This is a very simple way to get rid of furniture dents on your carpet.

  • One mother-of-two shares her easy method to get carpet dents out of furniture
  • Carolina McCauley from Perth shared her trick on YouTube
  • Then she applies a damp towel to the areas and uses a steam iron.
  • Carpet looks brand new in less than 30 seconds of steaming.

A simple method to remove carpet dents from furniture has been revealed by an Australian mother-of-two. 

Carolina McCauley of Perth posted a video on her TikTok account and Instagram showing how she removes carpet dents like magic. 

You will need to cover the entire area with a moist cloth. Then, use your steamer to make the carpet smoother. 

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Before: Australian 'hack queen', Carolina McCauley, shares her simple trick for removing carpet dents caused by furniture

After: She used an iron, a damp cloth and three simple steps to get her carpet looking like new

After and before: Carolina McCauley (Australian hack queen) shares three steps to remove carpet dents from furniture.

She steam the carpet for 40-50 seconds, then she took the cloth off and gave it a quick rub to make the carpet look brand new.  

Carolina’s video received thousands of hits since it was posted Wednesday. Hundreds of people have praised the brilliant trick.  

“I love your page.” One woman stated, “It’s always teaching me something.”  

“Now, this is a great life hack!” Another wrote. 

The Perth mum-of-two starts by covering the area with a damp cloth and pressing an iron over the dents

After 40 to 50 seconds of steaming the area, she removed the cloth and gave the area a quick rub

The Perth mum-of-two starts by covering the dents with a damp cloth, presses an iron over the area from 40-50 seconds, then removes the cloth and gives the spot a quick rub

Other people suggested that ice cubes be used if they are concerned about ironing on their carpets.

‘You can also place ice cubes on the dents and it’ll smooth them out in 30 minutes to two hours!’ A woman shared her opinion.   

Carolina showed you how to conceal your ugly WiFi modem using one IKEA product. 

Carolina McCauley (pictured) has a huge following on TikTok and Instagram for her handy cleaning and home hacks

Carolina McCauley (pictured), has an enormous following on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for her helpful cleaning and home hacks

A TikTok video was posted by the viral cleaning queen showing how easy it can be to clear your office space and not display cables using the $20 SMARRAbox.

The Optus modem is placed inside the container. She then places the lid over it and runs the cables through the back.

Mum-of-two Carolina McCauley took to TikTok to show her 1.5 million followers how easy it is to keep your office area clear and avoid displaying cables with the $20 SMARRA box

The blogger from Perth, Western Australia, starts by cutting a small hole in the corner of the rattan-inspired box before setting it down on her matching timber desk

Carolina McCauley is a mother of two and took to TikTok with her 1.5 Million followers to share how simple it was to clear your office space, avoid cables, and keep them away from the $20 SMARRA Box

By placing the SMARRA at the rear of your desk, the cords can be hidden behind the box. It creates an area that is Zen-like and free from clutter.

“What a brilliant idea!” How does it impact the signal? “I assume that it ventilates exactly the same,” wrote one TikTok comment.

Other people were alarmed that the modem instructions tell customers not to “block” it. But Ms McCauley’s selected box permits air flow.