A talented golden retriever has shown he is the perfect etiquette coach by being able to balance objects on top of his head.

Dexter (four-year-old from Derby) has demonstrated his remarkable skills by balanced Marmite Jars, fruit stacked, eggs, and whole pizzas on top of his head. It is a demonstration of his exceptional posture.  

TikTok posted the footage. It shows Dexter, aged 24, stooping while Oliver Watts (17 years old), balances different objects on top of his head. As he waits patiently for a treat, Benjamin Watts (24) and Oliver Watts (18) watch.

A four-year-old golden retriever, named Dexter, from Derby, has been demonstrating his extraordinary skills by balancing Marmite jars, stacked fruit, eggs and even whole pizza's on his head

A four-year-old golden retriever, named Dexter, from Derby, has been demonstrating his extraordinary skills by balancing Marmite jars, stacked fruit, eggs and even whole pizza’s on his head

Dexter has created several videos on TikTok, which have since gone viral, his most viewed has received a whopping 7.3 million views

Dexter made several TikTok videos, some of which went viral. The most watched video received an astounding 7.3M views

The four-year-old golden retriever has fans from all across the world who comment on how amazing he is. One user said: 'Dexter is so cute!'

Fans from around the globe have commented on his amazing four-year old golden retriever. One person said, “Dexter’s so adorable!” 

This video shows how the golden retriever balances tortilla wraps and butter without even moving.

Benjamin and Oliver post Dexter’s content online.  

One user commented on a Dexter video in which he balances a strawberry on top of his head.

A second comment: “SO Cute!”

Benjamin spoke about his adorable canine and said that “Dexter” is the most happy dog.

“His balancing skill is one that we discovered was his natural ability from the age of about 1 year. We immediately attempted to learn it to perfection.

“His TikTok followers seem to enjoy the content that we post.”

Dexter uses household items such as oranges, pizzas, and eggs to balance his balancing skills.

Benjamin said, “He’ll do whatever it takes for someone as long as there are fantastic treats waiting for him afterwards.”

“His favourite food is chicken, cheese, and sausages. We always have some on hand for him when he’s performing tricks.

“One of his main strengths is that he is totally food-oriented and will do any thing to get delicious food.”

This adorable dog has been liked by over 8.6 millions people on TikTok. Many videos have over one million views each.

Benjamin stated, “He has tons of viral TikTok videos now. His most viewed TikTok Video is something like 7.3million views right now. That’s amazing.

The footage, which was posted on TikTok, shows Dexter adorably sitting down, whilst brothers, Benjamin Watts, 24, (Left) and Oliver Watts, 18, (Right) place objects on his head

This footage was uploaded to TikTok and shows Dexter sitting admirably while his brothers Benjamin Watts (Left), and Oliver Watts (Right), place objects on Dexter’s head.

“He gets comments every day on TikTok about how talented, adorable and cute he is.

Benjamin took Dexter just one week to learn the basics, and soon Dexter was a pro at balancing.

He said, “We taught him to stay,” which means he must remain still.

“Once he understood this, we could then put some things on his heads and say stay’. Then we would continue to repeat this phrase and eventually remove the balancing item from his head.

“He is very good at this. He knows that if his body doesn’t move, he will not get the treat.

Benjamin is convinced that teaching dogs tricks and skills will help them live better lives.

He said, “As soon we got him we began training him. This not only makes him more attentive, but stimulates his mind, keeping him busy and happy.”

“He is very intelligent and once he learned the basics we were able to push the boat forward. The balancing was easy.

Benjamin and his family adopted Dexter in May 2017 at eight weeks of age.

When the objects are placed on Dexter's head, he patiently sits and doesn't move - showing off his perfect poise

Dexter is patient when objects are placed on top of his head. He doesn’t move, showing off his great poise

He stated, “He’s an extraordinarily loving and peaceful dog.”

“He’s a retriever and will run quickly to grab something in his mouth or hold it in his mouth when someone comes home. His tail is wagged in a windmill fashion.

Dexter, who is a very active dog outside of his home, loves to go for walks and enjoys being outdoors.

Benjamin said, “Rabbits, pheasants ducks and squirrels are his hobbies, and he’ll be continuously chasing them!

“This is what has made it so he can jump over fences barbed-wire or into rivers on numerous occasions. It makes for an exciting walk.

Dexter has shown that no object is too big or small, and he will always rise to the challenge

Dexter proved that there is no such thing as too small or too large, and will continue to rise to any challenge. 

He also knows how to tug-of-war, and he never stops trying it even after a long time.

Benjamin described Dexter as ‘the center of the family’ and how everything revolves around him.

He stated, “We’ve often referred to him as the glowing fire in our family home. Because he brings joy and warmth.

“Dexter” is completely dependent on us. We have to take care of him, which includes giving him two walks in the countryside each day and watching over his diet.

The social connection is what ‘Dexter and all Golden Retrievers depend on. He needs our support just as much. That’s why we have him lying in the middle in the kitchen so everyone can see.

Dexter’s incredible tricks can be viewed on TikTok @dexterwatts