These images are distressing and show a pony which was terrified by fireworks and who died when she ran in front a vehicle ahead of Bonfire Night.

Archer, 18 months old, ran from Marchwood in Hampshire on Thursday, as fireworks began to be set off. 

He was so terrified by the bangs of his New Forest pony, he leapt over a gate to run straight into an approaching vehicle. He was instantly killed.  

Archer’s limp body is seen on the trailer back. Another image depicts him covered with blue fabric.

The news comes as a greyhound owner, aged six years old, discloses that her dog died after being scared of the November fireworks displays.

Kayleigh Coates (36), said that Tiger was distraught by the celebrations’ noise all night.

Two spooked dogs – a Staffy Labrador mix and one-year old Lhassa Apso– collided with their canines and both died. 

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A harrowing image shows 18-month-old Archer's lifeless body lying out on the back of a trailer after he bolted from his field in Hampshire on Thursday when fireworks started being let off

The shocking image of Archer, an 18-month-old boy who ran from Hampshire when fireworks began to be set off on Thursday shows his lifeless body lying on top of a trailer.

Another image shows the New Forest pony with a blue cover over his head and torso. He was so petrified by the loud bangs that he jumped over a gate and ran directly into an oncoming car

Another image shows the New Forest pony with a blue cover over his head and torso. He was so petrified by the loud bangs that he jumped over a gate and ran directly into an oncoming car

It comes as a dog owner reveals her six-year-old greyhound Tiger (pictured above) died of a suspected heart attack when he was scared by the fireworks display on November 5

This news comes just as the dog owner of Tiger, a six year-old greyhound, reveals that Tiger died from a heart attack after he became scared by fireworks on November 5.

Claire Willard, pony owner posted the Archer incident on Friday to help raise awareness about the danger fireworks can pose for animals.

“This is heartbreaking, she wrote. But there is still one pony in me today. It was the call all horse owners hate to receive last night. 

“The one who tells you that your horse has died. My little black, cute guy got scared by the fireworks and jumped out the field. Skid marks indicate he may have jumped over the gate.

“Someone pulled over and placed hazards and attempted to calm Archer. The car was overtaken by another vehicle, which had its hazards on. A firework also went off in the direction of Archer.

He was struck in the head and his car was totaled. Then I was able to view my pony being lifted onto the flatbed trailer. The road was covered in blood.

“So, Archer was taken from me this morning. His tail hair is a souvenir.

Pony owner Claire Willard posted about the incident concerning Archer (both pictured) on Friday in a bid to raise awareness for the distress fireworks can cause animals

Claire Willard, pony owner posted the Archer incident (both photos) to increase awareness about the danger fireworks may cause for animals on Friday

She wrote: 'This is heartbreaking for me to write but there is one less pony in my life today. Last night I got that call that all horse owners dread' (Archer pictured)

Her words were: “This is heartbreaking, but I have one more pony today. Archer: “Last night, I received the call all horse owners fear” (Archer).

Kayleigh Coates (above), 36, from the Rock in Telford, Shropshire, spoke out about her dog Tiger passing away after being spooked by the fireworks display

Kayleigh Coates, 36-years old, is from Rock in Telford, Shropshire. She spoke out to describe her dog Tiger’s death after being scared off by the fireworks.

Pedigree Exmoor pony is killed by a rocket that was deliberately set off on her grazing grounds

Juliet Burnet, 56, with her granddaughter and three of her ponies

Juliet Burnet (56), with her granddaughter, and her three ponies

A pedigree Exmoor pony owner is still in shock after her death from a rocket-firework accident.

Four other ponies free to roam, Terrified Swift, and four others, ‘lost their plot’ and galloped in the middle Danebury Hill Fort near Stockbridge.

Swift was 14 years old and weighed 12st 3lbs. He then “fell off the Top” and succumbed to a broken neck.

Today, Juliet Burnet (56), a distraught grandmother, stated that fireworks were not permitted in her country.

The rockets which were 'deliberately' set off in the field where the ponies grazed

These rockets were deliberately set off on the same field that the ponies had grazed.

“I’m completely shocked. This is a terrible loss.

“It is tragic that my son discovered her dead.

“Fireworks” had been deliberately placed in the area where they were grazed.

“The ponies were unable to follow the plan and galloped in the middle of the fort. Her neck was broken when she fell from the roof.

“I saw on the floor a lighter beside a rocket that was set off.” 

