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  • The following are the traits that will lower your sex appeal according to a relationship expert
  • Louanne Ward (Perth) said that sexual appeal includes more than just sexual Chemistry.  
  • Low sex appeal can be caused by a lack of sleep and negative attitudes.
  • Important: Pay attention to how you move and what your body says.  

The top three methods to lower sex attraction are sleep deprivation (or a negative attitude), and play mind games with your partner when you date.

Leading relationship expert Louanne Ward, from Perth, Australia, said sex appeal hones in on key characteristics of one person – including facial composition, life stability, kissing technique, voice and smell.

However, to increase your sex appeal you need to reduce your stress level, stop complaining and pay attention to your body. 

“Body language is directly related to charisma and positive physical indicators such as a smile or bright disposition can greatly determine one’s sexual appeal,” Ms Ward said. 

Relationship expert Louanne Ward (pictured) has revealed the top characteristics that lower your sex appeal - including body language, sleep deprivation and playing mind games

Relationship expert Louanne Ward (pictured) has revealed the top characteristics that lower your sex appeal – including body language, sleep deprivation and playing mind games

1. Sleep deprivation 

Lack of sleep is the main reason your sex appeal may drop. 

According to Ms Ward, ‘It dullens our skin, decreases our energy and has also been shown to reduce our overall attractiveness, our health and our emotion.

In general, you can appear less attractive if your body is tired or sleepdeprived. 

Is there sex appeal in sex?

A person’s physical and/or sexual attractiveness is known as sex appeal. 

Five key attributes are essential to sex appeal: your facial structure, life stability and kissing technique.

This is not all. Sex appeal also includes your body language and style, as well as charisma.

2. Negative attitude

Ms Ward stated that being approachable and kind to other people will increase your sex attraction, while negative attitudes will decrease it. 

To make a good first impression, be optimistic and open-minded in your dating relationships.  

The last place for ‘Mean boys (and girls) is the Mens Division. They’re sometimes portrayed in Hollywood as being the “intimidatingly attractive” one, but a potential partner with a nasty disposition would be more likely to attract sex, she stated.

3. Enjoy mind games

While it is a common strategy for both men and ladies when they are dating, playing ‘the Game’ can backfire on you and hurt your sexual appeal. 

Ward stated, “Treating people meanly and keeping them curious doesn’t increase your appeal.” 

“Just like playing games, being hot and cold, manipulating strategies, and sending mixed messages will all erode your appeal.”

4. Slouching

Many people don’t realize that your body and posture can impact your sex appeal, making you less appealing.   

According to Ms Ward, body language matters and even something as simple as slumped shoulders can reduce your sexual appeal.

Stand straight and keep your head up.

5. Stress and complaining 

Ms Ward stated that complaining and feeling stressed can cause negative energy to radiate around others.

No matter your gender, you can increase your sex appeal with a positive attitude and control of your stress.


1. Make-up takes one hour. Sunday brunch is just a few hours away

2. Singing “I don’t need to be a man”

3. To much texting and too often, too eagerness 

4. Crying as a strategy for being oversensitive 

5. Said, “You could be an Axe Murderer or Rapist. For all I know.”


1. Joking about an ex-partner or other woman

2. Talking constantly about your self without ever asking questions

3. Set up a date using a text message 

4. It’s much easier to tell women that it’s easy for them than for you, a man.

5. Presentations are not made with the same effort