It’s no wonder that it is still available for sale! Hilarious Instagram account posts photos of the worst homes online. These range from beds made out beer cans to toilet doors that don’t open.

  • Bad Real Estate Pics from the US has picked up some fantastic properties
  • A snap of a damaged ceiling pipe resulting in an ice-covered kitchen was taken
  • One apartment building was designed with an indoor balcony.

Homebuyers who are looking for their ideal property should spare a thought. They will only stumble across these terrible houses.

These houses, which are all available for purchase online in America, were compiled by Bad Real Estate Pics, an account on Instagram that is based out of the United States. They then shared them with Bored Panda.  

A cascade of ice was seen in one picture after the ceiling had burst. 

Prospective buyers revealed that they also spotted a dark cupboard with numbers marked on its inside. This could have been a sign of someone being trapped for several days.

One called an apartment building with indoor balconies “most insane of all times.” 

FEMAIL shares some bizarre cases… 

People have shared the weirdest pictures taken in houses for sale on the American Instagram account Bad Real Estate Pics. Pictured: a kitchen covered in ice after a pipe burst

Bad Real Estate Pics is an American Instagram account where people have posted the strangest pictures of houses being sold. After a burst pipe, this is a picture of a kitchen that was covered with ice. 

Is this the weird apartment complex of all time? For some reason, all flats come with indoor balconies

This is the strangest apartment building of all. All flats have indoor balconies for some reason. 

A person visiting a house in the US discovered the agent had used empty cans to make the bed appear longer than it is

A visitor to a US house discovered that the agent used empty cans in order to make it appear longer. 

Potential buyers spotted this eerie-looking cupboard during a house showing. Someone had counted down the days on the door

A potential buyer spotted the strange looking cupboard at a house viewing. One had been counting down the days until the day it was opened. 

A house inexplicably included a loo stuck at an awkward angle between the stairs and the lower level

Unexpectedly, the loo was placed at an odd angle between the staircase and lower levels of a house. 

So much for intimacy! This toilet door cannot actually close because it is blocked by the loo seat

This is how intimacy works! The loo seat is blocking the toilet doors so it can’t close. 

One house included an unnecessary balcony overlooking the living-room next to its wooden stairs

A house had a balcony that overlooked the living room and was located next to its wooden staircase.

One family had to cut into their room's pillar because they installed their ceiling fan too close to it

A family was forced to cut their own pillars because their ceiling fan was installed too close. 

A stair for the cats? One house came with a inexplicably tiny staircase and bannister that can only fit a tiny pet

What about a staircase for the cats? A bannister and staircase that fit tiny pets was found in a house. 

One bizarre house included a sunken bathtub in a huge room with green carpeted floor and a fire place, but nothing else

A sunken tub was found in one bizarre home. It was located in an enormous room that had a green-tiled floor, a fireplace and a large bathroom. 

Don't look down! One house owner had a tiled well in his bathroom next to toilet, which led to a drain

Keep your head up! The tiled toilet in the bathroom of one house owner led to a drain. 

Living dangerously! It seems risky to install a drain right underneath your front door, better not drop those keys

Living dangerously! Although it seems risky for a drain to be installed under your front door, you should not lose those keys. 

A brutally honest agent from Chicago did not hold back as he booked a couple for a house showing

Chicago’s brutally honest agent booked two couples for a house show. 

Cooking up a storm? One house's oven, which should have been propped against a wall, was installed on the central island

What’s the best way to make a big meal? On the island’s central island, a one-house oven was placed against a wall.