An ex-girlfriend of a violent boyfriend was jailed after he tried to cut off the penis of a victim in an attack that was brutal. 

James Cunliffe, 33, attempted to sever Peter German’s genitals in a frenzied revenge assault after he found the victim and his ex partner Shannon Mather drinking alcohol, listening to music and watching TV at her home.  

Cunliffe attacked Mr German (45), seven times. He then struck him in the groin.

German was injured in the puncture of his lung. He also suffered injuries to his arm, head and groin.

Cunliffe of Leigh in Greater Manchester was convicted of attempted murder at Manchester Crown Court and sentenced for 20 years after a trial.

James Cunliffe, 33, of Leigh, Greater Manchester, who attempted to sever Peter German's genitals in a brutal attack, was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years following a trial

James Cunliffe (33) of Leigh (Greater Manchester) attempted to severe Peter German’s sexual organs with a brutal attack. After a trial, he was found guilty and sentenced for attempted murder.

Mister German, who was in an ongoing relationship with Miss Mather, said that he suffered from insomnia ever since the attack.    

He said: ‘He was trying to chop my d*** off, he was trying to cut me down there on purpose. He stabbed me in the leg and I was shocked. 

“I thought that I would die from all of the blood coming out. I believed I was going down on that ground.”

German said that he was affected by the fact that he had been in hospital and felt so near to death. He also shared his thoughts about having nightmares about this. The constant sadness and depression I experience makes it difficult for me to be normal.

“I have a paranoia about the people looking at me. Someone is always following me when I dream. It is sore everywhere, and no one can stop it. It has been several days since I was unable to breath. It’s like I have constant headaches.

The incident happened fast. I don’t remember much of it. The defendant threatened to cut off my penis. The whole thing was blurred as I attempted to defend my self. I still remember feeling the pain in my arm and being pushed against the wall by him.

German claimed that the attack left him anxious and had kept him in hospital for five consecutive days.

He said, “It was hard for me to sleep and move. I felt terrible throughout. I have anxiety since the incident. The hospital told me that it wasn’t heart attacks and I needed to accept it.

“I’ve had anxiety attacks since then. My soul feels like it is about to go and I feel as though my body will die. It’s like my head has been crushed. My ears are ringing. I don’t feel normal. Every day is a reminder of how I would have died if I didn’t. It was the worst experience that I’ve ever endured.

Cunliffe, who was dating Miss Mather (31) for 2 years, testified in court that he and Miss Mather fell out. He had also been given a restraining orders prohibiting him from speaking to her. 

He ignored the court order, and became jealous about Mr German.

Gwen Henshaw, prosecuting, said: ‘The motive for this attack was jealously, fuelled by rage. These two men were involved in a “love triangle” that resulted in some bitterness.

The victim, on the other hand was an ex-boyfriend who was irritable while the defendant was the favourite partner. They had both been in a ‘off-off’ relationship with Miss Mather.

Mister Mather had been in touch with Mr German for many months and was invited to her house on March 22.  

Cunliffe went to the property around 7.30pm to grab some clothes. However, he saw his ex and the victim in the vicinity drinking alcohol and listening to music while watching TV.

He sent Miss Mather a text message saying: ‘Trust me, I’m capable of a life sentence, so don’t f****** wind me up’ and then barged into the property. 

Before they could get started, he tackled Mr German and Cunliffe took a knife to cut him.

Miss Henshaw stated that Mr German was attacked with his fists and suffered serious injuries. He assumed he would leave, but instead rushed into the kitchen to grab a large knife.

The trial was told Cunliffe had been issued with a restraining order banning him from contacting Miss Mather

Cunliffe was informed that he had received a restraining orban prohibiting him from speaking to Miss Mather during the trial

Mr German suffered a punctured lung and wounds to his head, arm and groin, as well as injuries to his testicles, Manchester Crown Court heard

Manchester Crown Court heard Mr German sustained a punctured lungs and injuries to his head and arm as well his groin and testicles.

“He returned to him and attacked his head, neck, chest, and head. Shannon Mather shouted for him to stop. His injuries included a head injury, an injury to his perineum and the lower thigh. A further wound was made to his chest.

Cunliffe ran to his uncle’s home, where he covered his T-shirt in blood. 

After washing his hands, he put on a new shirt and said, “I’m going into the shop to get some cans. I’ll be back in ten years.” 

Cunliffe confessed to intending to cause bodily injuries, but denied attempted murder. Cunliffe said that he was not attempting to kill Mr German.  

His record included 32 offenses, including battery, common assault, possession, and criminal damage. He also had assault by beating an emergency worker. 

He was sentenced to prison for beating his neighbor with a brick in 2019.

Oliver Jarvis was his mitigation counsel and stated that “it is clear this wasn’t premeditated, but spontaneous.” He did not bring a gun with him when he went to pick up his clothes. 

“He didn’t expect Mr German would be there.” His relationship with Miss Mather was over and the defendant was angry at him.

“There were several stab wounds. However, the attack was relatively short-lived. While these wounds were not considered life-threatening, they can be serious. It was, in a sense, a crime of passion. He saw red and deeply regretted his actions.

Hilary Manley, who sentenced Cunliffe to prison said that he was dangerous and stated: “You have a history losing your temper and attacking other people. Shannon Mather sent you messages illustrating your obsession with Shannon Mather’s behavior and desire to have control of her.

“You’d berate her for not allowing you to monitor her mobile phone usage and contacts of others. On one occasion, you threatened to make time for anyone who crossed your path.

You saw Peter German when you arrived, knowing that he was in a prior liaison with Shannon Mather. It made you feel jealousy, angry, and all-consuming.

“You assaulted Peter German and put him on a couch before moving to the kitchen in order to find a weapon. Instinctively, pulling back against your approach, he drew his legs upwards to try to get away from you. However, you struck him on the stomach, inflicting a painful, severe injury that may have resulted in permanent disability.

“During that few moments you in jealousy and controlling rage intended to murder Peter German. Equally satisfied, I’m glad that you later regretted your actions. However, your intention was to kill him while you were still in the house.

It is obvious that you see everyone else as the problem, but it’s you who are the problem. You selfish desire to control others and you inability to manage your temper.