After suffering fourteen miscarriages over 11 years, a 37-year-old mother finally gives birth to a girl

  • One chance at IVF was given to a mother-of-2 who had multiple miscarriages.
  • An ectopic pregnancy in the past has led to one loss of the fallopian tubes 
  • She gave birth to her first child this month, but no tests showed any cause. 

After 14 painful miscarriages, the mother has now given birth to her healthy daughter.

Gina Mcguinness (37), and Simon Crowe (39) welcomed their beautiful daughter Lola Mae Crowe into this world after 11 years of struggle and many setbacks.

Lola, a baby girl weighing 8lbs 9oz was born on Sunday 12/12 at Middlesbrough’s James Cook Hospital.

Gina from Owton Manor in Hartlepool gave birth to her baby after only having one chance with IVF. This was due to IVF being delayed twice because of the pandemic and she also came down with Covid.

Gina Mcguinness and her partner, Simon Crowe, welcomed a healthy baby girl after 11 years of trying and multiple setbacks

Gina Mcguinness, her partner Simon Crowe, and their healthy daughter were born after eleven years of hard work and numerous setbacks

“I was certain that one day, we would have a rainbow baby,” she said. She said, “I didn’t give up.”

Gina and Simon tried to have a child back in 2010.

In that same year, she had an ectopic pregnancy. This was when her fertilized egg implanted without the mother’s consent. It resulted, however, in the termination of one of her fallopian tube.

In the following six years, she had 12 more miscarriages as well as a second ectopic in 2016. She also lost her second fallopian tube.

Baby Lola Mae was born this month after Gina suffered 12 miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies

Baby Lola Mae was born this month after Gina suffered 12 miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies

Gina is the mother of Kaitlin, 20, a daughter from a past relationship.

“Every positive pregnancy test that I took was a sign of a healthy baby, I knew it would turn out to be negative.”

It was worse because she had to go private for several tests. However, none of them found any reason.

The couple was unable to have natural births so they saved for IVF, which was twice delayed by the pandemic.

The couple decided on IVF treatment after not being able to conceive naturally, and then Gina contracted Covid 16 weeks into the pregnancy but luckily Lola was delivered safely

After not being able conceive naturally, the couple chose IVF. Gina then contracted Covid at 16 weeks. Lola was born safely.

It was only one of Gina’s eggs that fertilized, so she had one chance at success.

She continued, “I’m currently on IVF online pages and everyone keeps saying: Oh my God, it gives me hope.”

“I have heard people lose three to four, or even five pounds, but fourteen is quite a lot.

Gina was 16 weeks pregnant while Lola was still a baby.

It was horrible, she stated. She said, “I couldn’t look after myself.” She was okay when I got to her for my scan.

Simon and Lola are currently enjoying their love together blissfully unaware that all this has occurred.

Gina said, “She is perfect. She’s absolutely beautiful.”