Met spokesperson said that they were aware of ITV News footage that was obtained relating to the alleged breach of Health Protection Regulations in a Government building. It is not our policy to examine retrospective violations of Covid-19 regulations. But, we will consider the footage. 

Also today, ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson admitted that another nationwide shutdown could be on the cards to tackle Omicron as he warned the super variant will be dominant before Christmas.

A Government scientist whose modeling put No10 in lockdown last spring said that it was possible to return stay-at-home orders, should the mutant strain overthrow the NHS.

According to him, the BBC Radio 4 Today program: “There’s a reason, epidemiologically speaking, to slow it down. We want to give us more time, not only to inject boosters in people’s arms, because we think that people who have been boosted will be protected the most, but also so we can better understand the threat.

When asked directly if a lockdown might be reinstated, he replied: “Clearly, if it is highly probable that the NHS will become overwhelmed then the Government must decide how to deal with that situation but that’s not an easy position to find yourself in. At the moment, it might be possible.