Pictured is a 60 year-old friend bricklayer who was killed trying to make peace during the mass brawl outside Manchester bars. A 22-year old man appeared in court on murder.

  • Kevin Wood, 60 years old, has been reported to have intervened at the ‘large scale disturbance.
  • Wood passed by, and was not part of the initial incident, but was attacked 
  • Callum Crosbie (22 years old), from Newcastle has been arrested by police for murder 

Friends pay tribute to a bricklayer friend who died after trying to make peace during a brawl at a Manchester pub. 

Kevin Wood (60) is believed to have intervened during the “large-scale disturbance” that involved about 10 people close to the Printworks venue in Manchester’s city centre.

Wood, who was simply passing and wasn’t involved in the first incident, was attacked, and died on the spot. 

Kevin Wood (60) is believed to have intervened during the “large-scale disturbance” that involved 10 people close to the Printworks venue.

Detectives have appealed for witnesses who may have filmed the incident to come forward

The police are appealing to witnesses who might have captured the incident on film to come forward 

Callum Crosbie from Newcastle aged 22, has been arrested by Greater Manchester Police for murder. 

Unnamed city worker said the victim tried to be a peacemaker and calm down the fighting.

“There were a bunch of boys who were fighting, and the man tried calm them down,” he stated.

“But one of the lads punched he and he fell unconscious on the ground.

“He tried to be a peacemaker, but ended up losing his own life.”

According to the worker, the man claimed that he was going out with his wife for his 60th Birthday. This has not been verified.

A witness that witnessed the fight also described the death of the man as “awful”.

Sharon Heffernan shared the following Facebook post: “I saw all of the fighting, but I didn’t realize someone had died..its absolutely terrible.”

The incident occurred outside of a Walkabout, according to a bar worker.

“After the police arrived, the manager went out and took all the shutters off,” she stated. It was later that we learned the truth. 

Investigators are asking for witnesses to the crime scene to contact them.

Kevin Wood died after a 'large scale disturbance' near a leisure park in Manchester city on Saturday

Kevin Wood, a man who was injured in an accident near Manchester City’s Leisure Park on Saturday, died.

GMP Major Incident Team Detective Mark Davis stated that it was a tragic accident in which a man, who wasn’t part of the disturbance, lost his life. This left his family devastated.

“The cordon is gone and officers have arrived at the scene to conduct inquiries. However, we are open to speaking with anyone else who was in the vicinity at that time. We believe there were many people filming the event and these videos could be crucial for our investigation.

Anyone with footage or information is requested to submit it online at www.gmp.police.uk, quoting log 279 of 20/11/2021. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously at 0800 555 112.

Greater Manchester police were called to a 'serious disturbance' in Dantzic Street, near the popular Printworks leisure venue in Manchester, at around 8pm

Greater Manchester police received a call about a “serious disruption” on Dantzic Street at approximately 8 p.m.