Move away from your phone! Funny texts from parents reveal embarrassing auto-correct failures and awkward typos that left children cringing

  • People from the US have shared the funny texts their parents sent them. 
  • One mother sent one pretending that her child was her boyfriend. 
  • Another woman learned the hard way not to trust her phone’s automatic correction feature. 

Communicating has never been easier thanks to smartphones and messaging apps,  but it also makes it easier for parents to send embarrassing texts to their kids. 

People shared hilarious messages from their parents on American trivia website The Daily Stuff.

Parents learned the hard lesson not to trust their phone’s auto-correct features when a mother told her daughter that she had been ‘fondling herself’ instead of ‘Googling. 

Another didn’t notice her finger was above the camera lens while sending multiple photos of a landscape. Meanwhile, a father trying to be helpful sent a text to one of his kids to let him know that they had left their phone at home. 

People have shared the hilarious messages they've received from their parents on the American trivia website The Daily Stuff . One mother bemused her child when she sent them gibberish because she didn't have her glasses on

People have shared funny messages they received from their parents via the American trivia website The Daily Stuff. One mother was a bit puzzled when she sent gibberish to her child because she didn’t have her glasses.

Let's abbreviate this conversation! Things went wrong for one mother who was attempting to expand her knowledge

Let’s cut this conversation short! One mother trying to increase her knowledge got a bad experience. 

A very enthusiastic mother mistakenly used the poop emoji to represent chocolate chips, because they looked cute

A very excited mother mistakenly used a poop emoji as chocolate chips to represent chocolate chip because they looked cute 

Better luck next time: One mother said she was learning to use hashtags and then proceeded to do it completely wrong, in a very cute text exchange with her son

Better luck next year: One mother told her son that she was learning hashtags. Then, she went on to make a hilarious text exchange with her son in which she utterly failed. 

When one mother said 'You Only Live Once' - YOLO - to her son, he replied that it was usually meant to 'live life to the fullest' rather than as a warning

One mother said “You Only Live Once” to her son. He replied that it was more of a reminder than a warning. 

Never trust autocorrect! In one cringe-worthy text that no child wants to receive, parents announced they 'fondled' themselves rather than 'googling'

Autocorrect is a dangerous tool! Parents made a cringeworthy statement that their children don’t want to hear: They ‘fondled themselves’ rather than ‘googling. 

Step away from the phone! When one parents sent a message to their son using weird symbols and letters, they knew they had to come over to help

Move away from your phone! One parent sent a message to his son using strange symbols and letters. He knew they needed to help. 

Not a photo finish! One mother tried to show the beautiful view they happened upon during a holiday, but kept blocking the camera with their finger, much to the dismay of their child

This was not a photo finish! One mother tried to show the beautiful view she saw on a holiday but kept blocking the camera with her finger, much to the dismay and surprise of her child. 

Thanks, Dad! Nothing like a father to drag you back down to earth with scathing remarks about your love life

Thank you, Dad! Nothing like a father to bring your down with harsh comments about your love life 

Same thing with grandmothers! When a grandchild sent a warm message of thanks to their 'nana' she replied with the number '7' in an obvious texting fail

The same goes for grandmothers! In a texting failure, a grandchild sent a message of gratitude to their grandmother. She replied with the number “7”. 

One creative mother made up her own emoji, who she called 'Bowtie man' when telling her son to be careful

One creative mother created her own Emoji and called it ‘Bowtie Man’ to warn her son. 

A misunderstanding between a dad and his daughter about what her mother wanted from him made for a very awkward conversation

A miscommunication between a father and his daughter over what her mother wanted made for an awkward conversation 

While the kid in question might have not found this message from their mother telling them to clean their room funny, other parents will find it a good way to motivate kids to clean their rooms

Although the child in question may not find the message from their mom telling them to clean their bedroom funny, other parents will find it a great way to motivate their children to clean their rooms. 

One mother ruthlessly posed as her child's 'imaginary boyfriend' and told her good morning, but the child was not fooled

One mother pretended to be her child’s imaginary boyfriend and told her good day, but the child was not fooled 

One mother had to admit she didn't know how smiley faces worked when exchange with her kid

One mother confessed that she didn’t know how smiley faces work when she exchanged with her child 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, one mother could not stop using emojis when writing to her children

One mother couldn’t stop using emojis to write to her children, while another mother could not resist the urge to use them. 

One mother who had just gotten a smartphone for the first time ever struggling to find the space key and had to ask for some help

One mother, who had just purchased a smartphone for the very first time, struggled to find the space keys and had to ask for help. 

One dad alerted his child they had forgotten their phone at home by texting them. On their phone

One dad texted his child to inform him that his phone had been lost. Their phone 

One mother forgot she had brought one of her children with her at the supermarket and had left

One mother forgot to bring one of her children to the supermarket. She had forgotten and left.