In a touching moment captured on film, a little girl asked Santa to give her a hug. 

Amelia Jones from Salt Lake City (Utah) revealed that her 7-year old daughter Sailor wanted to spend Christmas with her Nana. She added “a hug from Nana” to her wish list.

Joshua Jones and Amelia Jones made it a reality by surprising Sailor with visits from Joshua’s mom, Leslie Loder.

Amelia posted a clip on Instagram showing her daughter blindfolded walking down the street before her Nana hugs her in a big hug.

A heartwarming video captured the sweet moment a little girl was surprised with a hug from her nana - after putting it on her Christmas wish list to Santa

This heartwarming clip captures the moment when a young girl is surprised by a hug from her Nana after she had put it on her Christmas Wish List to Santa.

Amelia Jones's seven-year-old daughter, Sailor, wanted nothing more than to see her Nana this holiday season. So she made the youngster's Christmas wish come true

Amelia Jones’ seven-year old daughter Sailor wanted to go see Nana every holiday season. The youngster got her Christmas wish fulfilled by Jones. 

Sailor had asked for 'a pet, a medical kit, and a hug from Nana,' adding, 'but it's fine if none of that happens'

Sailor requested a pet and a medical kit. Nana also wanted a hug.

Sailor had put together a list of three things for her Christmas wish list, asking for ‘a pet, a medical kit, and a hug from Nana.’

“But it is fine if none happens, she said. 

It’s not yet clear whether Sailor will get the pet medical kit, but Nana gave Sailor a warm welcome.   

Amelia recorded the touching moment and shared it to her Instagram account, where it quickly went viral – stealing the hearts of thousands of people around the world. 

Amelia blindfolded Sailor while her husband, Joshua Jones, brought his mom over Leslie Loder, whom they said they 'don't get to see much'

Amelia blindfolded Sailor and Joshua Jones took his mom to Leslie Loder.

As the blindfolded little girl walked down the sidewalk, her nana walked up to her surprised her with a huge hug as she choked back sobs

She picked Sailor up and squeezed her tight, before finally removing her blindfold

The little girl was walking down the street when her Nana came up to her and gave her a big hug. After grabbing Sailor, she squeezed tightly and then removed her blindfold.

'Although we don’t get to see @papa__moon’s mom much, the connection she and my daughter have is SO special,' Amelia wrote

 ‘Although we don’t get to see @papa__moon’s mom much, the connection she and my daughter have is SO special,’ Amelia wrote

‘Although we don’t get to see @papa__moon’s mom much, the connection she and my daughter have is SO special,’ she captioned it. “Her greatest Christmas wish was fulfilled this year.” 

Amelia holds Sailor’s arm as she walks blindfolded to her driveway. Her grandmother then gets in a car.

Nana quickly runs over to Sailor. She wraps Sailor in a tight hug, and then gives over to the moment.

Sailor is able to see her Nana, even when she has her eyes closed. She hugs her back and seems even happier that her blindfold was removed.  

Amelia video-taped the touching moment and shared it online, where it went viral

Amelia captured the heartfelt moment in videotape and posted it online. It went viral.

Amelia said Sailor's connection with her nana is 'so special.' Leslie (a.k.a. Nana) is pictured with Sailor's older brother

She also said the emotional moment reminded her that being with her family is what really 'matters this Christmas.' Leslie is pictured with her son and Sailor's dad, Joshua

Amelia claimed that Sailor’s bond with her nana has been’so unique’. Leslie (a.k.a. Nana (a.k.a.

Many people were moved by the emotional video, and some were even brought to tears over it

The video was so moving that many people found themselves moved and even some of them were brought to tears.

The video touched many people and some even broke down. 

“Oh, my heart!” You are so kind! We are so grateful that you shared this moment with us. In the comments section, one user wrote:

A second addition was: “Legit crying.” This is a beautiful moment.

This is how it should be. Do you have tissues? Someone else spoke.

This brought tears to my eyes. “This is just too sweet,” a second comment said.

Another Instagram user said, “I cannot stop watching this.”