Maralee Nicks, Maralee’s personal trainer and suing Tristan Thompson, the basketball player, for child support has had a son. revealed exclusively Friday that Sacramento Kings’ star had been set. After an alleged affair with a woman, he became a father for the 3rd time. 31-year-old Nichols.   

Court filings show that Thompson once insisted on his lover’s abortion. He offered $75,000 to her in hush money, after she became pregnant while Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian. obtained the bombshell documents proving that Thompson was pregnant in Houston during Thompson’s March 30th birthday celebrations. This was when Thompson was still dating Khloe. Khloe has a three year-old daughter. 

Nichols, a Houston native, has since moved to Los Angeles and is now suing the athlete for child support as well as for reimbursement of medical expenses and pregnancy-related costs. 

She has also filed to submit text messages between her and Thompson as evidence for her paternity lawsuit which allegedly show that he wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, Page Six reported.  

Nichols’ attorneys claim Thompson is ‘addressing her relationship’ with Nichols and insisting she have an abortion. They also threaten that Thompson will not get any support in Texas.  

Radar obtained a text copy of an alarming message in which Thompson offered Nichols $75,000 for silence and warned that he would be retiring from the NBA after this season. 

He made it clear, however that he doesn’t intend to become involved in the lives of the child.   

Maralee Nichols, 31, of Houston, Texas, gave birth on Thursday after getting pregnant from NBA star Tristan Thompson

Maralee Nickels, 31 years old, was born in Houston, Texas on Thursday. She had been pregnant by NBA superstar Tristan Thompson.

The heavily pregnant 31-year-old was seen flaunting her baby bump in Los Angeles in late November

She previously competed in body building, according to social media

In Los Angeles, the 31-year old was seen showing off her bump late in November. According to social media, she competed previously in bodybuilding. 

The Houston native has since moved to Los Angeles and is now suing the Sacramento Kings star for child support. She is due to give birth to a baby boy on December 3

Since then, the Houstonian has moved to Los Angeles where she is suing Sacramento Kings star for child support. The Houston native is expected to have a baby boy in December.

Bombshell court papers obtained by claim the baby was conceived in Houston during Thompson's 30th birthday celebrations in March - when he was still dating Khloe Kardashian, the mother of his four-year-old daughter True. The couple are seen during his birthday bash earlier this year has obtained bombshell court documents claiming that the baby was born in Houston in March during Thompson’s 30-year-old birthday festivities. This was while Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian (the mother of True, his four-year old daughter). They were seen together at Thompson’s birthday party earlier in the year.

“You understand how I feel. They haven’t changed in any way. I won’t participate in any manner. You might think that this child will bring you some cash. Thompson sent Thompson the following text message: “It is completely wrong.” 

“You’re aware of my retirement after this season. In terms of support, it will cover whatever the person needs monthly. Because it is texas, the cost of this support will not exceed a few hundred dollars. This 75k is a better deal than the one I am offering. You won’t be able to get much with your child having a dad who’s not working. 

Khloé shared a heartfelt post for the father of her only child at the time: 'Thank you for showing me everything you said you would. For the father you are. For the best friend I have in you. I'm thankful that I can do absolutely nothing with you and it feels like everything. 'I hope you know today and everyday how loved you are by me and so many'

Khloé shared a heartfelt post for the father of her only child at the time: ‘Thank you for showing me everything you said you would. Your father. To the man I consider my greatest friend, you. You are my best friend and I feel like I have everything to do with you. I want to let you know that you are so loved and appreciated by many.

The filing claims that Thompson denies sending the messages, but his “contact information” is included in the messages.

Seen in exclusive photos, the heavily pregnant 31-year-old – described as a former friend of Thompson’s – is due to give birth to her baby boy on December 3.

Thompson has signed a paternity declaration acknowledging that she had sex many times with Nichols after they attended a party.

The 30-year-old described in the documents how Nichols drove him to the event in her Maserati sportscar before returning to his hotel where she had ‘a special birthday surprise’ for him – which he admitted he knew would be sex.

Thompson claims that night was the only time he was intimate with Nichols – a version of events that is hotly disputed by her lawyers, who say the affair began at least ‘five months’ before his 30th birthday celebrations, involved Nichols traveling to California on multiple occasions, and continued after she got pregnant. 

He claimed that they had intercourse immediately after we arrived at my hotel room. Petitioner [Nichols]Our sexual encounter was initiated and she never objected. She was awake, conscious, and willing to participate in all of our sexual activities.

Maralee Nichols and her mother

Nichols and her father

Nichols has been called a friend from Thompson. However, she is originally from Houston and has moved to LA since then. The above photo shows her with her parents

Nichols launched her paternity suit on June 30 in Los Angeles, shortly after relocating from Texas, requesting child support as well as reimbursement of medical expenses and pregnancy-related costs such as Lamaze classes, a doula, and prenatal vitamins

Nichols, who moved from Texas to Los Angeles in June 2010, filed her paternity action. It sought child support, reimbursement of medical expenses, prenatal vitamins, and doula fees.

The mom-to-be is said to be a friend of Thompson who treated him to 'a special birthday surprise' at his hotel in Texas on his birthday


According to Thompson, the mom-to be was a friend who surprised Thompson with a surprise birthday party at his Texas hotel.

The expecting mother was seen walking her dogs in Los Angeles in late November

In Los Angeles, the expecting mother was seen with her dog in November.  

“We didn’t drink in my hotel room, and Petitioner wasn’t drunk.” After our sexual encounter, Petitioner asked me specifically to let her spend the night as it was my “special birthday” or whatever she called it.

