Orianne Cevey, Phil Collins’ ex-wife, beat her 10-year-old son and made him see her have sex. A lawsuit was filed by his dad.

According to Charles Mejjati (51), an emergency protection order, Cevey is charged with once beating her son. He fell on the ground and suffered concussions. 

Page Six reported that she is accused of being drunk and giving him a look as she had sex in front her third husband Thomas Bates. 

Cevey, who married Phil Collins in 1998-2008, is accused of abandoning her child alone in Paris while on the town with Bates.

Mejjati now cares for the son. Florida’s Child Protective Investigations Unit (Flemish Child Protective Investigations Unit) is still investigating Cevey.  

Mejjati (pictured left), 51, who made the filing on behalf of the boy, said that conditions at Cevey's residence were 'toxic, causing emotional and mental instability for him'

Mejjati, 51 (pictured left), filed the paperwork on behalf of Cevey. He claimed that the conditions in Cevey’s home were toxic and caused him mental and emotional instability.

Mejjati (51), filed the paperwork on behalf of the boy. He stated that the conditions at Cevey’s house were toxic and caused emotional and mental instability for their son. 

According to the suit, his ex once told him she had ‘broken his face’ while calling the boy. This made the boy afraid to go back to his mother’s house.  

 Orianne, 48, has been accused of physically assaulting Collins ‘on several occasions’ – and once threatening to cut off his ‘private parts.’ 

Mejjati claims Cevey has committed domestic violence against the minor children, including punching Cevey in the head, causing Cevey to fall, and thus giving Cevey a concussion, and hemorhage.

Phil Collins' ex-wife Orianne Cevey (pictured left) abused her 10-year-old son, according to an emergency protection filed by her second husband Charles Mejjati

Orianne Cevey, Phil Collins’ ex-wife (pictured left), allegedly abused her 10-year old son according to Charles Mejjati’s emergency protection filing.

Orianne, who uses last name Collins Bates on the divorce filing, tied the knot with former tribute band guitarist Bates in an Elvis-themed ceremony in Las Vegas in August 2020 - 12 years after divorcing Genesis singer Phil Collins

Cevey in photo with Thomas Bates, her third husband. She is also currently divorcing.  

Orianne, 48, has been accused of physically assaulting Collins 'on several occasions' – and once threatening to cut off his 'private parts'

Orianne, 48, has been accused of physically assaulting Collins ‘on several occasions’ – and once threatening to cut off his ‘private parts’

According to the filings, Mejjati had been with her son for the week of Jan 6, and Cevey called the boy to threaten him over the telephone. She threatened that she would ‘break’ his face if he returned.

After an argument with his nanny, the boy called his father on January 10.

According to the filing, Cevey was also called by Cevey’s school to talk about his living situation. This led her to call the boy a “liar”. 

Cevey, Mejjati claims that Cevey battered Cevey’s son twice after she picked him up, once in her car, then at home, slapping his face.

The 10-year-old son has been taken from her Miami home after Mejjati was granted a temporary injunction for 'protection against domestic violence' in January

Mejjati, a temporary injunction granted for protection against domestic violence was issued in January to the 10-year old son.

Cevey remains under investigation by Florida's Child Protective Investigations unit, according to the filing

The filing indicates that Cevey continues to be under investigation by Florida’s Child Protective Investigations (CPI) unit.

The documents state that the child tried to flee, but his mother grabbed his legs, and then he fell onto the couch.

They also claim that their son called Fort Lauderdale police to try and flee the house.

Fort Lauderdale Police brought the boy back home. Cevey then took Cevey’s phone. Mejjati sent authorities to perform a wellness exam on January 12. 

According to the document, “The Mother.” [then]Get drunk on vodka shots, and fall asleep on the couch.

Cevey then allegedly hit her son twice more with a closed-fisted punch on his back two days after Cevey refused to reveal his password for his cell phone. The boy was able to fall on the ground and sustained a concussion and hematoma.

