Photographer has found people that he candidly photographed in 1970s and recreated the photos more than 40-years later.

Chris Porsz is a retired paramedic, amateur photographer and took pictures of people drinking fish and chips during 70s and 1980s.

He decided that it would be fun and entertaining to reconstruct identical photographs, even though the photos are now 40 years old.

Incrediblely, he was able recreate every one of his 168 images in just over a year. This is largely due to social media.

He has now recreated this second set of photographs after he published his first in Reunions (2016), the book he thought was the first.

When he posted photos of long-lost subjects in papers local and nationally, as well as on Facebook and his website, the idea for this project was born. 

Due to the popularity of the book, he is now releasing a second edition. He also persuaded others to take pictures in front of the camera.

Man photographed  decades earlier with an owl on his shoulder

Man recreates photo of himself from the 1970s

Chris Porsz was a paramedic, amateur photographer and took photos of people enjoying fish, chips, nights out, and trips to fairgrounds decades before. (Pictured) One of his subjects recreates an old photo with an owl perched on his shoulder, and a hamburger in his hand. 

The project began when some of his long-lost subjects recognised themselves after he published their pictures in local and national papers, on his website and on Facebook (Pictured: One man poses next to a car in a cool black and white 70s snap)

After publishing their photos in newspapers and online, he recognized his subjects and began the project. 

Around 40 years later, one subject - who clearly hasn't lost his sense of style - recreates his 1970s shot next to a car

A mere 40 years on, one subject recreates his 1970s shots next to his car.  

Three school girls giggle as they are photographed walking across the road with the help of a lollipop lady

As three schoolgirls giggle, they walk along the street with the assistance of a lady who gives lollipops. 

The trio of now grown women - along with the lollipop lady - reunite to recreate their photo that was taken decades earlier

They reunite with the lollipop girl and their now-grown daughters to recreate the photo they took decades ago. 

There were 134 sets of photos in the first book, and there was a second with 168. 

After his son Simon was born, Chris became interested in photography for the first time. 

Chris began taking family photographs with his camera, but he soon started walking on the streets to find inspiration.

In 1986, though he became a paramedic and, with three children, life unsurprisingly became too busy and he had less time to devote to his hobby.

He left his photo albums to collect dust, until 2009 when some of them were sent to his local newspaper.  

These photos were immediately loved by the readers, and soon letters began arriving from individuals who saw themselves in them.

Boy poses with chimney sweep

Man recreates child photo from when he was a chimney sweeper

The boy chimney sweeper stands behind the camera.

A young couple browsing a world map together in 1970s

A young couple recreate their decades-old photo which showed them browsing a world map together

The photo of a young couple that shared a decades-old photograph shows them together looking at the globe. 

They are all grown-up: Two boys recreate a childhood photograph of themselves sitting side by side in a park.  

A young girl reaches for an two coned ice creams from an ice cream van in the late 1970s

An ice cream truck in late 1970s gives a two-coned cone to a young girl. 

Now all grown up, a woman smiles at the camera as she recreates shot of her buying ice cream from the same street vendor

As a grown woman, she smiles at her camera while recreating a shot in which she purchased ice cream from the exact street vendor.

Two corner shop workers are pictured behind the till in white coats in the 1970s

In the 1970s, two corner shop employees are seen behind the till wearing white coats.  

Decades after their first picture was taken, the local shop workers reunite to re-create the image

In the decades that have passed since their original picture was taken the shop owners reunite to recreate the photo.  

A man reads a newspaper below a billboard which makes it appear as if a donkey is about to eat his head

One man is reading a newspaper under a billboard that makes it look as though a donkey might be about to devour his head 

The same newspaper reader poses with an actual donkey eating a carrot behind his head decades later

This newspaper reader is seen with a donkey that eats a carrot in his back decades later. 

Two friends are snapped while out shopping together in the 1990s

Photograph of two close friends while shopping together in 1990s 

The friends recreate their shot decades later - with the ELLE bag included

With the help of the ELLE bag, their friends recreated their photo decades later.  

Two friends laugh as they enjoy a funfair ride in the 1980s

Two of their friends have a great time as they take a ride on a 1980s funfair. 

They reunite to recreate the image decades later

Their reunions lead to a re-creation of the same image many decades later