Heather Mills, a London-based model and blogger, walked in to a London shop last week wearing a white gown only for her dress to be replaced by a completely different one. Is this an intentional message regarding her marital status?

It is said that, even though she had previously vowed to never wed again, Sir Paul McCartney was an entrepreneur and campaigner for charity. However, Dickman, who is her businessman boyfriend, has been married to her.

Mike (17 years her senior) and the couple began to date in 2019 spring. Mike was seen sporting a gold wedding band.

Heather Mills is believed to have married her businessman boyfriend Mike Dickman, who is 17 years her junior (pictured together in 2019)

Heather Mills and Mike Dickman are 17 years older than her. They were pictured together in 2019.

The entrepreneur and charity campaigner vowed never to wed again after her failed marriage to Sir Paul McCartney (pictured at their 2002 wedding)

The entrepreneur and charity campaigner vowed never to wed again after her failed marriage to Sir Paul McCartney (pictured at their 2002 wedding)

Friends say that they had a beachside ceremony in the Maldives earlier this year, on the palm fringed sand at the Anantara resort, where rooms start at £450 a night.

Beatrice McCartney’s 18-year old daughter is not yet known. Sources claim that the couple have ‘a better time than ever’, and Heather has finally met the man of their dreams.

They were engaged shortly before Christmas 2020 and had been on vacation in Dubai together when the news broke about their engagement in January. The bride wrote at the time, “What better way to celebrate my birthday than with my love?”

A beach wedding is very different from her nuptials to Sir Paul McCartney, a £2.5million affair in the grandeur of Castle Leslie in Ireland in 2002.

They divorced after four years. She once said, “Never again!” If asked about the future, she replied “never again!” Heather, 53, received more than £23million in cash and assets in their divorce settlement in 2008.

His background does not match hers. Mike Dickman considers Made In Chelsea members, Georgia Toffolo and others, his close friends.

Heather's  first marriage, at age 21, was to businessman Alfie Karmal  in 1989 (pictured). They split two years later

Heather’s  first marriage, at age 21, was to businessman Alfie Karmal  in 1989 (pictured). Two years later, they split.

Educated at Sevenoaks School, a leading public school where boarding fees stand at £39,960 a year, he is the eldest son of Michael, a retired insurance executive, and the family home is a £1.7million detached house on a quiet road in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Heather, on the other hand, wrote in her autobiography about her teenage years at home, her experience sleeping rough and her father’s abuse.

At Sevenoaks School, Mike was something of a star – in the first team for football, cricket and golf. He continued his studies at Durham University in classics.

When Heather and his paths crossed, he was living in Fulham where he worked in competitive gaming and marketing. 

Sources claim that she placed him in a position during an April 2019 train ride. Dickman was visiting his brother Max and had a good time with his family.

He returned home and took his place in the fourth set. Mills and Beatrice were playing Uno at the same table.

Before Sir Paul, Heather was engaged to documentary-maker Chris Terrill (pictured)

Heather got engaged to Chris Terrill, documentary-maker (pictured), before Sir Paul.

Heather handed Mike a card while they arrived in London. Heather then told Mike that she thought Mike was hot and to email her.

That month, they were photographed together at St Pancras’ Lola’s Cupcakes Stand. One witness stated that the pair were enjoying cupcakes, then kissing and walking away arm in arm.

His romantic history is not one he has ever married, and he doesn’t have any children.

Heather married Chris Terrill, a documentary-maker, Marcus Stapleton, a media executive, and Raffaele Minicione, a businessman.

Alfie Karmal was Alfie’s first marriage. Two years later, they split.

Heather is mostly based in Sussex where her daughter Bea attends school. Her advocacy for veganism, animal rights and the clearing of landmines is a strong one. She also supports amputees.

Mills, who lost her leg in a 1993 road accident, has stated that veganism helped to make her miraculous recovery.

In 2009, Mills bought a vegan food company – since renamed VBites – and in 2019 opened the UK’s biggest vegan food factory in Peterlee, County Durham. Sir Paul is now married with Nancy Shevell (62).

Mills did not respond to our request for comment.