This is how a teenage girl saved herself and her friend from a shark attack while she was swimming near Geelong’s popular beaches

  • The heroic teenager girl was able to fight off the shark attack on her and another 15-year old boy
  • Attempted attack occurred at Ocean Grove Beach on the state’s Bellarine Peninsula 
  • Witnesses reported that the teens cried out for help after being heard by them.
  • Both the girl (16 years old) and the boy (16 years old) were both taken to hospital under stable circumstances 

In a stunning attack on a Victoria beach, a teenage boy and shark bit a girl.

After the couple were bit on Monday, Ocean Grove Beach has been temporarily closed in Bellarine Peninsula.

Witnesses stated that the teenagers were swimming with the children when they heard the noises.

Peter Hobbs said today that at first they believed they were playing. Then, before they knew it, they shouted out they had been bitten. 

A hero teenage girl fought off a shark that bit her and a 16-year-old boy in a shocking attack off a beach in Victoria

An heroic teenage girl saved her life by fighting off a shark which bit her, along with a boy of 16 years in an attack at a Victoria beach.

The boy and 15-year-old girl were taken to Geelong Hospital in stable conditions after the attack at Ocean Grove Beach on Monday

After the Ocean Grove Beach attack on Monday, both the boy and girl aged 15 years old were brought to Geelong Hospital. They are now in stable condition.

The beach was evacuated by emergency personnel on Monday night. They rushed both the children and their parents to Geelong Hospital in stable conditions.

Diane Hobbs was a former trauma nurse and witnessed the attack. She helped to treat them before paramedics arrived. 

She told 3AW Radio that the teenage girl had taken two bites. One to the lower right, below her knee, and the calf. The other to her hand.

‘She actually saw the shark… and she bashed it away.

Ms Hobbs stated that the shark also “scraped” the teenage boy’s head.

After minor injuries were treated, the patient was released overnight. Meanwhile, care for the heroic girl continues.

Ocean Grove Beach (pictured) in the Bellarine Peninsula has been closed until further notice after the pair were bitten just after 7:20 on Monday night

After the couple were bit just after 7:20 on Monday, Ocean Grove Beach in Bellarine Peninsula was closed.

The species of shark that attacked these teens is not yet confirmed by local authorities, but officials are hopeful to find out more after talking to them.   

A spokesperson for the Victorian Fisheries Authority stated that while no one could describe the shark, Fisheries Officers hoped to talk to victims in order to get more information.

“Life Saving Victoria” hopes to have a light plane and drone in the area today to assist in finding and identifying sharks and confidently clearing beaches of their presence.