Gagandeep Sharman (pictured), 37, was initially cleared of attacking his first victim when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) refused to press charges

Gagandeep Sharman (pictured), 37 was initially cleared of attacking the first victim. However, the Crown Prosecution Service refused to press charges.

A perverse occupational therapist was jailed for over two years after sexually assaulting a disabled patient’s spouse in her own home.

Gagandeep Sharman, 37 years old, was initially cleared by the Crown Prosecution Service of attacking his first victim. However, they refused to press charges.

Sharman attacked the woman in her 60s after she had treated her disabled husband.

According to a court, she claimed that he grabbed her from behind while telling her she was sexy.

Sharman was barred from making home visits after she filed a complaint. However, Sharman continued to prey on a nurse at a rehabilitation center months later.

He shoved his hand up to the woman’s skirt, making comments about her body, and then bragging about his manhood, as a court heard.

He was taken into police custody after the nurse reported him. He later admitted to the second charge of sexual assault.

He was sent to Warwick Crown Court for 26 months, and he was ordered to sign the sex offender’s register for ten more years.

Judge Anthony Potter described the first assault and said, “You approached her in an extremely disgraceful way. She was not averse to this.

‘You made sexually-charged statements and began to thrust your body against her. You continued to stick your hand in her coat, and then moved towards her private parts.

Sharman was describing the attack on the nurse by the judge. Sharman said that he followed Sharman into several rooms before he led her into one room and thrust himself towards her in a similar fashion.

“Treating two women this way must be punished.” 

On Wednesday he was jailed for 26 months and ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for ten years at Warwick Crown Court (pictured)

On Wednesday, he was sent to prison for 26 months and given the order to sign the Warwick Crown Court’s sex offenders register for ten year (pictured).

The court heard that Sharman, a Warwick resident, had never been in a sexual relationship with either of the women when he attacked them in 2019.

Glyn Samuel, the Prosecutor, stated that a man with a variety of health problems should be seen by an occupational therapist to assess their needs.

Sharman arrived at the house and his wife let him in. She stated that Sharman was working with her husband that morning and that he had acted professionally.

The court heard from Sharman that Sharman left and Sharman’s spouse got out of bed and took a nap in a spare room.

Sharman answered the doorbell a few minutes later, and the woman put on her coat before answering.

Sharman said that he had left his cell phone at home and rushed inside to get it before the woman asked him to go.

He then stood behind her and pushed his privates against the woman. 

The court heard that Mr Samuel said the woman had told him “no”, but he began pushing against her.

The court heard Sharman (pictured), of Warwick, had never had a sexual relationship when he attacked both women in 2019

The court heard Sharman (pictured), a Warwick resident, had never had a sexual relationship before he attacked both women in 2019.

‘She said that he needed to stop when the defendant said “But, you’re too sexy.” 

“As she told him stop, he tried his best to stick his hand into her coat and continued to thrust.

Sharman fled before the woman could fight for her freedom and shouted at her husband.

Samuel stated that she reported Samuel to police, but that the ‘CPS lawyers’ did not decide to charge him.

He was banned by his bosses from visiting people’s homes, but he was allowed at the Rehabilitation Hospital Leamington Spa, Warks.

Sharman approached a nursing assistant while she was talking on the phone, and he reached out to her skirt.  

Later that day, he approached her while she was doing online training in an Office. He tried to grab her hand, pull her skirt up, and touch her bottom.

Sharman grabbed the nurse and tried to push his hand against his groin. He then told her to’snog’ her.

Mr Samuel said that she pushed him away but he followed her. She was able to get into an office but not before he had groped and tried to grind her bottom with his groin.

Clare Evans, the defending, read a statement in support of Sharman, which stated: ‘I am truly regretful and devastated at their behavior and the effect it had on them.