Unexpected consequences It haunts me to think that the Blair Creature may return to control us. The Labour Party and my country are likely to be ready at this time, I fear. 

It occurred to me that if it was mentioned here now, it might make it less likely.

It’s not hard to see the point. Millions want to be controlled by a populist dictator who rules them all for their benefit. 

Covid is a persistent fixture that seems more like a disease than an illness. This allows for a continuous excuse to create such a government.

There he is: toned, fit and tanned. He’s almost eleven years younger than Joe Biden.

A nightmare haunts my dreams, that the Blair Creature will return to rule us again. I very much fear that the country and the Labour Party will soon be ready for this moment

The Blair Creature is returning to take over our country, a nightmare that haunts me. It is a fearful thought that both the Labour Party and the country will be ready in time for such a moment.

It is now his time. Just as, back in 1997, the electorate went collectively mad and voted for New Labour’s Eurocommunist project because it didn’t understand it, we are once again in a period of mass lunacy.

We are not angry at the Government because it has destroyed the economy and sank the NHS. Instead, we collectively feel enraged that they enjoyed a few quiet cocktails in the office over Christmas. 

For help, call the police This is how absurd and misdirected fury leads to the hand of those who wish to make us an authoritarian, rule-based state.

The most gripping political event of last week was the Labour Party’s decision to support the Government’s latest Covid measures. The Labour Party could have defeated them. That is the job of oppositions.

They believed so strongly in the new health dictatorship that they would save the Tory Party.

Instead of being furious at the Government for devastating the economy, crashing the NHS, relaunching inflation, stealing our most basic liberties and all that, we are collectively enraged because they had a few quiet drinks in the office last Christmas. Call the police!

We should not be furious at Government for devastating the economy and crash the NHS, inflating the market, theft of our most basic freedoms, all we can do is to be mad that they have had some quiet drinks in their office last Christmas. Tell the police.

Why? They can see we are entering a new phase of the revolution that has transformed this country over the last 60 years into a multicultural and Green post-Christian, sexually free, egalitarian state where only one viewpoint is allowed.

Covid has, unexpectedly, provided the cover for much of their long-held desires, surveillance and social control. It also drove dissenters to the margins. 

If dissent is actually harmful to people’s health, why would they tolerate it?

The Tory Party never understood what Blairism was about, and still doesn’t. It only crawled back into office by accepting the whole package of Blair’s social and economic revolution.

Gordon Brown was probably the most Blairite Premier since Blair’s retirement in 2007. The current Tory attempt at an antidote, Alexander Johnson, mocked Blairism’s policies in opposition and then adopted them in government. 

He may find it amusing, but he doesn’t have any real politics. His command over the government was based on an authority, which he now is trying to win, as well as an electability.

Labour is desperate for office and are being held back by their poor leaders. One of them has the charisma to match a suit. It will eventually dawn on them that they need the vacant, unprincipled political rock star, who craves adulation, fame, and whose glittering fake brilliance masks the dirty bunch of spin-doctors and manipulators actually running the show.

He can still be parachuted to a safety seat in the final seconds, just like before. He can also be propelled to the top by using smoothies and the BBC.

Are you really sure it couldn’t happen?

Meanwhile, Labour thirst for office but are hamstrung by the poverty of their leaders, the latest one having all the charisma of a wardrobe

Labour, however, are desperate for office and are held back by their leaders who have all the charisma of an outfit.

I am glad Australia’s deputy premier, Barnaby Joyce, has joined the campaign against the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the USA, basically for being a journalist. As me, Joyce doesn’t like Assange. However, he is able to see there are things repressively and unjust. Australia’s Labor opposition is also worried. Also, The Guardian is now a liberal voice. I expect everyone will have the same opinion in a few more years. The time is right now for everyone to agree. 

Failure is the fatal flaw that makes success impossible

The ultra-favorite subscription TV show Succession is not worth my time. It never really happens. It’s a great idea to tell a story about siblings and brothers fighting for control of the empire their father has left. For this story to be true, the father must die. 

Brian Cox, who is the most talented actor on the series, plays the patriarch. Because he is unable to be removed, he continues recovering from numerous mortal illnesses. The supposedly great script would crumble into sludge, if writers were forbidden from using the words f-word or s-word. They are the spark plugs that provide almost all of the laughters. 

We are not concerned about a Ukraine war 

Will there be war in Ukraine? If there’s war in Ukraine, what should Britain do? The two great European Wars of 20th Century were mostly between Russia and Germany, and they were both mainly about Ukraine even though that country did not exist at the time.

It’s a very valuable part of the Grand Chessboard of Europe, and is extremely important. The owner of it reaps huge economic, political and military benefits.

Germany, both in 1914 and 1941, was the aggressor. In each case, we were on the side of Russia despite the terrible regimes. Both times, Russia won and Germany lost.

The European Union represents the continuation of Germany through other means. It is an innovative way to limit German power and make it more peaceful. The EU is dominated by Germany, which follows German desires but tactfully pursues them in Europe’s name. This arrangement is supported by the USA which long sought a united Europe.

There is no doubt that Nato’s eastward expansion is an aggressive revival of a century-old German desire to push deeply into the old Russian Empire. There was never any other political or military need for it, though it greatly suited the USA’s military industries, which lost a lot of business when the Cold War ended.

Russia protested, but was ignored repeatedly. After the EU’s attempt to draw Ukraine into its orbit in 2014, Russia decided not to bother protesting any more, and acted ruthlessly. The world reacted as if this completely predictable slash of the bear’s claws was a total surprise.

Russia does not intend to invade Ukraine, which I don’t believe. It isn’t because the Russians seem nice. They can inflict great cruelty, and are constantly at war. They are not stupid, I believe. 

These days, wars are fought – by us as well as them – with underhand methods. Why invade when you can overthrow an unfriendly government by subversion in the guise of ‘people power’? Why risk sanctions and UN condemnation by sending tanks across a neighbour’s border, when you can do just as much damage by the use of proxy troops and unofficial militias, and then deny it was you?

But for Britain, the question is surely ‘Why should we get involved in this dismal quarrel, in which both sides have behaved very badly and will do again?’ We have no stake in it, and would gain nothing from taking part. Do not be drawn in by warmongers. 

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