They will now be moving the other four ponies to a hidden location.   

She said, “I’m hoping some of your will consider before you buy fireworks.” Perhaps you should go with the quieter ones, and if that fails, go to an orchestrated display. 

“Fireworks are not compatible with animals.” 

Ms. Coates from Rock in Telford, Shropshire spoke about the death of her dog Tiger after being scared by fireworks.

She explained that she was there with the dogs Friday night because Tiger had been completely paralysed and Tiger was out with his daughters. 

‘He was shaking, he did not know what to do with himself, he wouldn’t eat.

“I was watching television because they get more fussy the more I obsess.” He lay down on the couch and was scratching his head a lot. 

‘I took a phone call from a family member and when I turned round to look at him he was flat out at the back of the sofa and he’d just gone.

“My initial thought was that he’d had a bad fit from dribbling, but we know that he actually had a heart attack.”

Other pet owners shared similar stories about their dogs running away for over 36 hours. One even ran into the ocean and swam for almost ten miles in Whitstable Kent, to escape the loud noises. 

After swimming panicked from Leysdown-on-Sea, on the Kent coast, Bam, a nine-year-old Japanese Akita, was discovered exhausted and bedraggled in Whitstable.

According to his owners, he was afraid of loud bangs and ran into the frigid sea.

Newquay’s Edward, an Akita Shepherd-cross dog is finding its owner after 36 hours of searching.

When fireworks rang on Bonfire Night, he ran away. It was believed that he had fallen to his death from a high seaside cliff. But miraculously, he was discovered at Newquay’s headland just a day later.

Kelly Broderick felt relieved that her pet was safe and sound at home.

She claimed that people were searching along the coastal path between Towan and Crantock in Cornwall, and also scouring the River Gannel.

She explained that “He has suffered from a cruciate wound to his leg, and the speed he was seen running in terror would have placed a lot more pressure on it.”

Social media appeals were liked, commented upon and shared thousands of times. A £500 reward was offered for his safe return.

He was located at Newquay’s headland after 36 hours worth of search.

He felt tired, hungry and sore but now he’s happy to be home.

Jeff Hull, the dog’s owner, expressed his sorrow at Jeff’s sudden loss.

According to him, Ollie became so terrified of loud bangs on October 31st that it caused him to suffer a seizure. This led Lhassa Apso (one year old) into having a huge heart attack that resulted in his heart stopping.

Dog owner Jeff Hull said he was heartbroken after his beloved pet's sudden death. He said that Ollie (above) was so petrified of the loud bangs that he suffered a seizure on October 31

Jeff Hull, a dog owner said that he was devastated by the sudden passing of his pet. According to Hull, Ollie was terrified of loud bangs and had a seizure October 31.

Dexter (pictured), 10, a Staffy Labrador cross, was found 'laid flat on the floor' in the downstairs bathroom after running scared from noisy fireworks during Bonfire Night

Dexter, a Staffy Labrador mix of 10 and 10, was found “laid flat” in the bathroom downstairs after being scared by loud fireworks on Bonfire Night

Bam the dog is also recovering after his astonished owners say the bang of fireworks saw him plunge into the sea and swim in terror for nearly ten miles

Bam, the dog, is still recovering from his shock owners who say that he plunged into the ocean and swam in terror for almost ten miles.

Another family put up a £500 reward after Edward the dog was terrified by fireworks and ran off. They have since been reunited with him after a frantic 36-hour hunt

Another family put up a £500 reward after Edward the dog was terrified by fireworks and ran off. Following a marathon hunt lasting 36 hours, the dogs were finally reunited. 

The epilepsy-prone dog had just been playing around with his ball for hours and was happy to be free.

A Staffy Labrador cross was also ‘terrified’ by the noise and collapsed on a bathroom floor in Hemlington, North Yorkshire amidst a chorus of fireworks on Bonfire Night.

Tragically, Dexter the dog died in spite of his owners efforts to give CPR and revive him by mouth to mouth.

The RSCPA stated that they had received 1621, in the past five years, calls regarding fireworks and the effects of these on animals.

In 2019, the charity found that stress caused by fireworks causes anxiety in 62%, 54% and 55% respectively for cats, dogs, and horses.

Because of the distress that unorganised displays can cause to some animals, as well as those with specific conditions such as PTSD and autism, it should be stopped.

902,500 people signed a petition calling for urgent revisions to fireworks regulations.