Cevey was not stopped by this, but he had to be restrained and kept from throwing the baby at his nanny.  

“The child ran out to dial 911. The Nanny…grabbed him by the back of his shirt while choking the child. To escape violence and home, the child fled.

Mejjati alleges abuse from Cevey as well as Thomas Bates her husband. The 10-year-old was exposed to explicit and graphic sexual behavior. 

It adds that the child “has observed his mother having sex multiple times.” It claims that the child was also exposed to drugs and guns, and even was left in Paris alone while Cevey & Bates went out. 

Mejjati continued, stating that the child was showing signs of trauma. To prevent any further mental injury to the mother, the Child’s mental well-being must be addressed on an urgent basis.

Mejjati would like Cevey to be in full custody with supervised visits. 

‘Mr. His lawyer said to the New York Post that Mejjati’s top priority is his son’s physical and mental well-being.

A hearing will take place next month in order to make the final decisions.

Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins attend the 4th Annual Dreaming on the Beach Gala at Fillmore Miami Beach

Orianne Cvey and Phil Collins attended the fourth annual Dreaming on the Beach Gala, Fillmore Miami Beach

Phil Collins was 48 when married 27-year-old Orianne Cevey in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1999. She first met him as a 22-year-old when she worked as his translator

Phil Collins was 48 years old when he married Orianne Cevey, 27 in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1999. He was 22 years old when she met her first time. She worked as his translator.

Orianne reunited with ex-husband Phil Collins in 2015, seven years after their divorce. They are pictured at a Miami event in 2018

Seven years after the divorce, Orianne was reunited in 2015 with Phil Collins. Pictured together in Miami at an event held in 2018.

Following their 2008 divorce she reconciled herself with In The Air Tonight star in 2015. In that settlement, which was a British record of $46million, she received an estimated $36 million. Nicholas (age 20) and Matthew (17), are the two sons of the couple.

Collins – who played his last live gig with Genesis last month in a sell-out concert in London – left for a trip to Europe in summer 2020. But he was blindsided when he learned his ex had remarried and installed Bates at his house while he wasn’t there.

Orianne, who met Collins as a 22-year-old when she worked as his translator – had codes to the electronic locks changed and employed pistol-toting ex-military guards, turning the gated home into a fortress for the newlyweds.

And she lavished Bates with more than $75,000 of designer clothes and watches in splurges at exclusive stores in Miami’s Design District, plus a $340,000 Aston Martin supercar.

Collins, on the other hand, remained at his Swiss pad while he filed a successful legal battle to get them out. He eventually sold his house with his rare pop memorabilia worth $40 million. 

Orianne continues to fight for half of the proceeds.

They then bought a spectacular $6 million six-bedroom property on Fort Lauderdale’s waterfront with a swimming pool. According to court documents, this is when the issues started.

Bates’s legal team revealed how they first got together in his latest answers to Orianne’s divorce petition.

Bates lived in a third-floor apartment in this apartment block in Delray Beach, Florida, until Orianne chose him from an escort service's website

Bates lived in an apartment on the third floor in Delray Beach’s apartment block, Florida until Orianne found him via an escort company’s website.

She moved her new husband into the estate in Miami Beach where she had been living withPhil Collins while he was away on tour in Europe

Her husband was moved into her Miami Beach estate by her. She had lived with Phil Collins in Miami Beach while she was on European tour.

Problems in the marriage started after Bates and Orianne moved to this $6 million property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The marriage began to have problems after Orianne and Bates bought this property for $6 million in Fort Lauderdale.

Cevey claimed that Cevey felt trapped when she was living with the pop-star while he fell into a alcohol-fueled depression.

Orianne Cevey (47), secretly wed Bates (31) in August 2020.

In January this year, Orianne moved out of Phil’s Miami mansion with her new husband after they paid $5.5m for the sprawling six-bed property in Fort Lauderdale before Christmas.