Is it possible to spot the cat hidden in plain sight? Tenant hides pet cat from landlord during inspection of flat

  • One cat has inspired the greatest game of hide and seek with more than 10 million people
  • This cat was being kept by the owner, who challenged viewers and others to identify him. 
  • It was hard to locate the cat because it was hiding in a heap of stuffed animals. 
  • Some viewers believed the video was fake and that there wasn’t a cat in it. 

In a viral viral video, a cat played hide-and-seek. More than 10,000,000 people tried to find him. 

Owner of the stealthy cat shared video footage of her hiding her cat from her landlord during an inspection under a pile of stuffed animals.

Larry the clever cat showed his hidden skills, leaving thousands wondering if it was real. 

A stealthy cat's owner shared a video of her 'hiding the cat from her landlord' underneath a pile of stuffed animals in which over 10 million people struggled to spot the feline

The owner of a stealthy cat shared video footage of her hiding the animal from her landlord under a heap of stuffed animals. Over 10 million people were unable to find the kitten.

‘Right. It’s the 7th time I have seen it. One user said, “It’s a joke I swear.” 

Larry’s search left many others behind. They applauded Larry for his extraordinary abilities.

‘Oh my god he’s hiding so well,’ one person wrote.

Finally, people found Larry. He’d been placed cleverly between a toy bear and a cat stuffed with toys.

‘Best “Where’s Waldo” EVER!Another commented.

After 10 million hits, Larry was finally located.

“FINALLY FOUND HIM!” If you look underneath the Bear with the two hearts right arm, there are 2 eyes looking at the white cat.

Larry’s mother is proud to have four more cats. She has also accepted the challenge of keeping all her felines hidden.

She said, “On my next video, I will attempt to hide all of my cats,”

In addition, she later admitted that Larry was not her real hiding place and that she just wanted some entertainment and to see who could find the cat.