Have delivery services RUINED fast food? KFC and McDonald’s diners are frustrated by long waits. Uber Eats and Deliveroo drivers have priority. This makes it easy for people to order at home and is branded lazy.

  • An anonymous man claims delivery apps are ruining fast-food restaurants
  • Reddit user, man from the UK, complained about drivers crowding together. 
  • Respondents agreed that they have noticed online orders being given priority  

People have accused fast-food restaurants of sacrificing the experience of dining in a restaurant for the convenience of ordering online.

Reddit users who are based in the UK have posted anonymously about their recent experiences with trying to eat at popular fast food restaurants. Many claim that the service was ‘disappointing’.

The thread was started by a man who complained about the long waits at his local KFC. Commenters quickly expressed their frustration at the long waits, with one claiming that they were left hanging for an hour while deliveries were prioritized. 

Others wondered why people ordering food at home is so lax, only to have it arrive ‘lukewarm’ after walking a short distance. 

One worte: “Students on our street frequently get Greggs delivered. £2.49 delivery for a 79p sausage roll. Madness.

‘We’ve also had a Subway guy turn up at ours (wrong address, wanted 2 doors down). There’s a Subway 150m from us. I’m pretty sure this is a sign of the apocalypse.’ 

Posting anonymously on Reddit , people who live in the UK, have shared their most recent experiences of attempting to dine in at popular fast food restaurants, saying the experience has been ruined by delivery services (stock image)

Reddit users anonymously shared their most recent experiences with trying to eat at fast food restaurants.

Posting on Reddit, a man claimed it's difficult to get to the till in his local KFC because of the number of delivery drivers for apps

Reddit user: A man posted that it was difficult to get to the cash register at his local KFC due to the large number of delivery drivers for the apps. 

Fast food fans have complained about being left waiting for their meals, while 'lazy' customers who have ordered from home are prioritised

Fast food customers have complained about being left waiting, while those who ordered from home were prioritized.

The man began the discussion by asking: “Are all of these delivery apps ruining eating at fast food restaurants?”

“I’ve been to KFC before, and at least a quarter was full of orange, blue and back-square food carriers.

“You couldn’t move near the till, and sitting anywhere near them was just a continuous rush of people with bags rushing in and going out.”

This thread quickly attracted many comments by people sharing similar experiences. 

One person wrote: ‘Yep, it’s f****** c***. I stopped at Maccy’s with my child on the way home from an event. It was just generally unpleasant. They’ve used half of the restaurant as a waiting room, but drivers are still mingling on their phones.

“Then, because it is so busy, order takes forever, and collection then takes forever, despite the fact that your order was ready. 

“Had the exact same experience in Maccys, but I’m not sure if they’ll be back.” They used to have a clean and efficient service, but that has changed. 

A flood of responses to the thread revealed they've also had long waits at fast food restaurants since the increase in delivery apps

The thread received a flood of responses. Many people have also shared their experiences with long waits at fast-food restaurants after the rise in delivery apps. 

Another commented that “In most of our local areas delivery drivers take precedence.” I once went to KFC on Saturday night, and was genuinely left waiting for delivery after delivery. Never again. It seems that those who are seated in restaurants should be served faster than those who are seated at home.

A third said: “If it means that there is more to the experience than ‘fast,’ then absolutely. I stopped by McDonald’s Friday morning to grab a quick bite before my work night out. I was expecting fast service but it took me nearly 20 minutes to get my food. This is likely due to the constant stream delivery orders from the app.

Other respondents claimed that they haven’t been inconvenienced by delivery drivers at local restaurants. 

‘They usually have people to deliver and separate people to walk-in/drive-thru so this has never bothered me. Perhaps it’s because I order delivery quite often, I’m forever grateful to these workers for making life easier. 

 Another said: ‘Not near me, but I’m in a city centre with probably half a dozen to pick from. I’ve never seen a delivery man in any.

A few responses to the post admitted they enjoy using delivery apps and haven't noticed any problems in their local fast food restaurants

A few people who responded to the post said they love using delivery apps and haven’t had any problems at their local fast-food restaurants.