Peter Foster, serial criminal and con man is taken into custody in Victoria SIX MONTHS AFTER he allegedly fled on his own.

  • Six months later, a career criminal was arrested by the police
  • After a six-month search Foster was found, Foster, age 59, was taken into custody in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. 
  • A 59-year old man failed to make his appearance in Sydney Court on May 5th for fraud-related charges.  

Conman Peter Foster has been arrested six months after he allegedly skipped court on fraud-related charges

Six months ago, Conman Peter Foster was arrested for allegedly failing to appear in court for fraud-related charges.

Six months after Peter Foster allegedly skipped the court, police arrested Foster. 

According to the Australian Federal Police, Foster was located near Gisborne in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. This arrest came after six months of searching. 

Foster did not appear before a Sydney court in May on charges of fraud and the electronic tracker stopped transmitting signals. 

The lawyer for the client admitted at that time that he did not know the location of the 58-year old.  

Foster faces allegations that he conned $1.7million worth of Bitcoin for a Hong Kong retiree as part a sports betting fraud.

Foster – using the alias Bill Dawson – allegedly promised a series of investors including pilot Konstantinos ‘Dino’ Stylianopoulosas ‘guaranteed returns’ on their money by having a mathematician predict the outcome of sports matches.

Peter Foster, a notorious conman, has been arrested six months after he allegedly skipped court while facing fraud-related charges (pictured during his arrest in August last year)

Peter Foster is a notorious conman and was taken into custody six months ago after he skipped court to face fraud-related charges.

Foster outside court on April 22. The case against him involves allegations he conned $1.7million in Bitcoin out of a retired pilot in Hong Kong as part of a sports betting scam

Foster outside court on April 22. He is accused of concocting $1.7million of Bitcoin from a Hong Kong retired pilot as part of a scam in sports betting.

Prosecutors say Stylianopoulosas transferred Foster $2million in cryptocurrency over the course of nine months between 2019 and 2020, in amounts ranging from $126,000 to $890,000.

However, investors claim that their money evaporated after investing in Sports Predictions. Prosecutors also allege that there were no wagers placed on the company and instead, the money was diverted to Foster.

The alleged con was discovered by police when Stylianopoulosas reached out to IFW Global’s team of investigators. They then assisted officers in tracking Foster down.

In August 2013, he was captured in extreme north Queensland.

IFW Global captured footage of Foster’s arrest. It showed two officers in jogger costumes running toward Foster before they tackled him to the ground. 

NSW was the location of the cryptocurrency exchange which was responsible for the transaction. 

The Australian Federal Police said Foster, 59, was arrested near the Victorian town of Gisborne in the state's Macedon Ranges after a six month search

According to the Australian Federal Police, Foster (59) was detained near Gisborne in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges. This arrest came after six months of searching.

Foster pictured outside court in September 2019. He was dramatically arrested in August last year after being tracked down to a beach in far north Queensland

Foster outside the courtroom in September 2019. After being tracked to far northern Queensland beaches, Foster was arrested and taken into custody.

Foster was freed on bail after the hearing, however, Foster was put under effective house arrest. A electronic tag was also attached to enable Foster to return to court.

That hearing took place on May 20, with Foster’s lawyer Justin Lewis telling the court the pair had met in his office in Sydney that day at 11.30am.

According to Mr Lewis, Foster assured him that Foster would show up. However by noon, Foster was gone and he couldn’t even be reached because of his bail conditions.