As today’s inquests began into their deaths, four of the men killed in the car crash that caused their car to fly into a field where it caught fire were pictured.  

Mohammed Uddin, Sahir Uddin, Jason McGovern, and Zahir Baig were riding in a BMW M5 black car that flew after they left the A5 Flying Fox circleabout near Heath and Reach in Bedfordshire around 3.40am, on October 10.

The vehicle sped over the hedge and fell about 100m away from the road. It landed in a field where it landed on the roof of the house and set fire to its contents.

Emma Whitting, Bedfordshire’s Senior Coroner, today offered her condolences to the victims’ families and adjourned proceedings until next April.

A court was informed that Zahir Baig, 39 years old, of Luton, was driving the vehicle which “went airborne” and “landed in a field.” Multiple injuries were sustained and the victim died from fatal burns. The second reason was alcohol excess. The tattoos on his body identified him.

Sahir Iqbal from Luton, aged 39, was in the rear nearside seat. Multiple injuries and severe burns caused his death. His tattoo was his identification.

Mohammed Uddin, 41 years old, of Luton, was in the front seat. He was also fatally burned and suffered multiple injuries. The only way to identify him was through the scars on his bodies.

Zahir Baig from Luton was the driver of the car which 'went airborne and landed in a field', the court heard

Jason McGovern, 46, from Leighton Buzzard was in the rear off side passenger seat. He died from multiple injuries and fatal burns

Zahir Baig from Luton was the driver. The vehicle ‘went aerobatic and landed on a field,’ the court heard. Jason McGovern (right), from Leighton Buzzard, was the passenger in the rear-off side seat. Multiple injuries, including fatal burns, caused his death.

Sahir Iqbal, 39, from Luton was in the rear nearside passenger seat. He died from multiple injuries and fatal burns. He was identified by a tattoo

Mohammed Uddin, 41, from Luton was in the front passenger seat. He also died from multiple injuries and fatal burns. He was identified from scars on his body

Sahir Iqbal (left), a Luton resident, was in the back nearside passenger seat. Multiple injuries and severe burns caused his death. His tattoo was his identification. Mohammed Uddin from Luton, left, was sitting in front of him. He died also from fatal injuries. The body scars were what identified him.

Jason McGovern from Leighton Buzzard (46 years old) was the passenger in the rear seat. He was fatally burned and suffered multiple injuries.

One relative stated that he knew nothing about the Tyson Fury fight, but that his brother-in law and three of his friends went out to see it.

Family of Zahir Zeus Baig Of Luton said in a condolence statement that it was terribly sad to have lost the heart and souls of their loved ones.

“He was the leader of our family. He was also our protector and shadow (6’3”) He was a great father, brother, uncle and son.

“Zahir” was truly one-of-a-kind. His heart was so large and generous that it could not be contained.

“We request you to pray to our brother, his family and friends for their tragic loss of life. We hope that no one else has to experience the pain we feel today.

“We want to express our gratitude for all of your condolence messages. Although we’ve seen all of them, it can be difficult to reply individually. We are grateful to you all and recognize you.

The crash happened at the Flying Fox roundabout on the A5 near Heath and Reach, Leighton Buzzard

The accident occurred at Flying Fox Roundabout, A5 close to Heath and Reach. Leighton Buzzard

His family described Sahir Iqbal, Trent Road, Luton as a beloved son, brother and father.

They said, “He was our strength, and we will not forget the many times he ran to our aid no matter what, wherever he was.”

“Our big brother. Father and son filled with love. He will always be remembered for his smiling face.

“He was singular, unrefined and completely transparent. There was none like him.” While many may possess a heart made of gold, his heart was full of diamonds.

“We will never forget about you. Your irreplaceability is our greatest strength. So, we ask that you rest peacefully until our next meeting.

Jason McGovern, aka Jay, of Roosevelt Avenue in Leighton Buzzard was the son Valerie Closs. He is father to Joe Jack, and brother to Daniel Wilson.

His family stated in a statement that Jay was “a man with many personality types.” He could be funny, generous and even silly sometimes. He was a generous person who would help anyone he loved.

“Jay” had many faults. But, those who truly knew him loved him and considered him a friend were able to see his good qualities.

“Jay” will be missed by Sharon McGovern (his wife for two months, and 14-year partner), his step daughter Marcella Clarke, and his grandchild.

Mohammed Uddin’s family, of Biscot Road (Luton), said that their loved one was “a faithful man who always protected his family and friends.”

Then they added, “A loving father to his four wonderful children. He is loved by everyone in his family.”

“An exemplary brother and lion-hearted friend to our community, who will be remembered by generations to come.”