“I had told her that I would have to wake up earlier in the morning, but she didn’t seem concerned. We both went to bed after having sexual intercourse. 

“We both had been naked, sleeping together. Before I went to bed, we were having sexual intercourse in the morning.

At the time, the Canadian basketball star was still dating ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, 37 – the mother of his three-year-old daughter, True – and had celebrated his milestone birthday with her days earlier. 

Reality star, the reality TV host, confirmed that the couple were back together after their split in February 2019. This was following his 3 highly publicized cheating scandals. He posted a touching Instagram message on March 13th. 

‘The ones that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is designed to tear them apart and they come out even stronger than they were before,’ Khloé wrote alongside a photo of the couple and their family.

“Thank you so much for everything. Your father. To the man I consider my greatest friend, you. It feels as if everything is possible with you.

Khloe, who was mentioned in Thompson’s statement on August 5, is also mentioned. She is Thompson’s ex-girlfriend and the mother to his child.

Thompson is also the father of Prince Thompson (a son aged four), and Jordan Craig (a 30-year-old model). did not reach out to the sports superstar and his legal team for comments. 

In his declaration to the court in August, Thompson insisted he and Nichols had sexual intercourse only twice during their encounter

Thompson claimed that they had sexual intercourse twice in their August court declaration. 

The NBA player is demanding the case be moved to Texas - where their tryst took place - instead of California

A player from the NBA is requesting that the case be moved to Texas, where they triedst, instead of California.

Despite owning a house in the LA suburb of Encino, Thompson claims he only has the home for the purpose of seeing his other children and to prevent them 'being hounded by the paparazzi'.

Tristan Thompson court declaration

Thompson, despite owning an Encino house, claims that he has it only for his children.

Thompson admits he 'specifically remembers' having sex with Nichols in a Texas hotel because it was the night of his 30th birthday

Thompson says he can distinctly recall having sex in Texas with Nichols on the night of Thompson’s 30th birthday 

After revealed the shocking truth, Khloe was thrown out by her husband. The cheater had been seen in a Beverly Hills room together with three other women before he emerged ‘disheveled” 30 minutes later.

The mom-of-1 had told a Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion story about how she learned to trust Thompson once again. 

“I trust him as friend, and that’s all I can say. But, what I really need is to discover, it will be everything I want. It’s enough to be able to trust, focus and live in the present and move forward each day. Everything else is irrelevant to me.

“I am aware of his growth and all the hard work he has done. I’m aware of all his help and constant efforts. He also fought hard to get me back.

“I can’t believe someone would do that, if they were really serious.”

But can reveal that Nichols was already pregnant with Thompson’s alleged baby when Khloe made the comments – and that she was already suing the love cheat for child support.

According to court documents, the 31-year old personal trainer filed her paternity lawsuit in Los Angeles on June 30th. This was shortly after moving from Texas.

Nichols files papers asking for child support, reimbursement of medical expenses, and costs related to pregnancy such as Lamaze classes and a doula.

Khloe and Tristan on again/off again relationship has made headlines over the years but the pair reportedly continue to co-parent their daughter and spend time as a family

Although Khloe’s on-and-off relationship with Tristan has been the focus of media attention over the years, the couple reportedly still co-parent their daughter together and have time as a whole family.

Khloe is also mentioned in his statement, which was signed off on August 5, and is referred to as Thompson's 'ex-girlfriend' and the mother of his child

Khloe was also mentioned in Thompson’s August 5 statement. He refers to Khloe as Thompson’s “ex-girlfriend” and mother of Thompson’s child

Fatherhood: Tristan Thompson had his family man persona on full display as he shared sweet shots of his and Khloe Kardashian's daughter True, three, and his four-year-old son Prince to Instagram last month

Fatherhood: Tristan Thompson had his family man persona on full display as he shared sweet shots of his and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter True, three, and his four-year-old son Prince to Instagram last month

Thompson should also pay the cost of the newborn clothes, diapers, and formula for her baby boy. 

Thompson is asking for the case to move to Texas so that Nichols’ child support can be limited. Thompson has not denied that Nichols is the father of the baby, but he insists on the completion of a paternity testing once the baby is born.

Nichols, who insists that she is a Texas resident at the time of conception, is also challenging him.

Thompson, despite owning an Encino house, claims that he has it only for his children to see and prevent him from being hounded by paparazzi.

Though Tristan and Khloe have had a rocky relationship due to his cheating, it appeared the Sacramento Kings star had reconciled with her and the rest of the Kardashian clan when he penned a heartfelt birthday message to the Revenge Body host's older sister Kim

Tristan and Khloe were in a volatile relationship after he cheating on her. But it appears that the Sacramento Kings star has reconciled with Khloe as he wrote a sweet birthday message to Kim Kardashian, the Revenge Body host.

Also at Tristan's party in March was Kardashian's momager Kris Jenner, who called Thompson 'an amazing son, brother, dad, friend, partner, and uncle'

Kardashian’s momager Kris Jenner also attended Tristan’s party. Kris said that Thompson was an amazing brother, father, friend and uncle.

Although he was traded to the Sacramento Kings earlier this year, Thompson also says he is resident and pays taxes in Massachusetts – the home of his former team the Boston Celtics.

Although signing with the Kings as a player, he stated that he would not move to Sacramento and was open to being traded.

Thompson also complained about how court papers were served upon him. He claimed that Nichols’ legal staff had been lying in wait and slipped through Encino’s gates in front of Thompson’s children, who then handed over the documents.