Pentagon officials ‘remain baffled by Chinese hypersonic missile technology’ after Beijing tested weapon that could deploy a nuke while travelling at five times the speed of sound

  • China tested a hypersonic weapon that fired five-times the sound speed.
  • Pentagon experts remain baffled as to how China is able defy physical constraints.
  • China has hypersonic weapons that are more advanced than the US and Russia, according to a test 
  • The purpose of this missile is unknown, as it was not fired at any obvious target.

China tested a hypersonic weapon in July. It fired a missile five times faster than sound. This feat was not possible before, according to US intelligence.  

Hypersonic glide vehicle is a craft that can carry nuclear warheads. It launched a missile during mid-flight, taking Pentagon scientists completely by surprise.

According to the Financial Times, experts from Darpa (the Pentagon’s advanced scientific agency) are baffled as to how China is able to defy all laws of physics in order to fire weapons from vehicles traveling at supersonic speeds.

Analysts are trying to figure out the mission of the missile. It was shot with no clear target, and then landed into the water. 

China is thought to have carried out two tests of a hypersonic orbital nuke - the first on July 27 and the second on August 13 this year

China may have conducted two hypersonic orbital nuclear nukes tests – one on July 27, and another on August 13, this year.

While both Russia, and the US recently explored hypersonic weaponry in the recent past, experts claim that China’s countermeasures are proof of Beijing’s superior technology to either the Kremlin nor the Pentagon.

White House expressed concern about July 27 test. The spokesperson for National Security Council said that the development was concerning as it should be to anyone who is interested in peace and stability throughout the region.

“This adds to our concerns about the People’s Republic of China’s continued pursuit of many military capabilities.”  

This hypersonic glider vehicle, launched in space by an ‘orbital bomber system’ rocket. The satellite can fly well above the South Pole. US missile defenses cannot stop it from reaching the North Pole.

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) exchanged pleasantries during their virtual summit on November 15

During the virtual summit held on November 15, President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping (right).

Researchers have found that China’s orbital bombardment system provides more opportunities for it to strike US targets.  

China’s nuclear weapons are being used in the supersonic test, a move that suggests China could abandon the previous’minimum-deterrence’ position. 

US announced that it would quadruple the number of its nuclear warheads, to 1,000 in as little as ten years. 

Liu Pengyu (spokesman for the Chinese embassy) stated that they aren’t interested in an arms race. 

“The US uses excuses such the China Threat in recent years to justify its hypersonic weapons development and expansion.” 

Vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Hyten (pictured) said that China's hypersonic space weapons could be used to launch a surprise attack on the US and admitted that Beijing has more advanced technology

General John Hyten, vice chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff (pictured), stated that China could use its hypersonic space weapons to launch an attack on the US. Also, he acknowledged that Beijing may have more advanced technology.

General David Thompson of the US Space Force was the vice-chief for space operations and stated that the US is not as advanced in hypersonic weapons as Russia or China.

His words were: “We are catching up quickly.” Since several years, China has had an extremely aggressive hypersonic programming. 

General John Hyten raised serious concerns about the testing earlier this week, as he was about to resign as vice chair of the joint heads.

CBS News quoted him as saying that Sputnik had created an urgency in America. This sense of urgency did not come from the test that was administered on July 27. It should, I believe, create an urgency.