For stalking 2 straight married librarians that she thought were lesbians, a pensioner was expelled from her library for 10 consecutive years.

Lousia Carlton, 66, was spared jail but given a restraining order after she was found guilty today of two counts of stalking after repeatedly following and shouting abuse at Dorota Fraczeck-Streeter and Lisa Taylor-Puzey.

According to the divorcee, the colleagues believed she was having an affair with a lesbian and tried to include her in the alleged attempt at the Beaconsfield Library in Buckinghamshire.

Louisa Carlton (pictured) has been banned from her local library for 10 years for stalking two straight, married librarians she believed were lesbians

Louisa Carlton (pictured below) was expelled from her local Library for 10 Years for following two straight, married librarians who she felt were lesbians.

Amersham Crown Court, Buckinghamshire found out that the librarians had been happily married.

Carlton, a frequent reader and customer of the Beaconsfield library over many years, was a loyal patron. 

She later realized that the two library staff were lesbians, and she decided to confront them. One day, she yelled at them as she left work.

John Carmichael the prosecutor told the jury about a time when Carlton appeared from behind a pillar of the library’s carpark and faced the two.

He stated that Mrs FraczeckStreeter was done at lunchtime on January 23rd and Mrs Taylor-Puzey gave her a ride in her car. Carlton was watching them walk out of the car and approaching them, shouting at them.

“Where is your Nissan blue?” Carlton shouted. You are driving the car along with your wife. Is your husband aware of what you’re doing? You know where I am.”

‘Carlton appeared at Mrs Taylor-Puzey’s car and she locked it. Carlton tried to unlock the car door, but Mrs Taylor-Puzey was throwing rocks at the glass and shouting obscenities.

“She then ran in front of their car, trying to prevent them from fleeing.” The incident shaken both ladies.

The jury was told the divorcee, 66, embarked on a campaign of stalking Dorota Fraczeck-Streeter and Lisa Taylor-Puzey, who worked together at the facility in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire (pictured)

According to the jury, Dorota FraczeckStreeter, 66, started a stalking campaign against Lisa Taylor-Puzey and Dorota FraczeckStreeter, both of whom worked at Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

The jury was informed that Carlton had continued to approach women throughout 2019, alleging that they had been in a lesbian relationship, and that they wanted to be with Carlton.

On another occasion, Mr Carmichael stated that Carlton approached Mrs Fraczeck Straeter while she was going to work. He managed to drive her home in her car.

On October 22, she happened upon Carlton while shopping at Boots Beaconsfield.

Mr Carmichael stated that Carlton came up to her shouting into the middle of the shop. She responded, “I am aware of your activities and you should be embarrassed.” You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mrs FraczeckStreeter felt embarrassed by this incident in Boots.

Carlton arrived from behind a hedge at the shop to confront Mrs Fraczeck Straeter.

The prosecution stated that Carlton was from behind the hedge. She responded, “How dare your dye your hair gray. I see what you’re up to.”

Mrs Taylor-Puzey claimed that Carlton once confronted them and said to her, ‘Do you not know me? I don’t want to get involved in your lesbian sexual behavior.

Carlton approached two women in their home at Iver Heath (Buckinghamshire) on several occasions. They were told by family and friends to leave.

During the strange hearing where Carlton was defending her self, Queen’s Counsel barrister Michael Roques, a Queen’s lawyer, was appointed by court to cross-examine the librarians for Carlton, even though she wasn’t employing him.

Louisa Carlton

Louisa Carlton

Carlton (pictured left and right in front of the Worthing courthouse on Wednesday), is now out of Oxford Road. Worthing, West Sussex denies two counts for stalking

He interrogated Mrs FraczeckStreeter to find out what Carlton claims happened between the two of them.

One exchange saw him asking her: “Was there a moment in 2014 when your breasts touched Carlton?” Was it possible to care for her breasts by looking at her from the top and bottom?

All allegations against Mrs FraczeckStreeter, which include that she had a sexual relationship with Mrs Taylor-Puszey (who has been married 32 years), were flatly denied by Mrs FraczeckStreeter.

Mr Roques was directed to ask questions by Carlton. He asked him: ‘Were there any feelings for Carlton? Her sexual attraction was certainly not there. Are you a smoker?

Carlton was a frequent listener to Mr Roques’ whispered conversation and sat shaking her heads as Mrs FraczeckStreeter denied any of the questions she had asked.  

Dennis FraczeckStreeter was Dorota’s husband. He said that Carlton had been following his wife and their colleague for over a year.

He claimed that he was the one who opened the doors to Dorota, asking her: ‘Is Dorota here?’ He then asked if Lisa was home. He responded ‘no’. 

Later, he saw Carlton hidden behind a brick pillar at the cul de-sac in which he lived with his wife in Iver Heath.   

Carlton was not guilty of two stalking counts but was sentenced and expelled from the library for ten years.

Three days of testimony at Amersham Crown Court in Bucks. was completed by Judge Tulk who stated to the jury that it had been a difficult case. From my seat, it was a difficult case.

Judge Tulk stated that it would be ineffective to send Carlton, a divorcee, to prison because she was already on remand for harassment and continued her harassing while she waited for trial.

She explained that although she doesn’t know where her future lies, prison wasn’t the right environment for her. It is my hope that she receives the support she requires from the outside. 

During the summary, Carlton shook the head and murmured quietly ‘no. no. no’ regarding witness testimony. 

After the judge had completed his evidence summary, Carlton abruptly informed the jury that her faux fur jacket wasn’t made from real fur.

Carlton, who was wearing her sunglasses during the whole trial, then took off the glasses briefly before the jury entered the courtroom for its verdict.

The judge asked her to reconsider the sentence.